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hahaha hell yea thats fat
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srry to ruin =P

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Sam H
Do you think i am overweight ? (honest answers please)?
hey i am recovering from anorexia i was eating an apple everother day for 5months because i think i am fat. but now for the last week i have been eating 1500 calories a day but i am feeling really down because i think i am fat. my friends say i am not its all in my head. but i would like opinions from peoplei dont know. under this comment they is a link to pictures of me could you plz have a look at them and tell me if you think i am
a) under weight
b) normal
c) fat
(my answer would be yeah you are fat and need to go on a diet)
you can add additional comments aswell :D thank you because it would really help me to feel more confident. (i am a 15 year old male 5ft 11 and weigh 126 lbs)


I was unable to open the pic (blocked at work) but at 5'11" and 126lbs I would say you are unde weight. I am 5'7" 140 lbs and look border line underweight. I would say put on a few more pounds or workout.

Thugmaster Rabinowitz
By no stretch of imagination are you fat.....you look normal to me.

Oh ****, you're still soo skinny!

and 126pounds? im pretty much that weight and im 5'2. You need to get some meat on your bones!!! and i mean that. im not complimenting you.

you look fine, although higher muscle mass would make you look better, but you have to eat to be able to build muscle. so keep up the good work!!

hello beautiful


Alex P
Your not fat you actually look skinny you should eat about 2000 calories a day but you still need to work out

mikey j
you look fine to me man

Zoey G
dude far from it. You have a hot body u should be proud

due 1-14-09 with #2~its a girl!!
you not fat

NO! your in good shape

For a 5ft 11 male 126 is way too skinny. I found a male weight chart and for 5'11 you should at least be 146....

146-157 small frame
154-166 medium frame
161-184 large frame

Ray R
a or b. You look on the skinny side of normal. As in, if I saw you shirtless on the street I wouldn't be like "oh my god, is that boy sick? he's so skeletal he looks like something from a save-the-children infomercial". But you're definitely a thin dude.

you look normal. i dont really like skinny guys so i'd actually prefer you'd gain some weight.

Future Citizen of Forvik
I think that you are still on the skinny side. What you need to do is look at John Goodman. Now he is fat. I weigh 265 and stand 6' 1 1/2" and I am fat. I was 325 at one time, so I have lost weight but I am on a 2000 calorie diet so that I can loose the excess. At 5' 11" you should reasonably be at 145. I think that if you eat some protein shakes and do some weight lifting where you do low repetitions and high weight then you will get stronger and heavier and do it in a healthy way.

Matt M
You are under weight. You have no muscle whatsoever. Start working out and gain weight!


Mrs HarleyBrat
you are NOT FAT

Lucid J
My answer is letter a. You look really thin and emaciated. I would even recommend you to double up your calorie intake. You're an adolescent and need nutrition for your fast developing body.

i would say your not fat you need to put weight on im sorry=[ im ano4rexic..

You look fine. Normal, I'd say. You could (should) gain some more weight. Just a little more. My heartiest congratulations on overcoming your anorexia. :)

La Vie Boheme
WAY underweight.

Connie P
you may need some serious counseling. you seem to be extremely underweight. my 21 yo son is 6'5" and 175# and he too thin. you seem to be a caring young man, please try to get some help!

Ah puberty and the confusion caused by it.....You, my friend are underweight. Try some protein shakes and hitting up the gym to beef up some. The girls like muscles, not bones. :)

e s
you are very much underweight...I think for your height you should wehigh around 180-190.

you look a little under weight but your cute...

�.:xOpheliacx:.�™ †☽
You are skinny.

Duuuuude, you need to put some weight on! You are in no way fat.
You say you are recovering from anorexia, do you have body dismorphia too? And are you trying to do it alone or being treated properly? Trying to go it alone won't work, you need proper help and support to get through it.
Try to eat as healthily as you can, putting on weight doesn't mean eating like a pig or eating junk, and try upping you calorie intake every few weeks until you're up to 2000ish.
Take it slowly, and don't let people set you back. You really aren't fat, listen to you're friends, if they know about your problems use them to help you through this :o)

Take care.

You're my height, and weigh 50 lbs less than I do.

I am not overweight.

you need to gain some weight. I would think that at 126lbs and nearly 6 feet tall, you need to be at least 20 lbs heavier

please talk to your parents and go to a doctor

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