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Indigo F
How can I change my energy level for the better, and lose the caffeine addiction?
I don't want to rely on coffee as much as I do, though I know that coffee isn't really bad for you.It just stains the teeth and leeches calcium, but it also helps to prevent liver cancer and aids digestion in moderation.


i heard that eating an apple gives you the same energy as a cup of coffee! maybe you can try that:)

eat healthy and get into a good exercise program.

eat freh and healthy food. eat only three time a day

celiz e
Eat a balanced diet everyday. =) and exercise...

Do as I do :
Acupuncture and Tai chi.

Ear healthy and take a daily Vitamin ,woman have to watch there iron.

Give Green Tea a try.

Rashad G
I suggest stop drinking, and try decaffeinated coffee

Coffee causes stomach cancer full stop, and does NOT prevent you suggestions.

I can help you with your whole question if you send a personal email to me.

michael g
Try sugar, sugar! Actually a solid exercise routine will imcrease your energy levels.

Make sure you're getting enough sleep. Take time each day to exercise a little (even a short walk). These things will contribute to your energy level without caffeine.
In studies, the symptoms of completely withdrawing off caffeine can be dramatic. Half of all people going through withdrawal will suffer headache. As many as 13 percent of individuals are so impaired by the headache or other symptoms they cannot go to work. The symptoms can last between two to even nine days long, but it usually peaks early on.
"A simple stepwise approach can often eliminate the need for a fix without suffering the most severe withdrawal symptoms. In other words, cut back a little each week, perhaps by a half cup a week.
The experts advise to gradually reduce caffeine consumption over time by substituting decaffeinated or non-caffeinated products. In other words, mix in some decaf into the caffeinated coffee.

Yeah I have the same problem. I picked up energy drinks and they seem to work fine. There's caffeine in there too but there's other stuff as well to keep up the energy level. There's different ones so pick and choose. That's if you do decide to try...

eat breakfast.
if you dont eat breakfast you are proven to function slower during the day. that's prolli the most easiest way.

you can also sleep earlier and wake up earlier. that'll help you with your energy. at least 8 hours of sleep.

come off the caffeine completely.. give it time.. and drink plenty of water. drinking lots of water will help in your energy level.. but it takes time to get your body used to not having caffeine as an additional energy source. you'll feel so much better every day if you don't consume any caffeine.

I know its corny but increasing fruit in the diet and upping your exercise levels will help. A lot of it can also be in the mind so thinking positively can also help. You find the more you do the more your appetite and energy levels will increase, but its best done by natural processes, re-tuning your body

eat an apple, it has soooo many vitamins and wakes you up in the morning better than anything.

Eat healtheir foods, and a certain portians.

exercise is great for that

This dilemma of yours can be handled after a few couple of steps, Indigo. First off: you want to stop drinking coffee to lose the caffeine addiction and start eating more protein filled foods and drinks. In addition, you need to rest properly and get good sleep. Excercise is also a very important element even if it is only 20 minutes every other day. IN the end, the excercise is going to get you more fit and increase stamina and metabolism. Remember, alot of the natural energy humans expect to have can dome directly from the food and beverage we intake. Sleep, sleep....excercise....eat good. Nuff said!

Don't worry about the body it will die worry about your soul it lives forever. Taking care of the body is important but the soul is ignored and needs help!

Metabolism - exercise - eat healthy - maybe even supplements

caffeine is a decoy. you have to drink certain milligrams of energy drinks/ caffeine per day to fulfill your energy craving, but the caffeine requirements per day to keep you sucessfully awake is nearly 2,000 millograms, which could and probably would kill you. caffeine doesn not keep you awake, just gives you a tempory and very unhealthy early morning jolt. keep that in mind next time you're sipping your coke.

OK so I quit caffeine early this week the first couple of days are really rough but after that I felt better than I had in a long time. I'm also drinking alot more water now too.

1. Drink 64oz water per day. No exception. Water is the fuel for your body. No water is like a car without gas. Your cells must have water to burn chemicals and produce energy. No water = no burning, = no energy. DRIN KWATER. I don't know how much to stress this.

