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going to new york on thursday
Does this sound like a good diet for a cheerleader?
well. here they are cheer tryouts 4 my first year. less than 1 month away. does this sound like a good diet?

Breakfast: special K bar or special K cereal or some kind of breakfast bar

Middle: some sort of protein bar

Lunch: turkey sandwich on wheat and some fruit.

Middle: some sort of protein bar

Dinner: Sandwich, protienbar and/or cereal

also how much water should i drik a day? thanks

what should i change about it if i should
Additional Details
and fruit: apples, grapes, bananas throughout the day if i get reallly hungry

this is cool... very good menu.. at least 1 litter.. water is very good for health.. drink as much as you can.. salad (carrots, lettus etc) too

♥ Chεεrlεading.
sounds fab (:
im a cheerleader aswell (:
and drink 8 glasses of water a day

Words of Wisdom
you should drink 8 glass a water a day

Eric N
Eat grass, it will make you loose weight. ;)

For real though, looks like a fine diet. Cut out the middle protein bars though. Only fruit.

Sounds okay add some lettuce and tomato to your sandwiches.. Also maybe a banana in your cereal. Water is at least 8 - 8 oz glasses a day.

If you are eating fruit that's great. Try a few nights a week maybe to have a piece of grilled chicken and salad instead of the sandwich.

Yep :D


that sounds great!!! you are supposed to drink like umm 8 cups of water or something crazy like that!!! i barely drink one, so just drink as much water or gaterade or watever as you can :]
hope i helped

It's Temporary
It's good for the most part.

Adequately hydrated women drink about 90 fluid ounces a day. Whatever water you get from your diet is less water you actually have to drink.

That's the spirit

you need to mix up your diet. make sure you get your servings of fruit, veggie, carb etc.

go here: http://www.mypyramid.gov/
and plug in your stats to figure out how much food/water/nutrients you need each day.

You don't need to be on a diet.That's just stupid I mean I could understand if you made the team eating a little bit healthier but that's just ridiculous.My weight is and was fine when i did cheer leading which ended Friday.If your weights fine and you do this you will just be adding to the cheerleader stereotype besides the food you listed would be bad choices anyway because you need proteins, Calcium ,vitamins,and vegetables........

if at all possible i would try and squeeze in a big mac at least twice a day

your born then you die
dont eat meat thats mean

the diet you could have is...

you dont need a diet!!
and if you do ask a nutritionist!!!!!!!!!!!

thats a great diet for anyone who is being active... but before you go to a game/competition make sure u drink a lot of water and eat some extra carbs...like pasta or cereal

ew eat some mc D's and butt burgers, you prbably way liek 2 pounds, get some chicken, watermelon, and waffels,

Hannah Haywire
not bad

dont drink diet soda that slows down your metablism um....... i guess i would add some more calories in there

♥Sweet Judy♥
I would eat some proten for breakfast....along with your carbs..maybe a boiled egg...........

Drink eight glass's of water.....don't drink soda....its only sugar water

add some extra vegies............and you are doing really well♥

good luck...........♥

It seems like all you are eating is sandwiches and protein bars =/ you can mix it up a bit and still keep it healthy. Maybe for dinner have grilled chicken or fish with some steamed veggies. Also you need some dairy. You should drink 1 glass low fat or skim/Soy milk a day. Along with that drink plenty of water. Other than that, you look like you are doing good!

that is a good idea from yourself. i would suggest ading more veggies of course. that would probably get results but its not the healthiest. you could add in some slim quick or somthing for the extra nutrients you may be lacking.

grilled chicken
tuna (in water) this is good for iron
walnuts have good amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids which is great for the brain.

dont eat after 6 oclock in the evning.

christina s
Good diet
a week?
at least 2
you'll be fine with that.

I'm on a raw food diet..Nothing cooked..everything cold..

so no meat ..all veggies and fruit and tons of water..about 1 gallon of water a day.

so far lost 3 lbs in 1 week.


almost there.
good luck with the try out.

i drink a lot of protein shakes too..good diet healthier than mine.

Team Jacob!
to many protein bars... doent sound like a really good diet.

Sarra .
What's with all the protein bars? I'd take a break from those. That's a lot. instead of snacking on a granola bar, try a piece of fruit. You don't seem to be getting much in there. Also, breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day. It keeps you frm snacking throughout. Dinner should never be the biggest, because after dinner you're just sitting around, and you don't have the chance to burn off what you ate. Breakfast is obviously a very important meal, but really, if you make it the biggest one, you'll find yourself less hungry throughout the day. You won't be snacking so much on special K bars, which, btw, aren't that great for you. (I love them though :) ) You seem to get the idea, but in order to stay in shape, you CAN snack on things other than protein bars.

Oh, and people always say to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but I read somewhere that you don't need all 8 glasses. It's different for everyone. If I were you, I would try not to drink soda at all. I don't find it hard to stay away from soda, well, at least I didn;t, but I started to drink it once every week or so, an now I can't stop drinking diet coke. Sometimes I'll have it twice a day. It's bad for you. It's sugary, and it doesn't quench your thirst at all. Drink water with every meal, and whenever you feel thirsty. Don't try to push it. Also, if you're feeling like you want food, but you know you shouldn't snack, drink water, that will fill up your craving.

yeah, atleast ur not starving urself like some people

that's not a lot of food...you should eat heartier dinners at least. not like pigging out, but a bit more than just sandwich, protein bad, and/or cereal. More meat will help (if you're not a vegetarian). drink milk too! and eat fewer protein bars..

good luck!

Joshua V
Wow I'm sure it can't be healthy if that's all you're eating for an entire month, and settle down on the protein bars girl.

Ulrina A
You aren't getting ANY fruit or vegetables which are packed with the nutrients you'll need to stay healthy during training. You need to consume at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.
I'd also like to point out that Special K is one of the worst cereals for you. Seriously. Go look at the sugar content- It's absolutely loaded with it. It's also higher in calories and salt than most other savory cereals like all-bran and shredded wheat. The whole healthy image is a scam. So yeah I would change cereals if I were you.
Apart from that it seems fine. X

Julie C
too much fiber. u need more meat. u need more fruit and veggies! u need more food!

Laura 2k8
sounds healthy... at least you dont starve yourself

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