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Hi question?
i eat food but no matter what i eat it comes back up i could be icecrea or water or soup or anything and im not forcing it this has been happening for about 6 years ( im 14)
Additional Details
they dont know cuz i dont tell them and when it started my lil brother was going through so much i couldn't tell them and they still dont believe me now so why try?

it could be one of several medical conditions,but one common one is hiatal hernia. speak to your doctor about a cat scan of your abdomen to check.

you need to go to the doctor quick...cuz u can't be going like this for the rest of ur life.

Visit a doctot asap,please..

Everyone is right about you seeing a doctor. Your foods and liquids should not be coming back up like this, this is not normal. Ask your mom or dad to take you to the doc. It's really uncomfortable too isn't it? Won't it be nice to get it fixed?

karen r
How could this problem go on so long without anyone noticing it. Maybe your trying to hide it. Get some help.

It sounds ALOT like acid reflux .. the sooner you go see the doc the better .. you'd be surprised how much damage acid does to your throat when it comes back up .. it IS acid after all!

Wise ol' owl
And your doc said what? From 8-14, Thank God for Y/A coming along when it did, you'll be dead if it hadn't.

you need help

Not Allie
See a doctor.

Don't listen to anyone here. . .just see a doctor as soon as possible, and tell the doctor EVERYTHING.

They have sophisticated ways of testing our digestive system these days, and hopefully you can find the relief you deserve.

first of all youngster you need to change your name, second of all you need to tell your mother to take you to the doctor and thrid you need to stop wasting time asking yahoo viewers cause none of us are doctor's .

Go to a clinic and speak with someone there. Explain to the doctor what the problem is and let the doctor know your parents don't believe you but that you are concerned and would like to get checked out. See if there's a way to bill your errant parents for this.

Get your Moms attention, tell her whats going on and get her to take you to your doctor. I trust she already knows. Good Luck!!!!!

go to a doctor

This may be acid reflux dear. They have medication to help with this, so tell your parents to take you to the doctor before the Hydrochloric Acid eats away your esophagus lining.

ь׀а ь׀а ь׀а░░▒▒░░
that's called anorexia

Vera V
are you anorexic? That is a HUGE problem! You REALLY need to see a doctor. You could die from this! (not to scare you or anything)

You need help

you are very young...If this is true see a specialist, you may have some very serious dietery issues. Hun, nothing you are responsible for just an intolerence but very specialised. Speak to your parents. If you can't speak to them them someone you trust through school or an adult or relation that can help as soon as possible. Nutrition and diet is very important especially when your body is still developing. as a young woman, you are going through a lot of changes right now...if it is worrying then you must seek help, the worry may be more harmful than the cause. Take care....xxxx I think the answer above was referring to reflux...yes find out.


Jeanine G
then you are probably unforcably bulimic

There is a little flap that covers the opening to your stomach, sometimes this flap doesn't go back down ans this results in throwing up, my son had this a baby but luckily grew out of it, I think that you may have the same thing in witch cases you need to see the doctor because you should have out grown it by now.

better have your mom take you to the doctors. I'm shocked that she has not taken you yet and it's been happening for 6 years!

marinda w
Have your parents take you to the doctor right away. This is not something you should be playing with!!! You could have a tape worm. I don't know but you need to see a doctor.

6 years.. my goodness girl you need to see a specialist quick to determine exactly what is going on with you.. sounds like a gastro intestinal or reflux condition however as I'm not a doctor I can only guess as to what it might be. You are very young... Does your parents know your going through this? Also it is possible you have allergies to certain foods or ingredients that can cause the gag reflex.. I've actually heard of some people having this problem but not for 6 years..... check with your doctor and see what can be done.. I hope you'll be feeling better soon.

i would sujest talking to a doctor about this. U might have something wrong with u. not in a meen way
i hope u the best with this

There's more to the story than what you say here. If you're really concerned you'll do like everyone else says and go to the doctor.

Someone out there
If you haven't seen a doctor yet, that should be the first thing on your list. A gastroenterologist will probably be referred by your general practitioner.

cuquini m

and you still havent seen a doctor about it.

you need to talk to a doc..you prob. have acid reflex or something

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