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How can i direct my mind away from food?
I am trying to go on a healthy diet to lose some weight, but i just cant seem to get my head away from thinking of food, i get really bad cravings. In order for my diet to be successful i need to not think about junk food :( its really difficult. My mind needs to be trained, but how?

throw up after each meal it works for me I LOVE U

Get your self down the gym an eat what you want you'll notice the different within couple of weeks

eat ya hurt out lol

take some ccc
trust me
you never want to eat

kaykay :)
every time you think about eating;
yell at yourself very loudly and smack yourself across the face.
aha. just playing.
but try to think about something else and find something that's good for you and that tastes good to snack on.and don't over eat.

keep yourself super busy doing things you enjoy

Mindz Of Jaundice
Well, as for me, I tend to emotionally eat when I am unsatisfied with life over all. Sometimes when there’s trouble some within my relationships or obstacles I don’t over come, like little things I don’t change that intrude my well being, the same little things that drag motivation threw thorns of my past ingredients. Or sometimes, my mind is to busy for grossly chomping down on an unhealthy burger that does no good anyway. Yeah sometimes, I am to physically fidgety to downer myself with loads of carb that kill my energy, so I skip meals to follow thru with my duties, to not flop around and feel lethargically fat. Something obsessively intriguing helps stir actions else where, a book, folding mountains of clothes “neatly” (a certain way), plucking you’re eye brows till there bald or just plucking until there pretty perfect, shaving, painting you’re nails, taking a hike, a walk, a run, cleaning but cleaning good inside out house cleaning, forgetting surfaces and internally cleansing the toilet bowl, wiping down you’re shoes so the next time you wear them there attractively squeaky, a ton of water consumption is dedication and face smoothing, self discipline will never faze the art of distraction.

So, use it as a technique. Distract yourself to discipline. Manipulate your obsessions thru distraction. Alter the distractions thru alternatives to wean yourself from indulgences. Hm, we all have it.

Youy need to find like an engaging activity , like netball or basketball , you will be too busy focusing to think about food !

get a hobby, go out and play. keep yourself very busy,,, think of food as just to live, not to enjoy, which you seem to have programed into your head, unprogram your mind, you can do it, its called will power, good luck to you

You need to find a hobby something that you can absolutely absorb yourself in that way you're not thinking about food. Also, when you have the "bad cravings" eat something nutritious. There are so many diet snacks out there go to the store and find snacks that are not only less calories but taste very good, ex: slim fast bars. Good luck on your diet.

Eat 4-6 times per day SMALL MEALS and drink a lot of water. Water will fill you up in between your meals. Chew gum also when you feel hungry. Appetite suppressants aren't bad either, if you're okay with them... I don't know. Once you deal with this for a week or so you start to train your stomach when it's time to eat and not. Good luck!

kelly b
Eat carrots, Celery, or some other crunchy healthy veggie that will keep you busy. These kinds of raw vegetables won't hurt you and you can have as many as you want...

What you are fighting is an addiction and being an addiction, it's no different than a smoker trying to quit or an alcoholic trying to stop. That constant nagging thought your brain does is and can be a terrifying curse.
Whatever happens, don't allow yourself to become addicted to anything else to replace this.
In days of long ago, a dessert was offered at the end of a meal to ward off cravings and of having a desire for snacking later. Toast with jelly along with a bowl of oatmeal in the am will stick with you through most of the day and a dinner mint after supper can help.
I suggest you try this. Be sure to take a good Multivitamin, B-complex and Chromium Picolinate every morning. B-complex will deliver you much energy, the Multivitamin, stamina and the Chromium Picolinate will process sugars and aid in cravings. But for this to work, you must take these for a few days to a week to see any real results because the Chromium needs to fill your system.
Also, try to busy your mind with other things like singing, doing a craft or puzzle, reading or visiting with others and avoid things like watching too much TV or other things where your mind becomes board enough to do the thinking for you. Whenever and wherever you are if you find your mind going out of bounds, rein it back in with 10 sit ups, breathing deep or going for a brisk walk.
It will take at least 3 days to reprogram your habit of thought, but then again it's only 3 days and you will be able to forget about it and have no worry. Just let it go. If you don't give into every craving, the cravings will die. It cannot have life unless you allow it to. Mainly, don't let yourself become board. Keep busy even if it's coloring. Put on some music and dance or at least play solitary with a deck of cards or write a journal, poem or short story.

pic up a new hobby...or a good book. you'd be surprised how "into it" you will get. Try knitting, or painting, or origami...and for the cravings, trick yourself...if your craving something salty, instead of chips grab a rice cake, if your craving sweet, how about dried fruit. yummy good luck ^_^

You know I quit smoking cigarettes and I'm going through the same thing....try a lot of exercising, it helps me.

