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April B
How can I quit drinking sodas for good??
I tried to quit sodas once or twice but it have me a hell of a headache and I went back to drinking sodas, the headache went away. I need some advice on how to quit drinking sodas without suffering headaches or *withdrawal*. Thanks a million!

you have to ween yourself off the pop its like any caffeine...

You will have a headache and some withdrawl symptoms initially, but you just have to make up your mind to quit for good. Just remember how much better you'll feel once OFF the soda for good! Try yoga in the AM and eat a banana or some almonds whenever you feel a caffine headache coming on. Try to eat healthier in general and after a few weeks, you won't miss the soda! Start with drinking flavored water, gradually getting to just plain water!

Spike Wilbury
It's probably a sugar withdrawal...drink some Crystal Light....there's no sugar in that is there?

think of soda as acid.that acid is very bad for you.

just start drinking water and get your mind off ot them.

Jut stop drinking them. Buy some carbonated water and drink that every time you get the erg.

Judas Rabbi
Just stop cold turkey

god,thats a impossible rool with the caffine withdrawl....and much luck

My sister quit drinking sodas too. All she did was try other things like iced tea,lemonade, etc. to stay away. At first it did not work but it slowly began to. She also would read the side of the bottle/can and see all the bad things in it. Like how many calories,how much sugar--the reason she was not drinking it!! :)
Hope it works! good luck.....

Goodness, thats a tough question. I also drink alot of soda. Its really hard to stop. Buy some Kool-aid and start drinking it. And another suggestion, just dont buy soda. Buy other drinks that you think taste good and start from there. Also, caffeine pills might help to take its place. I hope I helped at least a little ;o)

The reason you were getting a headache is because your body is detoxing from all the chemicals and sugar and caffeine that is crammed into soda.

Do a search on phenylanine for example, and you will see just one of the ingredients that goes into soda (diet in this case).

All those little numbers that they list on the side of the can are all preservatives for colour and flavour, etc - not good for you either.

The headache won't stay for longer than a few days and then it will be gone for good, so will that bloating feeling in your stomach.

As a substitute drink heaps of water, Green Tea, Peppermint tea, freshly squeezed juice, etc. After a couple of weeks you won't even missed the soda - trust me!

Switch from regular to diet. (Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew and Coke Zero are the best "diet" I have tasted) Slowly start cutting back on that. Switch some soda to juice and water. It will work. I stopped smoking, and if I can do that, you can stop drinking soda. Believe me!

u must have the will power just you nothing else will work

You are addicted to the cafiene in soda, that's why you have headaches. You can try drinking less and less everyday, or just go cold turkey and deal with the headaches. They will go away but it will take a few days. It can be done trust me I've been there too, I am also a recovering alcoholic, and the withdrawls are far worse with alcohol than with soda. You can do it!!!. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

you drink them alot obviously

well you need to drink alot and then slowly increase like say ou drink 2 cans a day

every day drink 1 and 3/4 then go down to 1 1/2 and you know just keep going down till you drink none

if that doesn't work (i wouldn't see why it wouldn't)

take Advil or tylenol

you have to leave them gradually...dont just leave them like that. Start by drinking less and less and changing them for juice and water.

stary night
whenever you drink think it'll make you fat so you will automatically decrease it. soda has a lot of calories

That is caffeine withdrawal you are suffering. I had the same problem when I stopped drinking coffee. It only lasts a couple of days. With a little willpower and a desire to quit I'm confident you can do it.

headaches????? never had that problem. Just don't drink them.. The headaches are probably because of something else.

it seems that you're addicted and overcoming any addiction is not easy. the question is what in the soda you are addicted to. i'd suspect caffeine, if you drink soda with caffeine. if not, then it's probably the sugar. try switching to caffeine free and she how that goes. and since cold turkey doesn't seem to work for you, i'd recommend slowly weaning yourself off. there are tons of delicious tasting drinks out there!!! good luck.

cut down and ween yourself off to avoid the headaches, replace the sodas with flavored water drinks

sit down and have a soda drinking contest until you throw up then you will never want one again

Mix club soda with your favorite juice that's much better then just drinking soda drink plenty of water and you'll soon lose your craving for soda

James P
try to put something really nasty on your soda and drink it... something that would make you stay away from it for good..

something like a crushed spider or a lizard's poop... i learned that from psychology... (just dont put something that would cause health problems, like nails or pins) :p

cut your lips off!

Or you could just switch to tea and slowly ween yourself off the caffiene which will cause headaches during withdrawl

winona e
Try drinking lots of water, it helps, you need 8 glasses of water a day anyway!!! I used to drink lots of sodas myself, I know, I very seldon drink a soda now.

Caffine withdrawl headaches can be really bad. If you are wanting to quit all together, I would try to slowly wean yourself off of sodas by drinking a little less each day, and try to drink something else in it's place more: water, tea, lemonade, punch, smoothies, whatever. (water is best)

Are you wanting to quit sodas because of the sugar/calories or caffine? If that's your reason, then whenever you get a drink, add just a little of either DIET or the non caffinated kinds to your regular soda and overtime, slowly build it up to where you have more of the kind you WANT and less of the "regular".

Caffine withdrawl is real. Just quite a bit at a time. You probably spent YEARS drinking it, take a month to slowly quit it. No sense giving yourself a horrible headache just to quit "cold turkey".


(p.s. Diet Dr. Pepper is REALLY good!!!)

Zara Sahanaâ„¢
I think that it is either the excess sugar in the sodas or the caffeine that keep someone drinking. I had the same problem last year. To satisfy my craving, I started drinking a lot of juice. Juice, like soda, has a lot of sugar, so the craving for soda went away. You could also drink more coffee and eat more chocolate (have more caffeine in other forms). The lack of caffeine is probably what is giving you the headaches.

Cherokee Pride
dont stop cold turkey. just gradually start drinking less while gradually increasing your daily water intake.

try drinking tons of water one day to get it out of your system

I dunno, I don't drink pop!

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