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actress girl
Does overweight teens get picked on?
do they get picked on more than kids that are regular size,in public school?

well im in 9th grade and im not one of the "mean" girls but sometimes my friends do make fun of the obease kids in our school but it is never to their faces... even though its just as bad as saying it to them, but i dont know about the other clicks but kids usually dont bother them just arent as willing to be their friend.

sadly yes its true they r picked on the most espeacialy if they r nerdy but thats how ppl are

i'm not overweight but at my school a lot of times they do:(

black magic
yes verry much... but thats why i was so determined to lose wait... because of it im filled with lots of hate and i resent most people, but im skinny... thats sounds kinda horriable now that i think about it.

i think so

[email protected]
They do, every teen gets picked on at some stage in some manner for some reason.

They tend to hate their bodies but i think they should see it as beauty because bigger girls can be just as beautiful as skinny ones.

well strangely enough (at least this is how it is in my school) they are eith picked on, or praised. if they have a shy personality they will probably be picked on but if they are outgoing, then in my school they are usualy not picked on at all. and sometimes they're even part of the "popular people". unfortunately in most circles though thy are almost always picked on.

People pick on people in general. They will sit there and find just the slightest little thing that could be wrong with you. For example (the part in her hair is crooked). You know, just don't let any one put you or anyone else down period. As long as you know you look good and that you're a good person the thats all that counts.

If they are oversized, and ashamed of it, than absolutley. If they can learn to laugh about it, than no. It really doesn't matter how skinny or fat you are, but the way you act around everyone and being fat, or being skinny. In my school, not that many kids get picked on because they're fat, because they laugh at themselves and really don't care if they're fat.

My daughter says that the teachers at her school don't allow kids picking on anybody including overweight teens..My daughter said that the overweight girl in her middle school has lots of friends.

[email protected]
Do overweight teens get picked on?

Of course. It's every man for himself at high school. Everyone gets picked on for one reason or another however stupid it can be. I don't think they get picked on more than other kids because the other kids are being picked on for something else. How they dress, pimples, their hair, if they are smart, if they're not smart... you name it...

Terra Evans
Yes, they are an easy target to bullies because they typically have a lower self-esteem then people who are regular size.

It depends on how overweight they are because is they are way overweight then yes they get picked on. But if hey are like 13-15 and only weigh 95-110 pounds then you get picked on also so it depends on the average weight of everyone at your school. Hope i helped



And it's just plain mean!!!!

I think it all really depends on where you go to school. If you go to schools in urban cities overweight teens would get picked on but not as much as in suburban schools where you have a higher rate of as you say 'regular sized' kids attending. All in all, overweight teens do get picked on no matter what. Take it from me, I've been there but I really could have had it a lot worse but I attended public school in NYC. You find kids of all shapes, sizes and colors there so you don't stand out as much. This is just my opinion.


They have for centuries. Where have you been?

it depends on the person, i think they are more likely to get picked on but a lot is down to personality.

not really. such an exxageration.

its an interesting question, i dont think thats the greatest issue, as long as thier not slow and messy, if they go in with confidence they will be looked up to!

ill tell you from my own personal examole, i had a low self esteem at one point im not that heavy, just slightly but im tall so can carry it...anywayz i always thought guys wouldnt look at me, notice me.

till i got into a great relationship with a guy that respected me and loved my body, which put self confidence into me! then his best friend asked me out after we broke up....so the coonfidence is soaring a little too high!

beauty is in the eye of the beholder! theres hope for everyone

oh and if u were referring to guys being overweight....i love a big guy!!!

In my school I don't really notice that, like at all. Maybe people are actually starting to get a life.

Obviously...did you ever go to school? The fat kids always get picked on more. Being a student myself, it happens on almost a daily basis, and it's very cruel.

New Epoch
Depends of course. A fat kid with self-esteem, confidence, and friends will probably be left alone. Anyone who lacks those attributes, whether fat, skinny, or anything, will get picked on.

depends on their attitude..my friend was huge in high school and people never jacked with her cus she was a b*tch and had that kind of attitude

Yes they do, it's horrible.

everyone gets picked on for different things.
if the over weight person is nice, then they probably won't get picked on too often.
if they're mean and rude, yeah, they're going to get picked on.

sadly yes, tends to happen alot really

Not necessarily.. Nerds normally get picked on more..but yes they are targets for bullies too.

yeah, esp. if another kid gets mad at you, thats the first thing they make fun of, its so sad. =(

everyone gets picked on for one thing or another whether it is about weight, religion or fashion.

of course they do - kids/teens are cruel

if you have acne, are overweight, too skinny, dont have the right clothes, wear glasses, ANY reason you can think of - kids/teens will make fun of each other

and, I dont mean this as a pun - but overweight kids are just bigger targets - because their "difference" is so noticable

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