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Does cycling help get rid of belly and thigh fat?

Yes, Because cycling is a cardio work out. Unless you are just riding around at a slow passs than it is just working oyur muscles with no real fat burn.

abdl kadir h
ya ,it helps get rid of belly and thigh fat.

Yeah i think so

yes, a bit!

yes it helps everything

Absolutely. Any Cardio exercise which raises your heart rate for a sustained period of time (20-60 mins is what I would recomend) will burn fat off your body. It is a myth that you can 'spot reduce' certain areas by exercising that particular body part. You need to work out at a reasonably high intensity but not so hard that you cannot sustain the exercise for at leat 20 mins. Try to increase either your speed or the distance that you ride gradually as your fitness increases and you will burn even more fat.
An important thing to remember though is that fat loss is basic mathematics. The energy that you consume (eat) must be LESS THAN the energy that you burn throughout the day.
The key to successful weight loss is a balanced healthy eating program where at least 2/3 of what you eat looks like it grew in the ground ( unprocessed fresh food) and regular exercise including cardio 2-3 times a week for at least 30mins and at leat 1 strength training session to tone and build muscle to increase the rate at which you burn fat.

yes it will it worked for me

Yes, and any other fat you happen to have. Use toe clips because then you are generating movement as you pedal foreward and when you bring the pedal around again. Also, when you're riding keep moving the pedals, change the gears and just keep on pedalling -- if you stop pedalling, you miss that part of the exercise. Leaning over with your hands on the handles stretches differently than putting your hands on the handle bar right in front of you while you sit up. Wear a helmet. It won't help to be thin if you're dead. Have fun and keep it up.

Vincent P
Like every cardio workout, you must flex your abs and keep your back straight. This and concentrating on the muscle you're targeting will help you get rid of belly and thigh fat. So to answer your question, yes.

I don't see why not

Steve B
it will help both, but not as much for the stomach. you have to use your core muscles to stabilize yourself, but rollerblading, and running would be better for your stomach.

Leonard P
yes, of course

cycling helps a small amount with the belly. it DOES help, but effect is slow (which is actually better in the long run. makes it easier to keep off) it helps a lot with the thighs. it is also a really good way to effectively tone the legs from ankles up to and including the rump. excellent means of cardiovascular work out. I used to mountain bike trails before military accident with ankles.

free speech revolution
thighs. definetly.

ya surely it does but not that much for belly. . . beware of the muscle formation.

yes because it burns calories it will help your thighs more than your belly

Michael H
Yes! Undoubtedly! But how much and how quickly depends entirely on how much effort you put into your cycling. Do lots of short sprints with steady pedalling in between and the weight will tumble off you. Don't overdo it.... you don't want to end up as a little grease spot on the saddle! Oh yes, and keep the fluid intake up too; dehydration gives you a headache like you won't believe!

Christopher B
Despite what everyone thinks, there is no exercise that will "target" the body fat in any one single area of the body. Your body does not go "Well, she is working her stomach muscles more, I should use the fat there first". In order to lose belly and thing fat, you have to decrease your overall body fat.
Yes, you can decrease your over all body fat doing cardio on a bicycle. Just like any exercise it takes effort. For best results I recommend sustained effort(20-60 minutes), with your Heart Rate (Beats per Minute) at between 65-80% of your Max Heart Rate (220 minus your age is your Max HR).
HOWEVER, you can exercise till you drop dead - but if you are taking in more calories than you are burning, you are not going to lose weight. That is why the most important step you can take is change what you eat (not necessarily how much you eat).

Most definitely, IF you truly exercise on the bicycle and don't just leisurely coast around the neighborhood. Be sure to get toe-clips or a similar foot-securing product on your bike, and a pair of good bicycling shoes as well. If you don't do that, then you won't be able to use the up-stroke and forward-stroke in the pedaling stroke which is what stresses / exercises the stomach and thigh muscles. And bicycling with toe clips or similar device DEFINITELY WILL trim your stomach down to the slimmest and firmest you want, contrary to some of the other answers I've seen given here. Also you won't be able to use the back-stroke on the down side of the stroke to stress / exercise the thighs and buttocks or "hip" muscles. Talk to a knowledgeable person in a bicycle shop, NOT at a Walmart or Target or KMart type place. They'll know exactly what you're needing and they probably have a bicycle club and you can enjoy wonderful riding friends and really start doing the trimming and shaping up that you want. I've ridden thousands of miles and spent thousands of dollars on world-class bicycles and accessories over the past 25 years, and I definitely know where of I speak on this one. You don't have to spend near the amount of money I did since production of excellent bicycles and accessories have brought the prices down greatly over the years. Oh, and you'll DEFINITELY want to buy some good, padded bicycle shorts. If you're gonna ride, you won't want to chaff unnecessarily because you wore some everyday walking shorts or jeans. Believe me!! And you'll look GREAT as a result of your efforts. I've ridden with plenty of beautiful women bike riders over all these years and miles. God Bless you.

Cardio exercise is a good way to burn fat from anywhere in your body. Make sure you are drinking about 8 glasses of water, eating lean protein (chicken, nuts, fish), veggies, fruits, and whole grains and 3 servings of dairy.

yes, as it burns fat, just remember you have to eat less calories than you burn by exercising to lose weight, but you will get fitter.

Almost any exercise will help lose belly and thigh fat. It has to be intense enough, so pedal hard and try to get your heart rate up. Before long, the guys around you will feel their heart rate rise as they see a hot babe on a bike!

Yes, any rigorous exercise will burn fat over the entire body. Sittups or other ab work, work the ab muscles, but have nothing to with burning fat around the belly.

Sean/Guy Wiley
When you're cycling, you're helping produce leg muscle, but the only way you're really going to take off belly/thigh fat is with running or an elyptical machine accompanied by good dieting habits and a routine that works out the entire body.

Most people like the idea of cycling (hey, you get to sit down for most of it!), but the results aren't the same as if you were running or working out the entire body.

Definitely thighs - and if you do it right -- keep your stomach tightened the whole cycling period -- and it will work out your abs too.

yes, it does. Both.

my husband and I both cycle, and it works on the whole body.

It gets rid of all fat if you stick with it!

Yes, contrary to popular belief you can not target fat loss. You can build muscles in a particular part of your body but fat is lost everywhere as you exercise. Cycling is a great non-impact cardiovascular exercise that will definitely help you lose belly and thigh fat!

Thighs, yes. Cycling works your quadriceps, or the front of your thighs. I don't think it works your belly, though... but you can try the link below for some good exercises.

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