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 I'm 18 and 5'7 weigh 119 pounds I want to get my weight down to about 80 any sugestions?

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ok i really want to grow taller over the summer. any ways of doing that? oh and i can't drink milk cause it makes my skin bad.....

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 Am i fat?? is this truely obese??
im 14, im 5ft. 1in., and i weigh 190 lbs
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hahaha hell yea thats fat
im not any of that
srry to ruin =P

 Please help me.i dont know what to do.my friend is quite fat and he wants to lose weight.?
but he refuses to exercise and he eats a lot.what should he do???????????...

 Im almost 20 stone and im 17 i think im over weight?
but every1 says im under weight and make me eat MORE

am i over weight
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im her friend lisa asking this....

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well. here they are cheer tryouts 4 my first year. less than 1 month away. does this sound like a good diet?

Breakfast: special K bar or special K cereal or some kind of breakfast bar

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 Am i fat??
I weight 105, i think i am soo fat, i am 5'9" and i luv modeling, so how can i get this weight off?...

 Am I overweight??
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 Am I skinny, average, or fat?
I am 15 years old, 5'9 and I weigh 110 lbs, (50kg)
What do u think?
Thanks heaps ;-)...

 What are some ways my boyfriend can gain weight?

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 10lbs a week too high of a goal?
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 Is too much water bad for you?
I am dieting and don't eat anything after 6! Nothing fried, Just healthy meals (i.e Lean Cuisine, Helthy Choice...and Subway lol) ....no cokes JUST water!!! I hear if you drink to much water ...

 Should I blame Burger king or Wendy's for me being fat?
in the news today "Chains refuse to put calories on menus "
Come On...everyone knows what's good and what's bad for him to eat...but we people like to blame others for ...

 I am a 29 year old female. i weigh in around 280 at 5ft 2inches. how do i get in shape from home?
i work long hours and my husband is against buying anything special to eat.how do i lose this?it's killing ...

Good ways to gain weight?
i weigh about 103, i'm 19, and my height is 5'2. my doctor says my weight is fine for my height yet i feel as if i'm too skinny. are there any healthy, quick, and easy ways to gain weight? i mean, i eat ALOT my mom says i eat more than a football player and yeah it's true i do eat alot yet it doesn't show! my metabolism it pretty fast i guess but can someone PLEASE give me some tips on gaining weight besides just eating fast food at 3am? thanks! =]

Lisa K
You are a teenager.Many teenagers are very thin, but they put on weight automatically as they grow older. This is because teenagers have a very high metabolic rate and burn calories fast. So you should not try to put on weight by eating fatty food, since it is difficult to lose this fat later.

nah no eating at 3 am unless its fried chicken. extra crispy...with a chocolate dessert.. lol well you should eat lots of krispy krme donuts and eat jakc in the box or fried food for about 1 week everyday and u'll be good. juss dont drink soda while doing it though, yes its weird method but it worked for me fast food n donuts and water no soda. i went to the doctors after and he said i gained weight without any problem to my health.

PORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!STEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!... u have to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

You can buy Whey protein powders from health stores to pacifically put on weight for finer people.

protien shakes, it will be the good kind of weight

I put on 30 pounds in 30 days by simply eating one or 2 mcchicken sandwiches every day. I did this 5 years before the movie "supersize me" came out. I do not recomend this approach. The best way would be powerlifting combined with a high protein diet. Eat lots of lean meat say skinless chicken and also egg whites and drink lots of milk. Muscle mass weighs more than fat by volume.

Corey E
whey and protein are essential for gaining and keeping weight without uptaining fat

Ken, Heydi, and Eliken
i was 57 pounds in 12 th grade, and i weigh now 187. I am in great heath, and everyone said i would be very small all my life. So dont worry weight will come so fast and then you will pray to be your weigh again........ trust me......

The healthiest way of gaining weight that I know of is eating sandwiches with peanut butter and honey.
Its commonly used by athletes because the combination of the sugar in honey, and the protein in peanut butter works to quickly replace fat with muscle.
Since muscle weighs more than fat, you'll easily gain weight.
Also, you can stop at any time, and maintain your new weight.

well you're not too skinny if you're 5'2.

Nikhil T
Hehe, you rarely hear this question. I'd honestly tell you to love your body for what it is, but if you truly feel like you need to gain a little weight, then eat a LOT. I don't know how many calories you eat in a day, but 3000 or more is good. Avoid fast food, because cholesterol and saturated fats aren't good for you. Try to stick to large amounts of whole grains, meats, legumes, and such. You may also want to look into buying a "gainer." One serving (usually 4 scoops of powder in 12-16 oz of water) can give you as much as 650 calories, plus contain most of the vitamins and minerals needed for a person. I recommend "Cyto Gainer". Good luck!