2. Workout. The stronger, leaner, more firmer your muscles are the easier it is for them to work. It's like a well-lubed machine. If they're unused they're cords and strings just hanging all in the inside of your body, a mess, hard to move, hard to get things right. Costs more energy. A lean body moves faster, and uses less energy... leaving more energy!

3. Find out YOUR sleeping habbit. Don't take what you've read. People don't know. Some people do excellent on 6 hours. Some people do greater with 10. Talk to your significant other and don't try to match their sleep. Go to sleep early for one week and write down how you felt when you woke up the next morning. Go to sleep an hour later each progressive week and keep writting it down. Look back on it after a few months, and find out when you told yourself you felt wide awake in the morning. Start sleeping at that ratio. Keep a journal of htis, it's very important!

4. Eat and drink protein and carbs.... be careful not to gain weight though... so don't make it protein/carbs only diet.... or to try to add extra sandwhiches of peanut butter or something. Protein gives you strength and inner energy, carbs gives you quickness and agility energy. That's the easiest way to describe it.

5. Try something that reduces stress. Stress, although we don't notice it because it builds so slowly, greately reduces productivity, energy, wants, needs, and everything in the world. When "stress" gets relieved people feel awake, like a child again, they are surprised how they look around and they notice how they haven't looked up or to the left and right for months. They feel bouncy and awake. They feel free again.... but it's so easy to fall back into stress slowly building up until the point you're dragged and just look straight ahead and the ground... don't worry about anything and just kind of go about your day.

Find a way to relieve stress, and you'll have your energy back.

Good luck

Yerba Mate is great alternative, it still has caffeine but nowhere near as much as coffee, lots of minerals and doesn't tax your adrenals. The chocolate one is out of this world.

Coffee and (most tea) over time actually is bad for you. It can cause stomach ulcers and the caffeine content is bad for you too. To make something a habit, you have to do it 21 times. Try replacing your coffee with something better, like orange juice in the morning. If you do that for three weeks, you should easily be able to choose something other than coffee.
Exercise can make you more energetic. Applying the same concept of doing something 21 times, you can get used to taking a walk in the morning or going for a bike ride in the afternoon.
I hope I helped! Good luck.

Well, one of your answers that I just read is a true success story. I was also encouraged just to read it. I think the reason you've only received 3 responses are because of that answer. I would like to recommend a few things too.
First thing in the morning when I wake up (and I wake up very, very early) is wash my hands, grind the coffee, and drink it. Some people can quit cold turkey, others can not, either way I don't think it's harmful to try one of them.
Try replacing coffee drinking with someplace a mild Green Tea or a rice mild, Soy mild, just fill your stomach with something healthy but not too sugary.

I have MS and,believe me,it will make you tired.I used to drink tons of coffee.Now I have a nice,healthy breakfast and do a little cardio in the morning.Lots of fruits and veggies will help.I have found my pre-MS energy level and I've lost the coffee stains on teeth.

Sam X9
Eat well balance food diet and suitable exercises. Instead of coffee, drink fresh fruit juices or non-fat milk, high in Calcium. Preferably, those clinically proven milk that makes the bones strong. Proper sleep, avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol. Take appropriate vitamins and food supplements duly prescribed by a doctor.

My energy level increased after I went on a diet and ate healthier. I know it sounds unappealing if you're used to eating whatever you want, but it really does help. I used to eat crap like a donut and coffee for breakfast, but then I'd be tired and irritable and moody later in the day and sometimes get the shakes if I skipped lunch. I thought I was developing hypoglycemia or diabetes, but after I changed my diet, it all went away.

Now I exercise 3 times a week, I eat at least 4 servings of fresh fruit or vegetables every day. (I get it all at the Farmer's Market because the grocery stores never have truly good produce) I drink lots of water, eat lean meats, and I occasionally have a cup of coffee for the taste, but mostly just good quality de-caf like from Peet's Coffee.

The difference in my energy level is amazing. I'm not running around like Richard Simmons or anything, but I don't get sleepy at work, I've taken up gardening every day, everything about my day is just better. It's practically a religious experience. :-)

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