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★Et Quand Bien Même☆
Give me some motivation to give up smoking please!?
I havn't had a cigarette in five days! I feel so tense and am really dying to nip acrtoss to the shop and buy some....argh.

Please give me some motivation!

Thankyou! xxx

Arron Vanity Pride
Remember why your quiting. The motivation that you need is around you. Weather it's for your parents or friends or for yourself. Remember if your asking for help you want to quit. Even if you feel tense hang out with the ones you love and they'll help you stay away from it.

Keith N
Check this:

your almost through withdrawl and if you give in now, u wasted a lot of time. better to stick it out now then kick yourself for it later

its so much better for your health. i really apprecaite when people stop smoking. it extends your life and otherss :)

Dr. Vittinator
have another piece of nicotine Gum.

look, there are three ways to quit drugs.

the easy way at the beginning,

the hard way when you're addicted

and then there's quitting by default when they transplant a lung after you get cancer.

which way do you want to quit?

thats actually really good [: you can do it
hahah,but seriously just do stuff that will keep your mind off of it or whatever you were doing before that made you not smoke

Black lung disease, bad breath, yellow teeth, shorter life, wrinkly skin, money spent on cigarettes rather than more important stuff. People may not like you as much/hang around, it's not good. Yeah, you'll die faster too.

Kristin H
smoking is bad for you. my mom was a smoker until her lung collapsed. it scared her pretty bad. your health is at stake. you need to quit this dirty habbit or something can happen to you too.

Your doing great so far. if you need motivation look up google on how smoking has ruined so many peoples lives. i had to give up smoking and it was teh hardest thing ive ever done. i would get jumpy nervous and irratated, i would want something to calm my nerves. you need to list all the cons of smoking. you need to talk to some of your friends on teh phone more often (this is to get your mind off of wanting a smoke.)

Do you have kids?
Or maybe someone really close to you?

Well if so, think about setting them an example, and trying to stop not JUST for yourself, but them also. :]

Also try to think about things that can happen if you continue, and if you stop, what a great future you can have.

Hope this helps!

It's harming your body, and you will pay for it... there's going to be a conequence for it

Whipper Snapper!
You are going to die.


That is what you are looking at if you do not stop.
And not just any death.
Btu slow suffactation, whiel you are alive, till you r lungs bleed and you sufficate on your own fluids kinda death

Or you can stop
And start to heal a little,and hopefully have a better life.

Also, start drinking lots of water, and start doing lots of cardio, to help your body to start flushing toxins



Nails turn yellow, lungs turn black, permanant damage to breath, early loss of period, larger chance of having speacial ed baby, hair falls out, you will DIE

♥мєℓanie♥ ☮ღ☮
You'll have whiter teeth, fresher breath, no nasty hacking and coughing, pinker lungs as opposed to black, burnt looking lungs, less chance of dying a horrible death from cancer and people will be able to breathe better around you.
Chew some gum!

Chew carrott sticks, Celery, fruit, drink water, do sit ups, wash all your clothes and then smell others. I even bought the small flavored cigars and chewed on the plastic cherry thing in your mouth (threw cigars away). remember its an oral fixation, after the Nicotine is out of the system. So, chew things and keep your hands active. Change a thought, move a muscle.

Kate the Great
My father smoked for 30 years--two packs a day. Now, because of that, I can say I've seen a human lung--in a dish, when they removed it from his chest, because it was covered in tumors.

Just picture that when you want a cigarette ;) You're doing great, stay strong!

Your lungs can recover if you don't smoke again lol. Also smoking hurts the people around you and animals. When you don't smoke it sets an example to others around you, even if you don't notice. If you ever needed to run it would be difficult as a smoker.

yea i think you have enough answers here.


already 2 weeks without cig!!!

yay!!! feeling better now...

you can do it hang on! if you quit smoking, it can save you hundred of dollars every year! if you give up then you will get a hole in your throat. dont give up! hang in their! if you need extra help buy a patch. DONT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smoking is really bad your health and lots people have died from it.

Desi,an intellectual
Ew what guy want's to date a smoker? Do you really want to have slimy yellow teeth? Do you like killing your self slowly and want cancer? Do you want to harm little kids and ppl around you with the smoke? No you don't! That's why your trying to quit! Good luck :)


Finisher 3000
smoke & die
dont smoke live!!

you & your clothes are gonna smell a LOT better!

google some pics of cancer and hairy toungue

it kills u
its bad
u r dying
think of ur boyfriend or kids health
2nd hand smoke


Alyssa L
you'll get more dates. nobody wants to kiss an ashtray. it'll kill you faster than me. you won't have bad breath or ugly teeth any more.

o.k.. uhh.. i love you

a.i.m: xcarraba

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