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 Am i fatt??
well im 15 i weigh 145 and 5'5
i exercise everyday i run for 45 min well only if my parents drive me somewhere to run cuz i feel embarrased around my area. So i at healhy too.. helpp

Do you think I'm fat?
I'm 5'5" and weight 135 lbs.
Additional Details
I'm a female and I'm 18...

Sounds normal to me.

[email protected]
no way,do not diet

I'm a little taller, and I weigh a little less, but nobody has EVER considered me fat. So, i'm guessing you are not fast, but you can calculate your BMI, which tells you if your weight is healthy at seventeen magazine's website.

I'm 5'6". I weigh 125-28lbs (fluctuating) and a size (2-4). You're not fat, you probably look like a healthy person. I used to weigh 148lbs at one time (never looked heavy but more like a big boned person), but over the years, have dropped the lbs. You have to alter your eating habits and exercise more if you want to lose more, but healthy dieting is key.

no, but it really matters what you think not what anyone else does. actually your perfect weight for that height.

I would say that sounds like a great weight to me.

Tom H
Nope, try not to gain much more though cause its a lot harder to lose than it is to gain. ps I am fat

no...but it also depends on your build as too whether or not that is fat...are you small, medium, or large...i have a large frame so 135 would look anorexic on me..i am the same height

Good numbers. Definitely NOT fat.

No, you are well within your weight, you've nothing to worry about.

You are fine! Just don't ask a doctor in Florida! I live in FL right now , (moved here from Ohio). I got a check up & the doctor told me I needed to lose like 65 pounds! I am 5'6", 160lbs! I know I could lose a little weight (I have some muscle tone, but a big belly!), maybe lose like 20-30lbs, not 65! I argueed with him for a few minutes, but then thought he must have gotten his license in a different country becuase he couldn't speak english very well! So, I changed doctors.

Shayla <3
same as me but i'm like 5'8''-5'9''

An FN Idiot
are you male? if so, no you aren't...........
But If you're Female, Then I'm afraid so, sorry.

no i wish i weighed that i need to lose 35 pounds i bet you look great!

absolutely not....you are just the right size. Don't diet!!!!

This is the most tiresome question.

No. I don't think you're fat. But I think you're disingenuous.

(Look THAT up in your Funk & Wagnalls!)

how old are you?

No you are not fat
I am fat, 255 lbs.

you could lose 5 to 10 pounds

Doesn't sound fat. Exercise has a lot to do with it though... I'd worry more about health than appearance personally.

well it kind of depend you may be musel but its not bad but i dont like my self either im 5'8" and i weigh 124

Dustfinger the master of fire
nope thats fine

freak of nature
[email protected] no you probably look great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Lori A
Fat...no..fit is another question. Start a good weight training regime and you'll see your body firm up and tighten in a few weeks. You'll love the way it makes you look and feel.

Joe B

Not at all! that is a perfect weight... if anything it wouldnt hurt to gain a little more

architecture student
no, but you have to lose some pounds.... try reaching 125. ;)

Vladimir Putin
Can't tell from the info you gave.

If you're serious, go to a health club or maybe your school PE coach and ask to have a skinfold caliper measurement of your % body fat. If it's over 20%, then yes, you are fat.

you sound good to me

Depends on how much muscle you have - it weighs more that fat. OK I am 5' and my weight is 129, I am overweight according to BMI, but everyone that sees me says I am skinny (well I used to 240, so I gues compared to that I am) - but I know I am not since I do not exercise and I am FLABBY.

Also do you carry extra weight in your belly, I have heard that is not good at all.

And if you are still growing (teenager?) then you need to eat and exercise healthy and let your body finish it's job of putting you where you are suppose to be (height/weight)

look up BMI on a search engine
also I love Fitday - it's a good place to keep track of your calories/fat and weight goals.

First don't worry about what others think. If you try and define yourself in anothers terms then you never will be happy. Some people might think you are heavy but I don't I think that's a great combination of height and weight. You though should be happy with who you are first then find someone that is just as happy with you as you are. If you aren't happy and barring doing anything unsafe then work toward making what changes you think you need. The reason you never will be happy if you try and define yourself in anothers eyes or terms is that once you conform to their idea of perfect then they will always find something else wrong. Also you are attempting to conform to what you THINK they are thinking or what you perceive they are thinking which is usually always wrong. I think you look, sound, great .. I bet you are and hopefully you'll feel that way also.

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