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 I if eat 500 calories or less a day will i lose weight?
or if i eat just one jacket patato with beans a day will i lose wieght?

I am desperate PLEASE HELP!!!!!
i weigh 117lbs
i rly need ur help!!!!
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I had
2 appels-80 cals
1 coco pops cereal bar-84 cals
1/4 plate of chiken korma-150 cals
2 caburys mini rolls-100 cals
1 biscite-50 cals
is that ok???
Ye i know it ...

 I'm 20 years old and i weigh 118lbs is that fat?

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AND IM 5 FT 4IN...

 Over weight???

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im 5'1 and weigh 140lbs
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Do you think im fat, average, or skinny?
im 14, weigh 105 pounds, and am '5'4. am i fat, average, or skinny?

Why are you worrying about this? You're not fat at all.

Troy K

105 and 5'4 is awesome. 110 5'4 is perfect ;)

i think ur average.

Angel Davis
You are defiantly skinny! Since you are tall and your weight is a little below average (110-115), then anyone should consider you skinny.

Think Richlyâ„¢
Since you're still a kid, your BMI (body-mass-index) for your weight and height is considered right at the lower normal range (borderline underweight). That means you can still gain a few more pounds (up to 20 lbs) and still be in the normal range.

So, you're considered 'skinny'.

Sounds like you might be too skinny. My daughter weights 132 and is really skinny. I can't imagine her at 105.
Be careful with that.

Skinny/ average.

The Hollow Girl
i would say you are average to skinny. I think you should be happy! Laos, it depends on your bone structure. you could be very very small frames and that would be normal. Or, you could have a large frame (donne from that 70s show) and be ultra skinny. hope i helped!

Liddy is Lost
Skinny as a bean pole.

HTH : )

JoE WiZzLe
lol im 14 105 and 5 4, im not fat or skinny im average, but im a guy so it might b different for you. But id say your juss right

Average, if not very slightly underwieght.

no you are not fat, your just a few pounds below the normal weight for your age & height.

im 15 & im 5'5 the average weight for me is 130-150

& im 115. so im like under.

if you think your fat, just make healthier choices when it comes to food, if you think your too skinny just bulk up by getting into a sport or dance class & eat protien.

mm but i would say your underweight, but many many girls are your age & height & they weight the same so its really nothing to worry about.

Personally you sound like you are a petite girl...I would say you are skinny!!

Justin H
For a grown woman, 105 pounds would probably be underweight for 5'4". I'm guessing you could probably put on 15-20 pounds and you would be at a more healthy weight. And believe it or not, most guys actually like a girl who is at a healthy weight than someone who is super skinny.

A little story from personal experience. My ex wife is 5'7" and the whole time we were dating and married she weighed about 140 pounds. She wasn't skin and bones thin, but she was pretty skinny. Last time I saw her was almost 4 years ago after not having seen her for about 2 years. She had put on a little weight - I'm guessing 10-15 pounds. The result was she looked healthier than I ever remember and she also looked more beautiful than ever. Of course I would never admit that to her face, but it was a eye opener for me.

Seth T
average, but turning towards skinny.

Dang u r like a stick u r skinny

please gain some weight

Skinny. I am 12 years old and I weigh like 95, and evryone tells me I am soooo skinny...

i think you are skinny maybe average but NOT fat


Definately skinny. Maybe a bit too skinny for your own good. Most 14 year olds at 5'4" weigh about 125lbs. The only ones that I know that are your weight are the ones who do gymastics and they're like 5'2" You should check to see if that's healthy for you by simply checking you bmi(body mass index) online.


S. Morrison
Sounds like somewhere between skinny and average.

i dont know i can only see your head

Earth to Mars

between average and skinny

u are very healthy i think we should be about 107-110 for ur height..but u are about right!


i think you are beautiful and just right stop paying attention to all those celebrity anorexics and bulimics.

that sounds about average

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