I would say keep eating as much as you can if this is really what you want to do. Find the fatiest most calorie packed foods you can and fill up. Also try to cut out any form of excercise except weight lifting.. getting muscles will add more weight. Eat right before you sleep.

I hope i was able to help!

eat a little at a time but very often. that slows down your metabolism. and the only real way to gain fat is to take in more calories than your burning which isnt that hard. drink things like soda too. that'll help.

breakfast-bacon,ceral,eggs and hamm

Honestly, I don't really think you'll be able to put on weight. I'm the same way. I'm about 5'0 , I weigh 85 pounds and i'm 17. I eat alot of junk food and I don't exercise and I don't put on weight. I don't know how else you could. But I think you should be glad you're skinny, people are always complaining that they are too fat. And maybe as you get older you will finally start to gain weight. That usually happens. Well hey, hope you find a way and you're happy with you're body :)

hot trot gurl
u could eat cream cheese on crackers if i were u id go with strawberry flavored. there is also drinks and milkshakes that dont taste too bad that you can get at almost any grocery store. wal-mart for ex. idk but thinking there called ensure.also pasta and rice . there is protein shakes u can use

Age will take care of it. You are fine for your height. Soon you will be asking how to lose it. It happens to all of us. You need to enjoy it while it lasts.

Realize that the people on here are telling how THEY gain weight - but their bodies and their metabolism are very different from yours, so what worked for them is not going to work for you.
Simply eating vast amounts of greasy, fatty foods and abandoning exercise is not going to help you gain weight, and any weight you do gain would unhealthy fat, not healthy muscle.

Instead, focus on gaining healthy weight. Build muscle (which weighs more than fat) by doing weight training. Add healthy shakes (protein shakes, Ensure, even Jamba Juice) to your menu. This increases your caloric intake without stuffing you full of garbage calories.
Focus on what feels healthy for you - not just on doing the opposite of whatever fad diet is out there.

Mr. Wizard
Be grateful: most older adults wish they could return to their once slim and svelte figures, once enjoyed during their late teen years. Document your daily caloric intake religously.

Within a couple of weeks, you should have a accurate record to determine your weekly caloric intake--and from that, you should be able to determine which foods can better acheive your goals.

Take heed to advice that you ARE flirting with immenient disaster in your quest to gain weight at your age: your metabolism now WILL slow down and eventually fail to manage your caloric intake. Think of such like a speeding car's inability to stop because the brake fluid is too low.

In other words: you'll find your weight rapidly gaining, even though you eat less. When this happens, you'll HAVE to aggressively exercise and physically work to burn the calories your failing metabolism once handled---for YEARS.

It's better you find some positive things about your current appearance, focus and expand ( no pun intended ) on those features; let nature and time allow for your weight gain.

eat food... lots of food!

bi polar wife
get protien shakes and bars at your local GMC also eat before you relax not before you are active if you are active right after eating it burns off the food you just ate and dosent let the fat settle

[email protected]
Go get knocked up!!You may not be able to gain weight, and you are pissing the rest of the ladies off which makes it tough for us guys so stop. You might have a tape worm too. Seriously try protein shakes in moderation too much is not healthy.

Gloria H
I wish I had your problem. Eat ice cream and lots of it!!!

there is this stuff called 'boost." you can get it at most grocery stores. it's just a drink, kinda like milk that you drink like once a day. my brother took some cuz he was very skinny when he was like 15. he said that it tasted pretty good.
Hope that helped!

Dimp the Pimp
Drink Ensures! I knew this guy with HIV and he drank them to keep the weight on. They're like 400 calories a can.

Eat small, calorie-heavy snacks like nuts, peanut butter, seeds, dried fruit, raisins, granola, etc. For meals, add cheese, olive oil, olives, and larger amounts.

Also try gaining muscle weight by lifting weights. Lift 3 times a week.

No fast foods or anything! You must realize many people do not seem to get. Fat is less weight than muscle. Muscle weighs more. You might be feeling skinny while eatings lots because all those empty fats don't weigh much but may shape you in non wanted ways. I suggest just eating healthy no need to purposely over eat or anything. Eating food before sleep does not break down properly either and breaks down into simples fats. Yet fat is essential to a diet and so is protiens. So eating fish is great and chicken. And again no need to eat more purposely! If you don't workout or anything eat protein before and after working out because when you workout your muscles tear and the protein will replenish them. Good luck to you!

protein shakes can help bulk up have them when you eat your food... don't replace meals with them add it to them

you want to make sure you eat alot of protein!

serenity's big sis
You can buy some protein shakes and eat some high calorie foods.

Eat plenty of carbohydrates e.g. rices, pastas and if you're still not impressed try consulting a dietician instead of a doctor.

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