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Do you think im under weight?????
I am 13 and i weigh 97 pounds. I really do not have a diet except i eat one sweet a day and one carbonated drink a day. I also eat a fruit or veggie at every meal and after school.
Additional Details
i am 5'5".

brav3 h3art
Well, i guess your okay because my friend when she was 10 she was only 60 pounds. But if you eay healthy you'll be in tip top shape. But if you eat lots of fat you need to excercise.

even so, your 13, which is too young to worry about that kinda shittt.

sounds normal to me...even if your 5 feet your not overweight so dont listen to what idiots say...the only way your underweight is if your over 5'4

yeaa.. definitely underweight but you probably have a fast metabolism. as long as you're healthy, it's all good

Muffin ♥
How tall are you?? And yeah I would say you are underweight. I'm 13 and I weigh 140. My doctor says that I am not underweight or overweight. A girl our age should weigh at least, 110. AT LEAST! Btw, I'm 5feet, 6inches. I'm sure you are beautiful! Duh, of course you are beautiful.

No. Not really

it depends on how tall you are...but heres a website where you can calculate your bmi and it will tell you if you are underweight.


no way! have friends that are like 20 pounds lighter and 13

Enjoy it while it lasts. I weighed 97 pounds until I got pregnant.

If you are over 5 feet you are probably under weight

Lady Justice
Without knowing other details such as your height, etc. - it is hard to say. Ask those around you or your doctor.

i dont think so i im 14 and weight 96, but im 5'1, but u dontt eat much. I do but im not fat or anything. But it all depends on your height.

unless your shorter than 4'10", 97 is under weight... major. the minimum/low for 4'10 is 100 pounds... don't go crazy eating, though! try to gain some muscle mass, or more of good foods.

hope this helped!

Geoff W
Nope, your pretty normal

How tall ru?

you're only 13. it's guaranteed you'll put on weight in the next couple of years. i wouldn't worry too much.

Give Me Freedom
Your perfectly normal.

how tall are u is a factor. u will gain weight as adolesence works its course

It's me!
depends on how tall you are. i wuz the same weight at that age. i'm 17 now and 5ft 1in and weigh 108, and i'm a fine weight for my height

Stephanie S
i dont know
how tall are you

Stampy Skunk
No, not really.... dont worry about your weight too much, you are just 13... eat healthy and you will be fine.

How tall are you? I don't think you are underweight. If you are eating fruits and veggies, then you are doing good. If you are eating period, you are doing good.

Well it depends how tall you are and if you've started maturing yet. But I think it's fine as long as you're naturally petite :)

It depends on your height.

If you're 97 pounds, you need to find out your BMI using your weight and height (If you post it here, I'll let you know).

But that's around the same as me, so I'd say no.

But if you're 5'2", or taller, then you're slightly underweight. But you need to wait until you're fully grown, so I guess that'd make you okay.

hi girl!
I totally know what you're talking about! I''m skinny too -and I've been skinny all my life. I know it can be frustrating at times. When I was in high school - I was so tiny, ppl asked me if I was anorexic...which really upset me cause I would never hunger my body!

One big advise...PLEASE DON'T EAT UNHEALTHY FOOD TO GAIN WEIGHT! Ppl who tell you to just eat a lot of junk food obviously do not know what they're talking about. It's very unhealthy and it will definitely nothelp you in the long run.

What you can do - is some good healthy exercise to gain muscles ( you won't look like a boy!) and dress in a way that will make you appear fuller and less skinny.

I know a lot of girls out there who are devestated because they don't understand their body and why it doesn't grow like every other girl....so a while ago I made this website, for girls and women like us! I spoke to a lot of professional people about health for natural thin people and I spoke to fashion designers about what to wear when you're short or/and skinny. Here's the link:


Please let me know what you think, it would be great to have some feedback of someone who's in the same situation as me - leave comments on articles, it will help me and other girls in the same situation.

Good luck with everything girl - remember: you are beautiful the way you are!!! :-) Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise!!!

Honey, you are only 13 you shouldn't worry about your weight some are naturally underweight and some over. Be happy with what you are and go be with your friends have lots of fun now when you are of age then worry if your still tiny. It may be whats right for you.

God's angel
I think so but as long as you feel okay and your doctor says you are healthy then you are okay

I ♥ Tes
13 doesnt describe how tall you are. if you were 5'7" and were 97 yes that would be a problem, but if you were 5'3" you are just on the light side

If thats all you eat then yes. You need meat in your diet to balance out the amount of sugar you intake. Sodas and sweets have lots of sugar and so do fruit although they are natural and not refined sugars. But fruit is a good option. Keep it up on the fruit! Good job!

Number Ten
uhh maybe how tall are youu?

You did not say how tall you were. Follow the food pyramid for guide lines on how to eat.

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