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Mrs Paige
Does FISH OIL really help improve your memory?
I heard from my girlfriend at Church that if you take FISH OIL it will improve your memory and help you not to get Alzheimer's Disease. Does anyone know if this is a fact?

Where can I find on the innernet if this is a fact? Thank you and GOD BLESS!

scotty y
yes there is a special cemical in your brain caleed namenisa

it is i memorey cemical it realises it when you eat it

No, but I heard that ginko biloba had some effect on a person's memory.

the cod oil??? its that it??? i dont thinks so....

Omega Fatty Acids - check website:


Yes and no, mostly due to the fact that Omega-3 fatty acids are VERY healthy for brain health but having an excess of what you should normally have won't improve memory function MORE than what it would normally would be if you took a lot of Fish Oils.

BUT... if you're looking to improve cognitive functions (brain functions) memory, creativity try whats now being know as nootropic drugs or smart drugs, some are herbal and some are Prescription drugs, they've pretty much helped me out so far in my first 3 years of college and I live by them.

check out wikipedia.org/wiki/Nootropics
that will also touch up a bit on Fatty Acids like Omega-3 Fish oils

EDIT: a lot of people are saying that it IMPROVES memory when it does not, what it will do is "GIVE YOUR BRAIN THE FATTY ACIDS IT SHOULD ALREADY HAVE, RESTORE NORMAL / BASELINE FUNCTION" so it wont IMPROVE you unless you are lacking in this department and when you do take it all its going to do is bring you back to normal functioning levels.

ONLY and I mean ONLY nootropics IMPROVE brain memory and function beyond was was intended by nature basically steroids for your brains, and they take roughly about 6-8 weeks before you see results.

Lalit D
it sort of helps but the main point is that it decreases your risk of heart failure

I'm not sure, but I know that emulsified Cod Liver Oil mixed with whole milk is very good for your skin and hair as well as improving your health.

no it doesn't it's just to eat.

Very true! research has been done on the people on East Africa living in the Great Lakes region.....to prove this

yeah it will the Cod Liver Oil is great for memory

Fish oil helps improve your LDL ( bad cholesterol ) not your memory.

I think it is supposed to increase your mammeries - but I don't believe it.

I literally put in your question word for word into google and clicked on the first link. Here's your scientific proof.


yes it is a fact. scientists have proven that it helps transmit nerve impulses in the brain and improved memory is a side effect. try seven seas Cod Liver Oil capsules. it is good for you.
go to http://www.diannecraft.com/memory1.html

Coleen R
there is a pdr (physicains drug Referrence) for natural products now, it will tell you how much product and what its good for just like the drugs you by at the pharmacy

Yes it does as it has omega 3 its a great source of brain food read some articles on this site for more dietry needs

noooooooooooo who told you that lie but don't get me wrong i do not eat no fish

♥ jojo ♥
Cod liver oil is good for brain stimulation which could by way improve memory.Take Care.


Richo Fev
I saw a show about a month ago on the benefits of omega 3, and I was convinced. Kids at school with learning difficulties had a 100 % improvement. My osteo also swears by it, its good for your joints. I`ve been taking it for about a month now......what you got to lose?

Fish oils are powerful antioxidants. They serve to clean your blood stream of toxins and plaques, indirectly, they could indeed impact your ability to remember. they won't restore anything lost, but could serve to prevent further loss.

Benjamin W
I think I have heard that boy I need to take them anyway for the Omega fatty acids and Alzheimers runs in my family.

Yes mam it does work my mom had a freak accident a few years back and it almost totally destroid her memory snd she started taking it every day and it has helped alot

yes, i heard that from a doctor. fish oils are really good for you.

It's the omega 3 that you benefit from.
To keep your memory sharp. Keep
challenging yourself. By reading,
crosswords, Eating healthy and
balance with exercise. Drink your
water. Alzheimer's is also genetic.
Does it run in your family?
Go on the net to check alzheimers
and see for yourself some the
benefits to your health.

To answer your question, yes, it is believed to improve memory function through an omega-3 fatty acid contained within, called Dha. Although, there have been no clinical studies to support these claims.

Fish Oil is suppose to be good for the heart and the brain from what I know and could be good for other parts of the body as well. My boyfriend likes to take them every so often. I have taken them and they are gross-the ones we have at home, but they do sell some with no taste or after taste. If you want to take them take those and look up the benefits of Fish Oil on-line at sites like WebMD.com if you are still hesitant. Eating healthier foods alone help memory and fight disease, even much so with regular exercise.

Good Luck!
' '

Natalie M
EXCELLENT for skin problems, cholesterol reduction, and yes, memory/Alzheimers. TAKE IT!!! Whole FOods has good brands ...

Dan S
The omega 3 fatty acids help memory. Fish oil is loaded with them. So, also, is flax Seed Oil.

The Emb3r Egg
It's not the actual fish oil that helps your memory. Fish oil contains a large amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, a very essential oil needed by the human body. The average American diet does not have nearly enough of these fatty acids in their diets.

It's not that the oil makes your memory better. It helps your brain because it fixes a nutritional deficiency.

omega 3 fatty acids can also be found in another popular source called flax Seed Oil. I take this supplement daily.

Do a search for fishp oil or omega 3 in my source.

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