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How can a 13 year old girl lose weight??
Im about 165 pounds and 5'3". I want to lose 40-60 pounds by the start of the next school year(August, 5-ish months...). People tell me Im perfectly fine and dont need to lose the weight.(Liars) I live in the south, everyone says that.
Anyway, I tried to play sports, but I have a huge fear of things being thrown at my face, so that didnt last long. I also prefer learnig/playing an instrument over playing sports.

Elina M
Do u eat healthy?
junkfood and sodas will never
make u lose weight..
also try running in the mornings..
stretch before and after for health reasons
and better results!
never skip meals but try to make them small
enough to get rid of your hunger
without overstuffing you..
try to eat many times a day in small portions..
this makes ur metabolism faster
good luck and remember to do this in a healthy way! =]

with a good diet, and daily exercise you should be on your way to weight loss. it might be just a phase, because when i was younger i was heavier, but as i got older and taller i became more leaner. i was never what you would call skinny, and i'm still not but i did lose alot of my childhood weight.

eat healthy fruits and veggies. excersie regularly. there are excersie tecniques in different magazines..look at them and try them out

Alice Cullen
i am 14, 5'5, and 190 pounds here is what i do

I walk to school every day
I stay away from junk food and greasy foods
Try field hockey, nothing is being thrown at your face.
Go to celebrityfitclub.com and it really helps you to create a scuedule and diet Plan.

But seeing as you want to weigh between 105-135 pounds you would really need to work hard, my goal is to get to 160 by June and so far i am losing at least 2-4 pounds a week

Ally :]
get more active for starters.
find a friend to walk around town with (if your mom will let you if not like up and down the road or just around the yard)
find something you like to do thats physical.
i LOVE jumping on the trampoline and gymnastics.
or you could try dance.
also you need to adjust your eating habits.
stay away from sweets.
make a rountine to do every other nite
try this.

50 sit ups
20 pushups
20 lunges (per leg)
50 crunches
50 jumping jacks
jump rope for like 10 min (not all at one time thats almost impossible lol) jumping rope is VERY good for you.
mountain climb for 30 secs straight (2 times rest 10 sec in between)

do that every other nite and watch your eating habits (oh and drink water) and you'll see a tremendous change.

remember if you see anything physically active get involved with it.
you'll have fun too

Mystica's Sister
Go to the doctor and ask him/her for a training schedual or some tips. They will tell you the healthiest and fastest way to lose weight, and to look fabulous. don't turn to anythng that is unhealthy, and don't listen to magazines, or your friends.

i sware by it.
my mom is 50 and just lost like 40 pounds. now shes stealing my jeans !

cut out allll carbs. no bread, no pasta, no cereal, no cookies.
cut out all the bad stuff too.

The only way to lose weight PERMANENTLY is to change your lifestyle. You HAVE to exercise and eat healthy, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY OR EASY FIX!

I would go walking,
Each day if you could, just a few times around the block, mabye a mile?
Just something to get you out and moving.
If you drink soda, just switch to diet. That will cut down the sugar & calories.
Thats all I did and I lost about 10 pounds over a month and a half or so.
&& Don't give up.
Good Luck :)

take your dog for a walk/run im sure he would love the exersize too! in addition to that, diet and exersize

you could cut down on the fatty foods and eat more proportional meals. More exercising wouldn't hurt either. but i don't mean like running for hours or anything just walking more is good.

Eat healthy meals.

Dont worry about it too much, your only 13, you'll probably grow into your body.

You can substitute junk snacks,white breads,and pastas with fruits and vegetables!

Doing excercise for 25 mintues a day for 6 weeks will also shape you up!

You can also try playing outside, sounds cheesy but I do it all the time!
Just go exploring and checking out the neighborhood before long you forget that you've been walking for a while!

Hope you succeed and get the results your looking for!

Good Luck!

And your not fat--but it's your choice to want to shape up!

Have fun!

Dalton M
Exercise regularly eat less and healthy

try to stay active a little bit everyday...

eat snacks but dont over do it...

try running, swimming, biking, etc.

Neiva C
will you should start working out and also leaving the junk food aside for a week and if it works try it out as your new rotten.

first go to the doctor to see if thier is any medical problems . then ask the doctor for his advice.

Eat healthy work out mabey jog every day during the summer but also im around 13 and only way 138 so please dont think your over weight when you could be skinny just rember you odnt have to lookk like the girls in magizines

learn about your body and diet. quit junk food and soda right away, and always choose the healthier food.

Always Be Happy
Wow your lucky at least your not that skinny! LOl ive been trying to gain weight, but hmm you can start by limiting calorie intake and running or jogging or just doing stuff to tone your body, crunches, sit ups, push ups. Hope it helps! and Limit you food intake!

