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Does anyone wish they were a size zero???????

im so unique
i wouldnt want to be a size zero..but i would like to be like a size 8..lol..size zero is tiny and im a latina (hispanic) so to be a size 0 means no booty..lol..but i have plenty of friends who a size 0 and they look fine..ppl have the wrong picture in their heads saying that its like being a skeleton..its really not..

Please don't tell me that u do come on why would you want to look like that for? And no i wouldn't want to

haha no....i am a double zero ...with a belt


My bloke wouldnt go near me if i was that thin, i thnk its ok on girls naturally that small but if you force yourself to that thin it really doesnt look right.

Nope i dont!
i wouldnt want to weigh like 6 stone!
i cant understand women who do
id like my size to have a 0 in it, but with a 1 at the front - 10! lol
no lower than that for me im afraid!!

Baps .
No and I don't think that anyone one should want to be that size. Its not as if in the UK you can get that many clothes to fit you unless you start wearing children's clothes.

Even those females that are are naturally that size want to gain a bit of weight so doesn't that tell you something

M. H.
yes, i hate my hips.

Jackie D
NO! I do not. no one should. Wish to be healthy. Then you will glow, not look sickly. Glowing always trumps sickly. ALWAYS.

ha! thats funny! cause ima doulde zero and i cant even fit into my zero pants anymore.

I'm happy with my curvy body, but I want to lose a bit of weight thou, but heck no, not a size zero, I don't want to look like Nicole Richie!!

No I'm a size 16 and thats the way I'm going to stay. I think its absolutely dispicable how the media are forcing womento try and get to a size zero that the celebrities clearly are not....its called air brushing people!!!!

claire g
Hell yes!

that is my ultimate goal in life!

Haha, you soon will be. The fashion industry uses a lame pyscholoy trick on us poor consumers. The once 9 is now that new 5. Each year they change the size on your clothes to read increasingly smaller numbers. The waist size isn't changing, just the numbers. The logic behind this you ask? People are more likely to like the way they look in clothes they perceive to be smaller. Who wants to go pant shopping for a size 16? Isn't it better to ask for an 8? See? It's insanity and has to stop somewhere. Pretty soon zero will be large and we'll have to go into negatives!! :-/ Sillyness.

I WAS a size zero and I was 5 foot 8....I was anorexic and almost . My heart almost stopped and I had to be admitted into the hospital.

But hey, if you want to be a size zero, go for it. No one's stopping you.


I wish i was.

If you were a size 'zero' because off drastic dieting, then at the age of 40, you'd regret it, when you go down with Osteoporosis etc. It's not attractive and not worth the risk!

Being a size zero isn't too skinny. I'm a size zero sometimes double zero and it doesn't look gross so I dont know why some of you think that it does.

Yes Im American Size 2 But Im 13 Years Old and i Feel Too Fat so i would love to be a size 0

Ok, most people gave very immature, uneducated answers. Size zero is more often than not, perfectly healthy and normal IF that person is naturally that size. No woman should be striving to be that size, but it does occur naturally with some people.

People just act so ignorant when you throw out the term size zero. Size zero is not slang for anorexic and I wish people would stop using it that way. Some girls who wear a size zero are anorexic and are starving themselves to be that size, but most are not. Don't let the ignorance of people who believe a size 0 looks like the 6 ft tall anorexic models you see influence you. Some size 0's are slightly underweight. So what? Doesn't mean they're unhealthy. There many people are slightly overweight and still perfectly healthy also.

I am size zero and I would prefer to be a bit bigger, but I don't look bad, and I am perfectly healthy. Size zero is natural for me, but it is not for others. If you are not that size, it is probably too small for your body type and frame, and you will not look good or be healthy. Some girls look good at that size, others don't. Some are healthy at that size, others are not. I don't know how old you are, but most of your answers look like they came from younger people, and it is sad that they now assume anyone that size must have an eating disorder.

Murphy's Law

.Well yeah I guess just because you'd be skinny.

.But I think that unless you are 'genetically' built that way, then being a size zero just looks anorexic.


First of all, everyone that says that being a zero is way too skinny and looks like a skeleton, you all need to shut up, some people can't help it. Like having a fast metabolism! I can eat whatever I want HA! And I wear a size 1-5 I don't look sick. And I am very happy with the way I look.

oh god, give me a woman I can cuddle not a stick insect

Just as it's wrong to make fun of fat people, it is wrong to make fun of thin people. Shame on you for being so haughty.

sure, or maybe like 2, i'd actually prefer 2, but i wouldn't bltch about size zero lol

Yes ME

damn bunk
i am a size zero
i wish i was bigger lol
i cant help my metabolism is very fast

people who say it looks aneroxic and like a skeleton are wrong, my body is just naturally this way, i dont look ill! i look healthy thank you very much

yes i rather want to be small then very big.

Just like there are size 14s out there, many girls find themselves a size 0, NOT because they are starving themselves, but because they are naturally slender and if I may say so, they are just as beautiful as a size 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, whatever. Let's be more supportive of who we are INSIDE and concentrate less on what size we are. What a beautiful world that would be.

just cuz your a size zero doesn't mean you look ill....cuz im a size zero and i got real b00bies and a real booty and its nice! i dont look like im sick at all!

Thanks mom and dad for good genes!

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