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Does dancing make you lose weight?

Yes it can do, along with a calorie controlled diet,any exercise, will help to burn off calories!

My personal opinion is that it helps bringing up your metabolic rate which in turn helps you burn calories. If you dance you know that after dancing your metabolic rate is still going which means you are burning calories which helps you lose weight.

Darkness ^666
Dancing can help you lose weight, but only if you dance for a long time.
Dancing for 10 minutes wont help much, but for a full hour will really help burn those extra calories

yes it dose, but like anything you have to do it just about every day, and watch what you eat, but yes it dose HELP you ose weight...

Any kind of exercise is good for you, but it won't help if you don't know how to push yourself away from the table.

sometimes it does if u do it everyday!! my friend dance almost everyday last year and she lost a lot of wait! also u get to burn more calories

[email protected]
hell yeah it does but it also depends on the environment and what kind of dancing u like to do

yeah you sweat and work out mucles you didnt even know you had. dance and have fun for about an hour and youl see your self sweating quiet a bit

Marilyn M
dancing is aerobic excercise, any excercise will help in weight loss

it can



Of course it does. But you also have to eat a balanced, low-fat diet. Staying active (whether dancing, walking, biking) are great ways to burn off fat. Throw those diet pills away and turn up the disco!

yes as your moveing and burning off calouirs but doing it that way will take a long time

Slow dancing doesn't, break dancing does.


Heather T
Yes! If you are putting a good effort into it then you will burn calories and fat!

Mytery Gurl Q
if u do it frequently yea itz like a workout

Joy M
It can be a very good activity that help both to lose weight and tone muscles.

Steve R
Yes. It burns calories

Yes it does...if you think about it, most excersise programs are tuned to music...Even Richard Simmons! Dancing is an excellent way to lose weight and tone up...Good luck!

Doctor Why
Any physical activity has the potential to help you lose weight, but compared to other forms of weight loss, the potential is really very small.

Let's put it this way: by just sitting around and doing mostly nothing, most people burn around 1500 calories a day. If you were an Olympic-level athelete who did little other than working out, you'd burn a little more than twice that. Just EXISTING accounts for more energy use than most people are going to get from any reasonable amount of exercise.

Exercise does have a lot of other benefits than weight loss, though. Muscle tone, cardiovascular fitness, and just being able to do more things easily are all great reasons to exercise, especially if the exercise is something you enjoy doing a lot, like dancing!


Jesi D
Yes, it can. The main things for losing weight is simple: burn more calories than you're taking in....no matter what it is, it will make you lose weight... the key is to get in your target heart rate. Now, this is "Weightloss 101" in it's most simple form, but it's true. Dance is actually great for cardio, your muscles, AND, in some cases depending on the type of dancing, flexibility.... which combined also fights off osteoperosis in women.... =) lol ok, I'll hush now.... =)


absolutely, I lost 2 stone the year I started bellydance lessons (2 sessions a week)

Sure it does. If it is vigorous enough like standard cardiovascular aerobic exercise, you can definitely lose weight. If you think about it, any type of MOVING your body will help you lose weight. All those celebrities on Dancing With the Stars lost tons of weight dancing a lot.

Not really, but it does make u get stronger

semaver c
fock yo

Poopsie the Embarassed Kitten
Excellent cardio workout! Definately a fat-burning activity.

Sir J
If it is movement of any kind you are eating up calories. If you limit your caloric intake, then even walking will help you lose weight.

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