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How can I feel full?
I'm trying to loose weight
and I want to not feel hungry.

I swim 2500 yards a day
so lack of exercise isn't the problem

I eat around 1500 calories a day
but I'm still not loosing weight :'[

Is there anything to make me feel full so I don't have to eat?

Eat as slow as you can. Drink all water if you can stand it. Oatmeal helps alot too!

Joe G
has anyone on this page heard of Hoodia?!?!?! This is ridiculous. Why would you answers this question if you had such a terrible answers.


swimming makes you more hungry, do other exercises, drink plenty of water.

Tim O
^do what all these people said^
but some things that no one else said are:
~eat something small 10-15 minutes before you eat a meal. Have you ever heard about how you are supposed to wait around 10 minutes before you go for seconds? this will kickstart your stomache so you will know earlier when you are done eating,
~tell yourself that you are full after you eat. it works

Good luck!

Drink lots and lots of water. I'm trying to lose weight, too.

Something else that helps me (I know this is weird) is when you're eating, think about something REALLY gross. It'll make you slow down and maybe stop.

Also, when you are eating, only take one bite at a time, chew, and then swallow. This will let your tummy send signals to your brain when you're full and you'll notice them ;)

Good luck!

drink water for one thin another depending on how old you are you can get a surgery to make your stomach smaller

Maurxwinter .
Pick a low cal snack. Me I snack on baby carrots to help fill my hunger urges on my low cal diet

eat a whole chicken

John Guy
drink lotsa water

Trish R
If you don't eat, your metabolism will slow down and it will be even harder for you to lose weight. But it has always been said that water is the best appetite suppressant. Drink lots before a meal.

Snow Kid(is back again 2)
there is a pill that you can get from the doctors. a friend of mine was on this pill 6 months and lost 50 pounds!!

Fiber is mostly what makes you feel full, so if you eat lots of Celery or carrots and other fibrous veggies you should be pretty...not hungry lol. Also you're going to want to keep other nutrients up, because cravings come from a lack of certain things your body needs, so with your veggies you can also have peanut butter, which will help you fill you up, give you some vitamins, and also good protein :D A good and energizing breakfast that will fill you up is peanut butter with a banana. I hope this helped! That was the way I cut my 12 pounds for wrestling!

la.koto コト
*What* you're eating is more important than your calorie intake. If you're eating 1500 calories worth of supreme pizza or extra-cheesy nachos, you aren't going to lose weight. However, calories ARE important and you shouldn't simply "not eat," you DEFINITELY won't lose any weight that way, or else you'll just become incredibly unhealthy. Start eating less/no red meat, more fish, home made salads, beans, vegetables, etc. Snack on carrots instead of things like potato chips. Drink at least 8 glasses of water and try to cut out soda or other sugar-enhanced drinks. Good luck...

drink lots of water.
drink Whey protein, is probably the best option. Its lets you gain muscles mass, lossinf your fat.
How old r u and how muhc do u weigh?

dont try to loose weight at a young age or else you wont grow

Johnny B
Its easy to remember:

Carbohydrate foods are hunger triggers and make you feel hungry.

Protein foods are hunger suppressors and keep you satisfied.

So to feel comfortable with your diet you most likely need to increase your protein intake. And reduce your carbs where possible.

That can easily be done with extra protein drinks as well as eating more meat etc.
Various commercial powdered protein drinks can be available at a supermarket. You can have them with water or low fat milk.

[email protected]
Cottage cheese fills me up. If I have it mixed in with fruit, I will almost be too full. But that is me, although try it and see how you feel.

what your body is doing is going into starvation mode...when that happens..it is a defence mechanism for the body. The amount of calories you are eating is not near enough for you.

You exercise alot with swimming...so your body needs more.

What you should do to see results..get some free weights..and use those alternatively with your swimming...(alos..alternate swimming with something else..like walking or something)..make sure you eat at least 2000 calories day..with lots of protein and good carbs in it...(not just salads or veggies)

you have to eat!!
you just need to eat healthy!
try weight wachers my mom is doing it and it really works!

If you drink sips of water while eating you'll be full quicker, but it depends on what you're eating if you want to be full longer.

what you really should do is eat small meals five times a day.
this way, you will always feel full but you won't have to eat so much. also, make sure you eat healthy foods so that you aren't loosing weight in an unhealthy way. I have also heard that you should try to eat one color of fruit every day. Red - Apple, Orange - Orange, Yellow - Banana, Green - Grapes, Blue - Blueberries, Purple - Plum.
Of course you can choose different fruit, but that's just a start.

Hope this helps you!

Try drinking a lot of water? it works for me.

Bored Housewife
You can drink diet pepsi or soda but that tends to make you feel bloated. Its also not healthy, you should eat portioned meals and just eat healthy all together, that will be the best and healthier way over all. You can lose weight doing all sorts of things that aren't good for you. Living well is a way of life and a challenge, so exercise and eat your meals.

i am a swimmer and i used to be like that. at one point i lost weight and he RUINED my swimmer carrier it made me slower. just keep eating trust me...just keep eating. you will regret losing weight unless you are over weight

Vivi A
drink a lot of soda and eat an apple because apples fill me up quick and if that dose not work the best thing to do is spread out your meals. Instead of having 3 huge meals have 6 small snack so you never get hungry but you lose a couple of pounds. don't get that confused with eat meals and snacks cause alot of people do.

lots of water and protein

Drinking a full glass of water before a meal fills you up so you eat less. But don't stop eating period. That'll only make things worse.

Ferrari F430
Drink plenty of water:]

Cubs rule

Blackberry Lover
eating slower helps you feel fuller faster

and water is a natural hunger suppressant


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