I don't think you'd need to lose 60lbs, maybe 40 to 50 would be fine! A meal plan to where your not gaining, but losing a pound or two a week, and if your not use to exercising, start out light and work up gradually. Start out with some stretches and walking. Then when you get use to that increase your speed and amount activity, and maybe add something that you have to put more power into. Then you should be able to add a sport, after you have lost ten or fifteen pounds. You could start out taking a dog for a walk, helps.

As for a meal plan your family doctor can give you info on that.

Also there is a support group called TOPS = Take Off Pounds Sensibly, they have a teen division, starting at 13. You can find a local chapter by going to www.tops.org You will have to have your mom help you check it out. Usually your first day is free and you can sit in a meeting to see what goes on and find out if there is any other teens in their group. It would be better if there is, if there is not, it is still a great help and support.

LOL! My sister is just like that - 13, and loves violin and reading. We have to MAKE her go outside! Talk with your mom or pediatrician for healthy "diet" for a young adult. Don't starve yourself sweety, you need to be healthy. But your doc is a great one to ask, because they'll give you an honest opinion. About 125-130 IS probably healthy, but your doc can tell you how many calories to eat, since you're still young. He/she can tell you your healthy weight. Don't be afraid to ask. To start with, cut out junk food and replace it with fresh fruits and veggies. Drink skim milk, and never skip breakfast. Try eating whole wheat bread instead of white. Eat more chicken/fish than beef and pork, and skip fried food for a while. Butter and mayo are just fat. You'll notice a trimmer you within a couple of months. Good luck!

I'm against sports too, and I have the same goal as you do. I weigh about the same at two inches taller, and I want to loose about 40 pounds so that I am more in the normal weight range for my BMI. The beauty of loosing weight is that you do NOT need to play any sports in order to do so. I'm not going to do that at ALL.

Can you walk? That's all you need to do to get more exercise. Go out and spend about five dollars on a pedometer. They come in different colors, and the one I purchased today even has a goal setting (I program the number of steps I want to walk and it tells me how close I am to my goal). You should gradually work your way up to walk at least 10,000 steps EACH day. Once you get to that 10,000 step mark, try to go beyond that. In total, that's about five or more miles a day. You can do this outside, or even inside while watching TV.

If you like music, you can listen to some while walking. You can also add in other exercise along with the walking. Try putting on some music and dancing. Carry weights while you walk. Just keep moving.

As far as diet goes, I'm going to be doing Weight Watchers. Because you are still a bit younger, and possibly still growing, I don't think you should get into a strict diet. Just start eating smaller portions of fatty, fried, and greasy foods. If you get fast food, opt for the kid's sized portions. Limit your soda (I'm only having one can/cup a week except for on special occasions like when I go out to eat and I get free soda or am at a restaurants I only get to go to as a treat). Eat more veggies, fruit, and whole grains. Make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

First, you need to watch your diet. Eat healthy meals and don't forget to include lots of fruits and vegetables. Eat healthy meat, such as grilled chicken or fish, eat lowfat dairy products, instead of white bread, try whole grain bread. Aerobics, swimming, and Taekwondo are perfect exercise choices. I take Taekwondo and I also take aerobics at school. They are fun exercises and they do A LOT for your body! Swimming is also a great choice. Running two or three times a week is helpful too. Get into a healthy eating habit. I used to love eating junk food, but then I began eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and then I stopped craving for so many sweets. I also eat healthy meat, dairy products, and if you do the same, I guarantee you will not crave for much junk food. Try out those sports too and I can promise that once you get used to them, you should be slender and fit in no time!

Liza..The Makeup Babe
Lots of swimming, running, and dancing. Also, smoothies are delicious for meals, snacks, and desserts! My face: Frozen bluberries, whole icecubes, splash of milk, vanilla yogurt, little but of cool whip

KT x
main focus, be active

have a good diet and exercise

Have you considered weight watchers? They're pretty good about making sure you learn how to eat right. If you are overweight then you can get a doctor's note and always go to them. Another thing is just eat less and exercise more. Exercising is hard but if you keep at it and have a schedule but start of slow then you're more likely to stick with it. I'm 5'4" and 170 so I'm having trouble too but I'm working at it and soon enough by next year I'll be able to feel healthy and look good. The most important thing to remember is that your not alone. Obesity is becoming more and more common in America so just try your best to be healthy and remember how you got there. =)

Work out in a gym daily, or a bunch of times during the week. Eat healthy.

The true way you're going lose the weight is by being active. While sports might not be the answer, you could dance, jog, do gymnastics, swimming, take nature hikes with a camera or sketch book, play Dance Dance Revolution, or whatever, as long as you are moving. Have fun with it. Losing weight doesn't have to be a drag, it could bring out things you never thought you liked.

Don't try anything crazy like stopping eating bread or anything. Nutrients, including carbs are important at your age. As long as you're more active, you will lose the weight.

Do try to stay away from fast-food, but don't skip a meal because that is all that is available at the time. Going hungry can actually cause you to gain weight.

Wild Colonial Girl
Find a sport you DO like and get to it. You are very young
and it should come off easily.

Good luck! :)

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