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Tim The No Nonsense Flying Chimp
Does anyone have a good workout routine that can be done at home?
I don't have that much time to go to the gym so I was wondering if anyone knew any good workout routines to do at home. (I have a standard weightbench if any workouts involve them). Thanks!

i follow a strict rigorous workout plan
first i exercize my fingers by playing xbox 360
then i exercize my right arm by playing the wii
and finally i exercize my fingers again by posting funny answers to random questions.:)

P.S. If you think I'm funny be my fan!

Mine is an simple one: play with the kids and dog. Going for walks around the neighbor hood, and some other sports my kids are into.

Short Start
Denise Austin is Pretty good. She comes on cable television in the morning (7:00 eastern standard time) Channel varies depending on your cable/satalite service. She does about 20 mins of cardio and 10 mins of toning. She also comes on Monday-Friday. If she comes on two early for you, then you can record the television show and do it at your convenience . Since the show is only 3o mins, I usually jog around the neighbor hood then put the tape in and do a little weight training.

workplace psychopath
Terrific. More later.

I have one answer for you. Workout DVD's! They're great, entertaining, and an instructor helps you along the way. You can get into dance, yoga, pilates, walk-at-home, tae-bo, or even regular strength training. It really introduces and educates you on all kinds of exercising.

Lewis M
-.- u dont watch tv? there are paid programs that u sell workout dvds equipment and ect

In My Red High Heels
Then there is bench press, front and back military press, arm curls, bent over rows, upright rows, and probably squat. That's just assuming the bench doesn't move. If it is adjustable, then you can do incline and declined presses. Let me know if you don't understand and of the workouts.

Bullworker, bullworker, bullworker.
Honestly it's a marvellous piece of equipment - a full body workout, a home gym in one simple device. I swear by it.

Research done at Mayo has recently reported that doing one set of exercise is as effective as doing multiple sets. When my time is limited I do one set of exercises for shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, stomach, obliques and squats. I got pictures of strength exercise off of Spark Diets and made myself a strength workout with pictures that that site has on it. I also pop in a video on a small cheap tv/vct/dvd and exercise during my favorite show.

The US Marine Corps has an excellent workout that requires ZERO equipment. I don't know where to find it, but if followed, it beats ANYTHING you can do with you weight-bench.

I have been following the "Groin Ripper" workout routine and it really gives anybody a challenge. You don't need any equipment. Just read the book and do what it says. Check it out for yourself.

go to the gym every morning for a long time!!!


I tried this, and I think it is a great workout -- it requires mostly dumbells and maybe an excercise ball.

From this link, click the "Official Body For Life Workout" link and also on the left side bar, the "excercise demos" link. They lay it all out how to do this routine. The cardio portion is killer too, but probably needs a treadmill or whatever.

get u some exercise tapes or dvds and pop them in and get to work

an bhuil gaeilge agat?
If you're a guy you're probably going to think this is silly, but listen! I stumbled upon a DVD by Tamilee Webb - "I want that body". Ok ok, it's cheesy, and I'm kind of embarrassed to do it, HOWEVER, it will kick your @s*! Seriously. I made my boyfriend do it with me once (because he was making fun of me) and he couldn't walk the next day! <Serves him right>.

It comes with 3 sections - abs/buns/arms and 2 levels on each. She's also pretty informative about your form, though her encouragement can be a little annoying. Each section is only 15 minutes long (really more like 11 with the stretching at beginning and end), but you will be sweating and breathing hard for sure. So it's cardio and resistance. http://www.amazon.com/Science-Fitness-Tamilee-Want-That/dp/B000055ZGP/ref=pd_ts_v_20?ie=UTF8&s=video

Also, if you're interested in an elongating/toning type exercise, the New York City Ballet workout DVD is pretty cool. It's not very strenuous; sometimes I do it on my 'off days'. http://www.amazon.com/New-York-City-Ballet-Complete/dp/B000HRMAR2/ref=pd_bbs_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1198336109&sr=1-1
It's about an hour long.

this is what i do:
floor stretches for about 5 minutes
50 jumping jacks with strong arms (aka, not flailing arms)
a set of 100 crunches:
--20 on back
--20 on left side, 20 on right side
--20 on back
--20 with straight arms
lunges across my living room
5 minutes stretch again

Denise Austin DVD's, the workouts are amazing. Also cleaning is a good excersize.

Google Rules!
This workout is awesome!! No weights required but it really works. It is called the spartan 300 workout.


Tae-bo is such a great workout and it's fun too! I once lost 50lbs from it in like 4 months.

Just go to bestbuy and buy a workout dvd you think you'd like, once you're bored get another. Then you'll have a collection and you can rotate them. If you see one off the infomercials they have good ones too. If you go to www.beachbody.com a lot of videos they sell there are shown on tv. I have a few like slimin6 and cardiojam they work! and they come out with new ones so you don't get bored. Hope I helped ya!

some pushup n setup

try The cupid shuffle

I love the "8 minute" series. It was made in the early 90s, so the instructor outfits are sort of cheesy. You can get the series for abs, butt, legs, arms, etc.

Best of all, they're only 8 minutes long AND you can find them ALL on YouTube!

here kitty kitty
well i got my hubby the p90x program for x-mas i heard it was really great but i dont know forsure yet check it out on www.beachbody.com

I like " The Girls Next Door Workout DVD" because it's quick and easy to do!


my workout is the biggest loser DVD and taebo!! hope it helps!!

FuneralFunk hit it on the head.

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

1. Lose weight - diet and exercise (see below)
2. Improve cardio - need to get your aerobic workout in
3. Improve stamina - aerobic workout, low impact weights
4. Tone muscles - low weights, high repetition
5. Build muscles - low weights with high repetition; medium weights with medium reps; high weight with low reps
6. Maintain conditioning / improve metabolism - what the first guy said - lots of low impact exercises with a little bit of weights.

But without more info, its hard to say.

first of all whats your purpose?
if u want to lose weight, run for 30 mins a day. start with 5 mins a day then 10 then 20....
if u want to tone, do push ups...
if u want to gain serious mass you're gonna need a gym and weights.

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