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 How can you tone up your leg muscles realy fast?

 Am i overweight?
I Am 11 years and 8 months old

i weigh 95 Pounds with clothes on

i am 5'1 and 1/2

i relized i gained some weight.

am i overwieght and does anyone have ...

 What the best and fastest way to become anorexic?

 Is 115 a good weight for someone who is 5'7?

Additional Details
I'm 13 years old by the way.
Personally, I actually wish I weighed less =/
I feel so intimidated ...

 I'm 15 years old, and 235 lbs.. I want to lose 15 pound before August 12, my birthday and school starts . How?
Please help me!! I so scared of being fat and dying from it. Please someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(...

 How tall are you?
how tall are you?
do you consider yourself: short, medium, or tall, compared to everyone else?

I am 5'2'' and feel very short.
Additional D...

 Do i have an eating problem?(no nasty comments please)?
Recently ive been making myself sick after eating big meals and i ive eaten too much junk food and i know this isnt normal at all but im not underweight or skinny so do i have an eating disorder or ...

 Im 14 and i weigh 220 pounds..is that horrable?
ive been overweight all of my life and i weigh 220 pounds now and im only 14! i cant seem to make the commitment of dieting becuase i know that i will fail..i take p.e. this year but i eat really ...

 I'm too skinny!!! Help?
I'm 5'5'' or 5'6''
and i weigh 95 lbs
help me gain weight!!
make my metabolism slower!!!...

 Is eating veggies and fruits is good for u?
I've been trying this new thing where i just eat fruits and veggies with exeercise tapes and drinking plenty of water and i have stopped eating meat. Is this good for the body?...

 I want to be fat?
please tell me how to become obese

provide links


 Ok new question...how do you slim people stay that way?
thank you to professorc for suggesting this question to get a different angle. for those of you that are slim and toned, how do you stay that way?...

 Does anyone wish they were a size zero???????

 What is the healthiest breakfast to have?
Only have 15 minutes to prepare and eat. (Before school in the morning)...

 Do i need to be put into the hospital for anorexia?
i am 5 foot 3 and i weigh 78 ...

 I'm craving chocolate!! What is a good healthy substitute?

 Is eating about 500 calories a day too little?
I am overweight and need to lose weight is this to little
170lbs,need to be 120 by April!!...

 Im 14...does smoking weed help you loose weight?
or gain.
i excersize (run 3 miles every other day, dance for two hours to nights a week)
and i eat right.
about once a month i hang out with my brothers friends and we just hang out ...

 Can anyone recommend a good source of protein that is NOT meat or cheese?
Thank ...

 How tall are you?
in inches............. i am 5'5-5'6 and a 16 year old male?


dark girl
Girls only!!!! - what is your height and weight?

im 5 foot 2 and i weigh 105 pounds/7.5stone im 13 years old

I'm 5'2 weighing 107 pounds

Theta Sigma
i'm 5' 1 1/2 "
8st 12lbs

I'm 5'8" and i'm 112lbs

i'm 17
5ft 1'
7 Stone 2

i'll give you the size of my worm: 18" and 5" thick of raw meat!

Blue Rain
5''3 125

5'3, 110lbs

5' 1.5"
128 lbs. (that's 128 pounds of pure muscle, baby!)


5 foot 7 - 10 stone 10lbs

like its me duh

r m
Im 32, 128 lbs and im 5'7.

5"1 and weigh 9 st.

5'2.5" , about 126 lbs

5'6 im 14 and 125 lbs

What, what, what??
just right.

Top Notch Glamour Chick
Age 13.
Height 5'5-nearly 5'6.
Weight 127.

5-2, 106

5'7", 138 lbs

5' 6" and 170 lbs.

5'1 133pounds

20 years old

Be my Sunshine
5'8 -150

5'5" - 125lbs.
Why are you asking??

Livie Rose
normally i wouldn't answer this kind of question, but since the chances of meeting you are slim i'll give it a go-
i am 5"8 and weigh 125 lbs. (im 15 y/old)

5 foot 10 inches
Approximately 140 lbs

channien y
don't know... I broke the scale last time i got on!!

5'6 and 140

richie rich m
i am 6"5 220 lbs , im a very big lady! But big is beutiful

5 foot 5" - 71/2 stone
Too skinny - eat loads can't put on weight, get called anorexic, very annoying!!!

WOW! A thumbs down because I can't put on weight and would like to, no wonder I constantly wear baggy clothes because people take the p*ss out of me!!

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