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I will eat some.. like small salads, crackers, a little oatmeal and alot of water.

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 Am i fat??
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Does it look like I have lost weight?
Okay I'll post 4 pictures, the first two are of me a few months ago at my peak weight (250lbs - 260lbs) and the other two are from today (207lbs). I am still working on losing weight, but I want to know if you people can see a difference in my weight loss, and if it looks better or worse.. Thanks, and I am already prepared for the a**hole comments, so bring them on. Be honest





I think your going strong man.. I cant see huge improvements but i can tell. Just keep doing what your doing.. The best thing is eat foods low on carbs and run alot .. your doing good man... you will see bigger improvements down the road..

ya u did.congrts.

yup lookin good

you can tell...and now that you are losing weight ie changing your image maybe your should get a new haircut/clothing that might be a little different for you. step outside the box.

you can dieffinitally tell you are lsing a lot of weight!!

you look much smaller and you can see yout face is thinner too

its good that you are losing wieght!!

keep it up and before you know it you will be buff and all the aldies will be all over you!!

yeah. it looks like it

She Answers
Yes, you look great! Keep up the good work.

Yup dogg! Keep it up man and good luck with ya!

Tony S
WOW! you've lost a LOT of weight! thats really, really great!! good luck and keep at it, you should be REALLY proud of yourself! congratulations!

i see a difference

Kiana E
Yeah I can see a difference! Keep going!

Yes, the weight loss is pretty obvious! It may not seem like it is because that was a pretty drastic change, so you have alot of extra skin, just try doing alot of toning and muscle building after you have lost the remaining weight you want to lose! Congrats!

Leighanne <3
Yes it does look like u have lost weight..

Well Done :)

omg[!!]____YE5___u reaLLy l0o5t weight!!____C=

Yes !
Much Better Keep The Good Work Up ...=D

wow you have lost a lot of weight you look good how old are you one thing you can do to speed you weight loss is go to ballet or go vegan but you are doing a great job losing weight the way you are =^..^= P.S don't give up no madder what any one says you are losing it

you can definitly see a difference!
good job and keep it up!

Sassy Diva
For some reason, I can only get the first two pics to work. I'm sure if you've lost about 50 pounds that it's noticeable, though! Good job!

Edit: I can see them now and I can definitely tell a huge difference. Keep up the good work!

yes it does show and it looks good

Looking good so far, man! Keep it up!

definitely! you're shrinking boyyyy just keep it up and soon enough you're going to notice BIG TIME :D good luck and dont give up even when it gets hard. losing that much and sticking to your weightloss plan is very respectable, keeeeep it up!!!!!!!!!

Yeah you do look like you've lost weight...especially around your face! Good job keep it up!

yes you do look like you've lost weight. well done!

Yes , it look like you are losing weight. Keep it up. Great job. Remember don't skip any meal. Instead of eating three big meal s spread it to four with a three hours in between. Eat healthy and exercise like swimming and biking. These exercise work all muscle group.

Good luck

firstly, well done for losing so much weight, i could never do that!
yes, i think you can see you have lost weight
there is a huge difference in your face especially, and you stomach
good luck

♥Sweet Cheeks♥
DAMN! Good work! You can DEFINITELY tell you've lost weight. Congratulations, it's hard work, but obviously worth it.

Oh yeah!!! You can definitely tell you lost weight!! You are looking a lot better, keep up the good work!!!!

Wow HUGE improvement you look spectacular keep up the good work


Jumbo Mama
Holy Cow, yes...great job, its tough

Snowboard Zombie
oh yeah man. keep up the good work. definately see a bit of weight loss.

yes maam

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