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I havn't had a cigarette in five days! I feel so tense and am really dying to nip acrtoss to the shop and buy some....argh.

Please give me some motivation!


 Any useful tips for givin up smoking?

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 Seeing fat people eat at a buffet with there already fat kids makes me want to slap them! How about You???

Additional Details
to all you ppl pissed at me for asking lets remember that fat children grow up to be fat adults and lazy fat ...

 How can i be not fat :(?
hi i need help
i am fat
i try to eat healthy like choclate cake and pizza and stuff
and i do 1 minute of cardio everyday but i am still fat :(
i watch tv while eating a whole ...

 If 10 ppl answer this, I will go outside RIGHT now (10:50 pm) and jog (for the first time ever)?
Because, i always try to jog in the morning and then i always have some excuses for myself, like i don't wanna get up etc.
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 Does anyone have a good workout routine that can be done at home?
I don't have that much time to go to the gym so I was wondering if anyone knew any good workout routines to do at home. (I have a standard weightbench if any workouts involve them). Thanks!...

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Im almost 5'4 and im a 120 pounds. All of my friends say im skinny but my mom always laughs at me and says im gonna grow up to be an elephant. Shes 200 pounds and shes 5'3 and she laughs at ...

 How do i get over hunger pains?
I don't want to eat.. food = calories.. calories = Brirttany.

soooo, how do I?
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And no smart ...

 :( im 13 yeas old?
im 13 years old =/ and awkward body :( this is gonna be rly embarrising for me to say this but im 5'2 and 147lbs =/ but i eat healthy and exercise alot :((( i have kinda big thighs, kinda big ...

HONESTLY, should I lose weight? (Pic)?
So I had another question with my height and weight and I thought maybe posting a picture would be more accurate. So PLEASE don't lie to me, id rather the truth. Should I lose weight? am i too fat? Some of you answered that I may have a disorder...so I really need to know. Heres my question without my picture:

heres my pic:
(I'm the one on the left)


no you are not fat. IF you feel that you are then maybeit would be good idea for you to get to the doctor. well there are other things that can make you think you are too fat. There is counceling and it could be that you may need abit. you do not throw up do you anytime after you eat? i mean if you are be careful take care.

Ignore the Massive comment. I really wish people would just answer a question WITHOUT the sarcasm!

Anyways, you are beautiful and DO NOT need to lose weight. Try doing a search on google for ideal weight calculators.

Good Luck!

linda w
You gotta be joking! You are so pretty & NO you do not need to lose weight. Why do you think that? You are a very pretty girl.

Caden P
You are wasting my time, of course you don't need to lose weight...

Rocker Dork
NO your pretty =P

No, you look good just the way you are.

Just keep eating healthy and exercise to keep toned.

Annabell Lee
ur perfectly slim.

Luke T
uh no, your absolutely gorgeous, dont change a thing

lisa m
you have poor self image No your fine

You have got to be KIDDING me!!! I am a guy and if I was to date you I would find you highly attractive but one thing I hate in girls is when they think they are fat and they are very skinny. Accept who you are, plus bony people aren't attractive. People don't seek bone yard we seek NORMAL people and by the way this is not HEALTHY!! So I advise you just live your life and I am not trying to be mean by this.

the sweetest JAM
you dont need to

no not at all...
your hair is gorgeous!!

i hope your kidding. your not fat at all! you know your pretty and your just looking for compliments. if you think your fat, then your the one with the problem.

No. No. No. the first reply is an idiot

You absolutely do not need to lose any weight.

Stephanie M
hell no!!!!
stay exactly the way you are, you shouldn't post pics of you also

Kaidens mommy
umm no....

wow ur perfect u must be stupid if u think ur fat ur actually rlly pretty

no dont lose weight. you're really pretty the way you areee!

...you know you dont have to lose weight.

If you lost any more weight you might get carried away by the breeze.

no you don't.... YOUR GORGEOUS

omg, u r sooo not fat! ur perfect! im jealous!!!!

you are so hot

Jane B
Your really pretty!

I don't think you need to lose any weight at all!

**** no your hot

No you don't need to lose weight

Chris G

Hermione G
The picture says that you do not need to lose any weight. If you look at yourself and think you are overweight and need to lose weight, then you have a distorted image of yourself and need counseling.

no! you're gorgeous!

Bret J
You're really pretty, a good size for your height.

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