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Dustbowl Blues
Does eating crisps (potato chips) just make you more hungry, rather than satisfy your hunger?
I gave up eating crisps (potato chips) two weeks ago. I am less hungry and less intent on snacking. Snacking is what really makes me put on weight.

Crisps are fairly high in carbohydrates.
Carbohydrates is just a formal name for sugar.

When we eat sugary foods our body craves more because foods with high sugar content only suppresses the appetite for a short period of time, it gives us a quick boost of energy, but we soon feel hungry again.

for example:

ever eaten a takeaway, say a Chinese, and felt stuffed after, fit to burst...but then anything upto an hour later, you feel hungry again? or you feel like something sugary?

I can almost guarantee every person I ask say they feel hungry about 20 minutes later - but everyone is diffrent.

this is because:

when we consume sugary foods, the insulin in our bodies is produced to deal with the sugar, however once this has been done, the insulin responds with a craving for more sugar.
this is what I call the "eat, crave, eat, crave" cycle.

The higher the sugar content in the foods that are consumed, the more craving's you will endure.

hope this helps

did you know?:

there is 1 teaspoon of sugar to every 5 grams of carbohydrate!

If you started eating Smiths crisps like the ones that had a little packet of salt inside....I think you can go off them. If you started eating other brands of crisps...like the ones with different flavours...I suppose you could go off them. If you started on crisps that said 'low fat' on the packet...you could be duped and eat more thinking that you would lose weight.

Yes it does


Potato chips have a lot of fat. Just a small bag of potato chips has all the fat you can burn in an active day.

Plus; they have a high glucemick index, which means, they will alter your insulin level in the blood stream and signal, which in turn will produce a hunger signal!!

The more you eat, the more fat you gain, and the worst the insulin level is, and the more you crave for, and so on, and on, and on.

You are on the right track!

Good question.

any carbs i eat seem to make me crave MORE carbs rather than satisfying my hunger. consider eating light popcorn instead when you have the munchies...way less fat and lots of fibre. sounds like you are already on the right track anyway, good for you. (:

nicole t
Well i would just have to agree when i eat crisps i still fell hungry so will not only eat one bag but sometimes two or three. lol

There is a chemical called mono-sodium glutatmate which is a flavour enhancer. It gives a big burst of flavour that quickly wanes, and leaves you wanting more. it's where the pringles tag-line comes in; 'once you pop you just can't stop'. It's NOT addictive but it does make you crave the flavour burst.

jacj ainshowor's friend Ralp
i love snacking.

Welsh girl.
Its the salt, it gives you a hunger.

Its because they're carbohydrates. Carbs make us want to eat more carbs - its a viscous circle, which is why low carb diets work.

Dont think they make you more hungry, just dont fill you up, if anything, because of the salt they make you thirsty

paignton sportsman
Whatever you do DONT eat Pringles.because they say once you pop you cant stop.believe you me its true.

George T
if they are lays then i do not get full at all

Sabrina J
I think that they are so good you just have to eat a lot of them. So I think that they probably make you more hungry.

not merely hungry apparrently. When they 1st came on the market they were aimed at the adult population in pubs. Once again, because of the salt, they made you more thirsty and would then drink more alcohol.

Yes it makes you more hungry because of the salt in the potatochips. The body actually needs water but mostly you think you are hungry.

Lisa G
Yeah its because of the salt in them! Just like peanuts! They aren't very good for you either loads of oil and most are around 100cals when you can eat nicer things and alot more for 100cals!

I know...if I have crisps i just want more more more!! So it's best not to have any I say.

they taste good though

All the salt in them makes you hungrier.

I want to help
They are not there for nutritional purposes and you are right they are made to just get you eating more and more and the stuff in there I believe are addictive so you just continue to eat them.

Congrats on getting them out of your diet. That's one good thing your body weill thank you for and it's great that you can see and feel the benefits. Just goes to show how unhealthy these things really are.

I don't eat much crisps...but when I start...Yes, you are right; it makes you more hungry for more.

Crisps are not food. They are high calorie and usually high fat snacks. It's boring, but fruit would be a lot better for you
Good luck

Potato chips have an "addictive" quality to them where you want to keep on eating them and nevevr seem to be satisfied. I think it has something to do with the salt. Salty food is very addictive just like sugary food.

yes you are probably right

If i pick up a bag of crisps i find that i have to eat 2 or 3 bags at the same time, but by then i'm usually full ........ for an hour or two and then its another 3 bags for me!!

I agree, i think it gives you the munchies, when you eat one then you want another and another, by then you've realised that you had them all! When i stopped and i got so hungry. It was sooo embarrassing when my friends heard my tummy growl! I used to tap pens and do fake coughs. Anyhow, I did it for a good reason and that's what counts.

p.s. I think crisps are not filling at all , at least when you eat chocolate, you don't really want any more. Right?

Yeah because they are salty and make you want to eat and drink more! Thats why they sell them in pubs!

They don't make you hungry, but they are not a substantial meal that will fill you up. They also are eaten apart from mealtimes when we are more likely to eat out of boredom or when we are preoccupied with the television. Also, the repetition of the hand-to-mouth eating can become a bit addictive.

I'm glad you've stopped with the chips. I'm sure your body is thanking you.

Yes! Oh my gosh! Because you're like... well, i'll only eat a few while watching TV.. and you just keep eating and eating and soon you've eaten like 20. I too gave them up and it really helps a ton!

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