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Miss Manic
Do you thing I'm fat?
Just want opinions. I'm happy with my weight.
I'm 5 feet 4.5 inches tall
117 pounds
15 years old.

Voila. Answer away. :D
Additional Details
I meant "Do you THINK I'm fat".... Typo!

No, your bathroom scale does.

my name is wiggo
I thing you can't spell.

not in a day but sure in a night.

I think socks

omfg yes you are ****** chunky you should lose some friggin weight you should weigh nomore then 105 lbs you lardass!!

I love fat Girl

no not at all ur perfect the way u r trust me u r not fat at all dont listen to nobdy

You should be happy with your weight and the way you look no matter what. By the sounds of what you say, you'd be in great shape and have no need whatsoever to lose any weight. Anyway a 15 year old's body is still growing and undergoing change at this period in life, trying to lose weight would be a bad idea.

bob b
how much u weigh doesnt measure your fat, i would have to see you

ya barbie is my real name
hek no u are heka skinny and u should be proud that ur not obese. i am 16 and i weigh 120 so dont think that trust me u will gain more weight but u are skinny and u should stay that way hope this helps (just dont be annerxic pleez ....a frend of mine died from that)

pinky sakura
u r what u think! so,dont think anything in negative way!

I don't think you are fat maybe you workout a lot to make it buff

no no no ...of corse not , thats perfect for your height and age...go to ideal weight calculator.com

no not at all...thats actually normal

God no... don't you think like that... Stop it! Be comfortable with you

╣China ♥ Doll╠
No. You should be fine, nice and healthy.

It doesn't sound like it..

omg hell no. im like 120 and im 14 and your height. i thought i was overweight, but i was shocked to hear that im normal.

Gaurab N
its perfectly fine...............u r fit n fine healthy n nice

You're great, wouldn't change a thing.

Why do you care what we think?

Heil bush!
no, you're not fat, you'll probably even lose some of it as you get older because at 15 you still have some baby fat.

No, but I think you are too hard on yourself if you have to ask this question. I'm positive that you look fabulous!

You sound pretty normal to me.

♣۩♥♥♪Şãđǻ£♣₫a princ₤§
lol im 15 5feet tall and im 116 pounds so no u not fat! u look good!

Good grief NO, girl!!!!!!
You are NOT fat!!!!!

jay perez
First of all check your spelling, it is THINK not thing, and honey if you think your fat at that weight and at age waite to you get to be my age and weight, OOOHHHH!!!!!!! my GOD that is the stuff that dreams are made of , when I was 15 yrs old I weighed 250 and by the time I WAS 17 going on 18 i weighed 300 and some I was dumb and pregnant, but very happy, besides i'm only 5ft 2. Imagin that, what a humptydumpty, Honey ypu cant please the world, to hell with them, worry about the one and only,#1#1#1 you and only you, life is what you make it, and make the dammdest of it.

Nope. Sounds like you're a very healthy young lady. I do wonder why you would ask such a question though. Do you think you're fat? Does someone (parent, teacher, fellow student) say you are?

If you're really worried talk to your doc about it. Just make sure you're active and not spending all your time sitting on your duff and you'll form healthy habits for life.

no, be healthy and happy with yourself, man

someone s
no you are really far from being fat.. you're actually probably about 3-5 lbs under your perfect weight

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