I had the same problem. Try eating 5-6 smaller meals over the course of the day rather than 3 big meals. Make sure you always have healthy filling snacks on you. Also, you don't have to deny yourself of all junk food. There are healthier options such as an oatmeal rasin cookie instead of chocolate chip, or rice crips instead of chips. Good Luck :)

willie h
When you think of food take a walk

Cut back on your exposure to ads concerning junk food. This means the idiot box (television), magazines and anything else that constantly bombards you with food ads. Stay away from fast food joints. Get out and do outdoors things more often, hiking, walking, biking, etc. Exercise. Get enough rest too, but not too much. Try to eat things in their most natural forms. As jack Lalane once said "If man made it, don't eat it".

Alice Cullen
What i used to do was i would do a little dance and forget about the JUNK foods. Really simple and fun! just make one up, eh?!
-Alice Cullen

Chipper Jones' Mistress
What kind of 'diet' are you on?

You need to make sure that you're not eating lots of carbs. Carbs will make your blood sugar unstable and therefore cause cravings.

I used to eat a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet and gained weight doing so..then I educated myself and realized that carbs make you crave carbs. For instance...have you ever eaten a huge meal (like pizza) and immediately wanted something sweet? That's because once your blood sugar spikes and begins to come down your brain sends messages to your body telling you that you need more sugar.

I lived it first-hand, and am no longer a junk food junkie. Trust me..if I can do it, anyone can.

If you could tell me what kind of foods you eat on a daily basis I might be able to help you :)

Hi, try placing a picture of yourself on the fridge,also cupboards where all food is, that way you will feel guilty if you even try to eat inbetween meals. You need to drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day to loose those pounds,and a good brisk walk for 20 mins will make you feel more alert and not hungry. hope this helps. Dont give up, think positive and you will crack these cravings. Eat raw vege sticks ! Julie D

Jessie H
Try to do something outside of the house and away from food. Don't watch TV, they have a lot of food commercials. Maybe read a book, or do some kind of outdoor activity - yard work, playing sports, etc.

Find a hobby.
My doctor prescribed me "Phentermine" and that stuff really helped me,I didnt feel any bursts of energy,but I didn't feel hungry at all,and when I would eat,I would just eat small.It helped alot.Now I dont really have any desire to eat,just when I am hungry.

if you ever have a craving for food have a piece of gum!

Stop eating sugar right away. This will help a lot.

I eat a lemon wedge whenever I want to eat junk food. That bitter taste helps keep my mind off of it.

Go for a walk and drink lots of water.

Hope that helps!

there is no easy answer or any secrete tequnick. It only takes times. your brain has a habbit. habbit of wanting to eat you just need to think about work or somthing important other than food. And what i personally suggest is gum. train yourself to chew gum. Never not finish a piece of gum. just go until the flavor goes out. and see how few peices of gum you can chew a day. 3 is usually the average.

Persian x
The moment you think of food just try to distract yourself by thinking of getting to your ideal weight! My friend was on w weight lossdiet and had the sticker of models stuck all over the fridge and microwave so the moment she approached them to get food the pics changed her mind

Randall E
Don't - just change your definition of food.

You can't gain weight by eating apples and drinking water all day.

Claire Q
it'll be hard in the beginning. you will eventually not have any cravings, in fact, you will find junk food to be disgusting.

keep it up! it'll get better.

me too- it's so hard. what i do is when a commercial comes on, or if there is something to do with food around me, i get out of it. i just have to stay away from it. the other thing is, if you can just suffer for 3-5 days and be really strict, the cravings will get way better. but, once your at that point don't cheat or the cravings come immediately.

you can do it. i do...actually i am, and i'm loosing weight :)

come on, i bet you can!!!

Drink lots of water,
water should be your best friend,
Trust me it helps.

whenever you get that craving, open a packet of gum and chew a few pieces-maybe you should start with flavoured gum-the flavour looses slowly over time so that could help.

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