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 Just ate and i feel scared?
i just ate a bowl of cereal at 5.55pm!! Im such a pig and i need to know what will burn it off. I calculated it had about 250 caloriesl, so add on 50 to be safe and ive got 300 cals to burn. I'm ...

 Do you feel ill after eating a McDonalds meal?
Do you ever feel sick, ill and bloated for the rest of the day after eating a McDonalds meal?

I only have one about twice a year, but usually regret it soon afterwards!

Why ...

 What do you think of people who are over weight.?
what do you think of people who are very over weight do you think they should diet or be happy as they are. what about health risks....

 Do you think i am overweight ? (honest answers please)?
hey i am recovering from anorexia i was eating an apple everother day for 5months because i think i am fat. but now for the last week i have been eating 1500 calories a day but i am feeling really ...

 Are fruits bad for you when your on a diet?
Are fruits bad for you when your on a ...

 500 calories a day?
apparently you can lose 20 pounds in a month..no excerise!!
is this possible?...

 Should i loose any weight?
i am about 5"3-5"4... im 13... my friends think i am only 100 pounds(i didnt tell them that, they say that).. i am really about 130.. i feel light to most people, and some say i am skinny.....

 I'm a girl @ 5'1. how much should i weigh?

 Do u guys think that im overweight?
im 5'1 and im 98lbs
is that considered overweight?...

 I weigh 500 pounds?
I wonder if i am just chunky or really overweight?...

 How can a 13 year old girl lose weight??
Im about 165 pounds and 5'3". I want to lose 40-60 pounds by the start of the next school year(August, 5-ish months...). People tell me Im perfectly fine and dont need to lose the weight.(L...

 What is the best way to exercise?
i need to know what is the best way like a ...

 Why am i so white?
i eat fresh veg fruit workout everyday and i still look like a zombie.....this is my girlfriend not me any ideas for ...

 How can i lose weight if i love food??? i want to lose at least 30lbs.?

Additional Details
i had 2 kids in the last 3 years i am 190 and i want to get to at least 140-150 But damn i love food i want to go ...

 Am I overweight?
an overcritical parent told me I was "heavy" (I come from decidedly endomorphic stock). Despite my normal rationalism, I struggle with a vastly unrealistic body image, so I want an honest ...

 Am i fatt??
well im 15 i weigh 145 and 5'5
i exercise everyday i run for 45 min well only if my parents drive me somewhere to run cuz i feel embarrased around my area. So i at healhy too.. helpp

 Why are peole mean to other people?

 What can i eat in a sandwich instead of cheese? I dont eat meat!!!?
I just need some ideas on things to eat in my sandwiches instead of cheese? needs to be low in calories though, and i dont eat meat either....

 Good ways to gain weight?
i weigh about 103, i'm 19, and my height is 5'2. my doctor says my weight is fine for my height yet i feel as if i'm too skinny. are there any healthy, quick, and easy ways to gain ...

 If i stop eating from now from NOW to september?
will i look skinner?

I will eat some.. like small salads, crackers, a little oatmeal and alot of water.

Additional Details

Fat or skinny what are you?

I wish to be skinny, but just keep on putting some pounds on and on...
but am not consider my self as a fat . :)

The Tenth Duke of Chalfont
Slim. 5'11'', 21 years old and weight of approx 10 stone. So therefore slim.


♣Mǝfiǝ Girl♣


♫ Harri ♫
Well i'm not skinny, I guess I'm a bit on the fat side, I think if someone were to look at me they'd choose fat over skinny. Although, they'd* do that with most people who aren't a size 0, which is kinda sad.

*they being the heavily media influenced

Uncle Pork
I am manorexic.

Wise Man
I've been overweight most of my life. Why?

I'm skinny on the inside but well covered on the out side and the love handles are becoming climbing frames ;)
I'm built for comfort not speed...

its funny

think JLO. as i have a nice top and a big bum... lol

in between


in the middle

Fader's Girl
moderatly overweight - what my BMI said 2 months ago, but im slimmer now so id say im probably the right weight according to the BMI

skinny me. size 8

In between depends which way you look at it. lol



scouse princess
Neither fat nor skinny. I would say I have a curvaceous figure as I do have quite a cleavage but I am certainly far from fat!

~welsh harri~
in between ive put on alot of weight due to being ill i used to be ridiculously skinny but now im kinda more curvy! i think im fat but im not over weight


* mandie *
sumwhere in between

very slim.

39 weeks pregnant lol!!!!!!

fatinny ... err, I mean neither fat nor skinny or a bit of both ... let's just say sumwhere in the middle ... I'm 5 ft 4" and 120 lbs ... perfect weight for my height .... but I need to tone A LOT

angela n
skinny. everyone tells me im too skinny


Miss Delanne
I am a former fat chick, now slim and loving it!!! (lost 172 lbs without surgery! Yea, Me ")

Deep Throat
Well im a size 14/16 some people consider this fat but i dont im happy with it!

ross x
Slim and proud of it.

I'm a dress size 16 but i know I'm a good size

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