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Thank you....

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For Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, 2 slices of bacon, beans and 1 slice of toast.

 How can i lose atleast 30 pounds in 2 months?
I know that you guys are gunna say that its not healthy to lose that much weight in 2 months. But i know that its bad already, now i wanna know HOW to lose 30 pounds in 2 months. :)


im 15
im 5"6
and im 150lbs.

am i overwieght?...

 What do you think about teens and drinking?
Dont go running you mouth and get all upset over this i just wanna know your simple opinion if your one of the absoultely not people or you only live once types, this is mainly for older people....

 Is it wrong for fat girls to show their stuff?
im 17 and about 230lbs and im proud of my body!
i always wear bikinis during summer and im not affriad to show myself. in ur oppinion is that a good thing or wrong???
Additional Details...

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I'm 16 years old, 5'11" and 63 pounds. Am I fat?

I really need to know. :(
Additional Details
Oh er, I mean 1...

 Am i over weight?????????????
5 feet 4 inches, 157 pounds, 37 inches stomach.
P.S I don't care about that BMI crap.
just tell the truth
Additional Details

 What is cellulite and why does everyone keep asking about it?
There's alot of questions about cellulite, and I have yet to find out what it is.
Additional Details
Ew thats nasty why did I ...

Do you wish you were as thin as me?
I'm 5'1 and weigh 93 lbs (bmi 17.7). I'm 19 years old. Jealous?
Additional Details
haha these answers are awesome keep em comin :-)

maybe you should consider eating something....and not vomitting it back up!

ur kind of a midget...don't ya think ?

Nope...your just young and arrogant.....But 100% normal...Time though has a habit of changing all that so enjoy it while you can...ps...bmi of 17.7 is nothing to brag about...when you can say you have less than 10 % bodyfat...then you have a reason to be proud...

When I was 5'1" I weighed less than that. Like 10 lbs less. Now I weigh a little more but I'm 5'4" or 5'5" & my BMI is 18 .. & I'll probably get taller. You're a good size but I wouldn't want to be that short. Ew. I want to be a model & you have to be tall to be a model. So to answer your question .. nope not jealous =]

Hugs && Kisses
♥ Abby ♥

yeah... but what is your body fat percentage?


dont you think that is a strange question? If that really IS your bmi, then no, I am not jealous of you. what a silly question.


I like myself, but you obviously don't if you are seeking some sort of jealous response from the online populus. Eat something and work on your mind, not you body.

Not really, I'm 5'4 and 110 pounds and I'm happy with they way I look. It's great that your so proud of your thinness, but don't you think you should gain some muscle?

no my BMI is only 18

Fleur de Lis
No, I'm 5'10

ur short, and... u need help girly girl... go see a psycologist :)

... ur weird

no i rather be medem

Liddy is Lost
Not particularly. It's great that you are happy though, personally I'd prefer to weight over 100lb, but that's just me. Take care : )

nope im 15 5'2 and 96 lbs. and i hate it. why would u want to be that skinny.

hell no ia am not jealous i am very comfortable in my body. So there jealous? i am comfortable in my body stupid.

Yeah, I'm jealous, you know why? Cause I'm even more underweight than YOU! So yeah, basically I'm jealous of anyone who is NOT as underweight as me! ( I bet you would be jealous of ME though) I look like a Freakin SKELETON!!!!!!

Wait a sec!!!!!!!! I DONT BELIEVE YOU!!!!!!!! nah nah nah naaaah nah! (whaddya say to that!)

Just me
Are you trying to make other jealous? If you are then you are going down the wrong road. We have to please ourselves. Be true to yourself. I hope you are not living for others as you will be sad in the end, because you forgot about yourself. Why did you ask this question?

just thought id add a different answer...
u sound pretty thin, just be happy, try and stay where u r and be healthy. im not an anorexic, i am just scared of putting on weight, so i eat but dont binge eat.
im 5ft10 but weigh 104lb so my bmis around 15. but i dont look skeletal! just find the balance bettween normal and thin that you are happy with

no that's gross. boys like more to cuddle w/ than just bone. eat something. go out and eat a steak!! sheeeesssh!

You may be nineteen but you act as though your twelve.

I'm 12 years old, and taller than you. :) Jealous?
And no, I'm definitely not jealous of you. You're probably all bony without any muscle. :/

no. i know people with bmis of 16, 15, 14... and much lower. and they're just as unhappy as you are.

The sad part is at 19, you're probably done growing, which means you'll have trouble seeing over steering wheels for the rest of your life!!! I dated a girl who was 5'4' 95lbs once... I was worried I was going to break her.

no bc weight can be lost and gained easily but height... well you are kinda stuck with that.

no srry... haha

No. Guys these days really don't like girl that are twig thin. They like curves- they like a little meat! I'm sorry, but it seems like you are going down the road to aenorexia. Get some help.

No! I 5'2 115 lbs. And don't look like skin and bones. 4 years ago I was 96 lbs and looked sick. Put on some weigh. Your body will thank you for it.

no, freaked out

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