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 Did I Eat Enough To Day????
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Rae Rae
Eating. How do you get full faster?

Boosie's Boo 4 lyfe
U can either drink tons and tons of water or eat bread.....Bread expand in your stomach to make u full.

Before you eat drink about 2 cups of waster

eat faster lol.....

Brown Eyed Girl
I know this sounds wierd, but the doc told be not to drink water during the meal. You should drink it afterwards because if you drink it during the meal, it wash the food right down, and you dont feel satisfied.

answerer 6 is right.

when you drink water it would make your food in your stomach get big and puffy so you would get full faster and feel like you cant breath all most...

Year drink water

Drink lots of water but not whilst eating because that could give you a bloated stomach. Best thing to do is drink a glass or two half an hour before a meal and then half an hour after it! Its healthy too!

Amanda W
20-30 minutes before a meal, eat one handfull of unsalted nuts, but not peanuts. Try almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts. Eating a handfull of nuts before a meal will help you to loose weight, too. Also, a diet rich in fiber will keep you full longer. Foods you eat should have atleast 3 grams of fiber per serving.

It actually takes 20 minutes for your brain to regesiter that it's eaten. If you want to get full faster drinking at least 2-3 glasses of water at least 10-15 minutes before having your meal this will really fill you up fast. If you want to eat less by feeling full and not over indulge than eat your meal slowly at least lasting 20 minutes or more......It really does work.....

Edwina R
The move you drink (water) the fuller you will feel.

There are several things you can do to get full faster. Having a small handful of nuts will help you feel fuller faster because the healthy fats helps trigger a sense of satiety in your body. Having an apple before a meal will also help.

Drink a lot of water, chew slowly, and put your utensils down between bites. Make the meal last 20-30 min. because this is how long it takes for your brain to register that it has had enough. Also, have a meal with at least 7g. of fiber or more. The fiber will help you fill up fast. But be careful! If you eat fibrous foods too fast, they rapidly expand in your gut and can give you a stomachache. That's one feeling of fullness you don't want!

Michael P
I find a few almonds, a while before the meal, keeps me from over eating for some reason.

Drink lots of water, before eating, and purhaps even during the meal.

Often we eat due to thirst! We should drink 8 glasses of water a day, but who really does that? We prefer to substitute fast food for a drink of water...costing us in calories, pounds, and dollars.

Before every meal, drink one glass of cold water. This will fill you up and not cause you to gain weight. Also, eat slower, this will allow your stomach to digest the food and then you will know when you are full.

its not healthy but cokes make me get full

tennis dude
eating more bread (like at an italian restaurant) and plenty of water

Rather than rapidly chewing and swallowing your food, take the time to chew thouroughly and take your time to savor what ever it is you are eating.

cutie pie
It's not a good idea to be full just eat enough so you are fine. You may get sick if you eat too much.

simply sweet
drink soda

Eat very slow, very small bites, chew very thoroughly, drink plenty of water.

Your stomach does not register the food until about 20 minutes after you start eating. So, theoretically, you can eat as much as possible in the first 20 minutes and still feel hungry. That is why sometimes it hits us that we are full "all of a sudden" If you consume your dose of food before your stomach registers intake, you will be blindsided by "sense of being full".

Eat slower, eat a small appetizer and make sure you do not consume a ton of food in the first 20 minutes.

drink fluids. Then eat and you will feel fuller faster. :)

Fiber + water = satiety :)

eat slow and drink alot of water before you eat like a whole bottle

Water. You should drink more water with with your meals.

Sirius P!NK
drink water ^_^ it helps

Oh snap!
By eating slow. The slower you eat the faster you'll get full. So chew your food slowly. =)

drink water and eat slower

drink plenty of water before you eat,good slimming tip

take longer to chew.

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