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Do you laugh at people who can only lift like 40 lbs?
I'm afraid to start weight lifting for this single reason. I tried before and I couldnt help but notice all the stares from these buffed up dudes who were probably dying of laughter inside. X_X Are most of the people in the gyms like this? =(

No, because that's how much i can lift! I'm scrawny.

Don't fall for the bully syndrome! You are excercising and you have a right to be there to improve yourself. I am a girl and i wish i can be there! You can do it and dont let them spoil you from improvement. Remember Jack Lalanne!!! He was a sickly young boy that broke records!! He is a legend. please look up The Great LaLanne and you will be inspired!! His wife Elaine la lanne is an inspiration to me You can do it!!!

College Student
Nope, I don't laugh at people. I believe that those whom laugh at others are weak, and their low self esteem causes them to seek faults in others in order to feel better about themselve.

An easy way to put up with this is to laugh with them. Yeah, if they think that you are funny, so then let them. Laughing with the ones that make fun of you is psychollogically proven to disarm the person, meaning they will soon grow bored and tired of making fun and thus skip onto the next person. If for some reason this fails, have no fear, keep lifting, live your life, and let them be the immature ones.

Keep It Sane
No, I could care less what others are doing at the gym. There are only two things I notice.

1.) Machine Hogs
2.) People talking and not really working out, and getting in the way because of it.

The gym isn't about other people. Make it about your fitness! If you are concerned about what you are lifting, I'd use the weight lifting machines rather than the free weights and gain your strength that way. It is less obvious how much weight you are lifting on the machines because of the pully systems.

They all started in the same boat. My husband has been able to increase his weight lifting ability by quite alot, ut at one time, it was nearly as much. keep at it, its the only way. The only people laughing are idiots but actually most likely children.

I had the same problem. For football, I stayed after school to lift weights but i just roamed around instead. I lift at my dad's friends house now. I really wouldn't be concerned. You're only gonna look foolish if u don't lift at all. Nobody's gonna know how much ur lifting unless you tell them. Besides after a couple weeks you'll probably almost double what you started with.

Yes, only because I am really tiny and I can lift more than 40 lbs. But I would never laugh at someones face, because that is rude, most people just pay attention to their own work out, so you have nothing to worry about.

I weigh 110 and I was in strenght and condioning class and I was the second strongest girl at that time, but I was in the class for 2 semseters.

All people are different and if you can lift 40 lbs ur doin better then me, and if you keep at it you'll get better and better and one day you'l be buff 2. Keep trying and don't let them bug you and you'll do ok.

Hope I helped

Hell No! Now thats rude! Imagine you being in that person's shoes before doing anything!

Underground Man
Most of the people at my gym jst concentrate on their own business. They hardly acknowledge your presence, so no, nobody would laugh or stare where I go.

Don't let it bother you. You have to start somewhere and better to start low than risk injuring yourself. I suggest hiring a personal trainer so that he or she can teach you proper lifting technique. A lot of people are self conscious when they go to the gym. Most of the people at the gym would be happy to help you out and give you tips. They just look intimidating. Best wishes!

Ash S
First, everyone has to start with low weight. how would laugh at u. everyone cant lift 60 pound the first time they lift. dont worry, work hard and u will be able to lift much more as u go on.

only stupid ppl would laugh because they probably started like that too.

Terry E
Straight out: I don't laugh at folks who can lift only 40Lbs or so. Why should I? The guy/girl has to begin somewhere, right?

And you've got to face life, someone somewhere will always be more gifted, better looking, skinnier, and be more "endowed" than you. So what? Be the best YOU can be and you too will excell.

Remember: you're in the gym so you're miles ahead and better than the millions of couch potatos whom you've now surpassed!

Keep it up and focus, Grasshopper!

Chowder Owens
Not at all. Im rather weak dude but I still go to the gym and people respect the fact that you can only bench so much. Someone who is an ace now might have been weaker than you are right now 5 yhears ago so dont worry bout it.

i dont laugh, i can barely lift 10lbs. lol, im only 13yr old girl though, but i certainly wont laugh at starters.just ignore them and soon youll be able to lift more! stay positive, dont let others get you down! =)

Who cares what they think, they probably take steroids anyway and probably didn't get like that without any help!

When I see someone like that in a gym, I remember when I was like that. I think they are pretty cool for trying to do good things to their bodies.


No, you shouldnt be ashamed at all..no one starts out lifting alot of weight anyways..you just have to start out slow and work your way up.

hey i bench like 160 and i still get looks from older guys
its just a narcissm thing so dont mind it

You've got to start somewhere. Make a goal of it and don't joke around. Forget their opinions, they're exactly that. Their opinions. They don't concern you, they're none of your business in a manner of speaking. you don't need to hear them. You'll be strong if you choose in time if it's truly your will and want to do so. Don't be afraid to work up from a light weight, in time they'll be strong weights and you'll be telling others who are afraid to lift weights the same story about how you started lifting weights too, except they'll have to struggle to listen to your story while being distracted by your incredible muscular physique. And that certainly is a reassuring thought.

Nancy Kay
They were just trying to see themselves in the mirror past you! Don't be intimidated...just do your thing and do your best!

no because i can't even lift that much without it hurting.

No, there is no fun in belittling others. Just start off with what you are comfortable with. No one starts off with a hundred pounds.

Josh D
No I don't laugh at those people.

Everyone has a starting point, even the buff dudes. Don't worry about other people, they do not matter. People use gyms for reasons other than exercising. Some gyms are terrible for people showing up to be seen. I see people come in who do not exercise at all, ever. Other gyms are fantastic, with supportive members and friendly staff. You just have to find the right one, they're easy to evaluate using free passes. You need to feel comfortable, otherwise you are wasting you rmoney.

I think that everyone starts somewhere and you should be proud of yourself for trying. Do your best and don't let those meat heads throw you off course. They had to start somewhere, too!!

Randy G
Why do you care what other people think? You are there for your own health, not to impress anyone.

And how do you think that the buff people got started? They were not born buff, you know. They were once like you.

well i lift weights 4-5 days a week, everyone who starts out isnt strong and people have there own strenghts, who cares if there laughing at you, just keep lifting and youll get stronger. only worry bout urself

Gone fishin'
No don't be so sensitive. In no time you'll be lifting 50 lbs and laughing at the girly men lifting 40!

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