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How can I gain weight?
Ok im tired of being skinny
OK! TIRED I TELL YOU! Im 115 lbs and for SOME FREAKIN reason cant gain weight.
I know there are proteins things that you drink to gain weight but at the same you have to do exercise
I do push ups like crazy and eat lots of snacks (healthy stuff)
Im 14 years old

Protein shakes and fast food!

Maggie M
Ok i am just like that except im 95 pounds, but what you have to do is not eat breakfast and then eat a big lunch and right before bed

We could go threw surgery and you could have some of mine....JK!!! Your at a good size for your age, keep eating healthy meals and tone your muscles. Be thankful your not on the other end!!!!

nutella :P

You know if you eat about an 1 hour or 2 before you go to bed that usually eventually turn into fat and as more often you do it the more likely you will gain weight. Eating a lot of junk food wouldn't hurt either. ie. Mc. Donalds.

Whey Powder w/ Ice Cream milk and chocolate, Cashews, Almonds and Peanuts. You need to eat more calories than your body burns. Eat More and More Often.

drink Whey portein 30 min after a workout, and eat a full meal in 2hrs. you need about 130g of protein every day, and workout hard and right, dont workout more then an hour and if you arent tired at the end you didnt work hard enough, also what i do is i switch muscles i do biceps shoulders and triceps one day, chest and back 2nd day, and legs 3rd day, that way your muscles have 2 days to repair

Okay, what you need to do is cut back on the push ups and start doing a little more of nothing but eating and sleeping. Avoid any form of physical activity as much as possible. Foods with complex carbs and that contain lots of sugars should become your new best friend. Try not to move and refuse to eat anything that won't clog your arteries.

Start eating more, im 13 and 125 pounds. Slightly overwieght but very athletic.

mmm go to mcdonalds, visit burger king and have that dark night burger large meal and et **** loads of mayonnaise...:)

When The Sky Clears
eat lots of Ramon noodles, my one friend ate them all last summer and he gained what seems like 50 pounds.

She did not just say that!
ok stop talking in caps and maybe some people will help you

i got the same problem

Phoebe C
'115 pounds at 14 is average...not skinny...average. if you're concerned about parasites, see a doctor.

Bobby L

Couldn't get any simpler than that.

Stephenie A
OMG I had this same EXACT problem!!! I ate junk and all before bed, but that still didnt work!! I didnt start gaining a LITTLE bit until grade 12. Then I gained all the weight I could handle after I had a baby:-S

Trust me being naturally skinny is a BLESSING!!
Youll see exactly what I mean when u get older, and everyone is fat but you!

youre SO lucky! and btw if you exercise and eat healthy its kind of common knowledge that you wont gain weight. eat lots of crap

Get potato chips,popcorn,10 cans of rockstars and monsters,pizza,donuts,a Xbox360,a PS3,a remote control,an HDTV,and a shocker to wake you up.Hope I can help lol ;-)

start eating alot of healthy foods and dont excise alot.

Big Dreamer
buy Whey Protein i heard it helps a lot

Go to mcdonalds... and don't excercise

I have some to spare if you want it..
Eat peanut butter sandwiches right before bed

hahaha. eat at fast food restaurants and candy all day for months.
have you every seen "supersize me"?
it is about a fit guy getting fat off of only eating mcdonalds in i think 30 days lol


Danny H
Get More Muscle Because Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

haha my sister wants to gain weight too! shes 20 and wieghs 90. just workout (not just pushups, i would use dumbells) and eat more often than you normally do. and i know ALOT of ppl who were really skinny, and then all of a sudden over the summer they completely changed. As you get older, you will change over time. And 14 isnt that old, so you still have time to grow! dont obsess over it, the more you worry about your weight, the less likely you will get the results that you want. and im not making this up, ive read it a couple of times.

oh and watever you do, do NOT eat mcdonalds. trust me, my sister did the same thing to "gain weight" but its just bad for you and DOESNT work!!

peanut butter, butter, whole milk

Pizza you freak

Believe me when I say peanut butter everyday will pack the pounds on!

Jonas J
lol calm down man, im the same way as you

look up some workout routines for ectomorphs

your gonna need to eat a lot of good healthy food and a lot of protein. Eat whenever your hungry and stuff your stomach.

Lift very heavy weights, focus on muscle, not tone

Do no aerobic activity at all, cause youll lose every piece of weight youve worked so hard for

Also, if you want supplements, stick with vitamins and protien, stay away from Creatine, theyve come out with some new studies and it is very bad for your body

DO NOT LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE WHO SAY EAT JUNK, it will do nothing for you but mess up your blood sugar and your arteries, good luck mate

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