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 Am i fat???
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oh yea im 15...

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 My friend is 18 and ways 400 pound please tell me if that over weigh?

Additional Details
my friend is 7ft tall dont forget about that and work out daily an plays ...

 Lose 5 pounds by Friday?
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Do u think im fat?
Im 12 years old Im 1,69 meters tall and i weigh 175 pounds approx 80kg. Do u think im fat? how much should i weigh?

Note: its fat weigh not muscle ( my belly stands out as if i was pregnant).
Additional Details
im about 5.5 feet tall

Haley J
you could stand to lose some weight and if you want to email me and i can help you out.

Raenah F
yah, your definitely on the heavier side.
you should weigh about 120 or less.

not fat just overwieght
try to loose some weight

Cute Girl
yes youre fat.

sumer t

BobJr's Final return
if ur 12 and weigh 175 then yes.

Rob D
well the way you said it. maybe. You did say your stomache sticks out like your pregnant.


and thats a yes...

Yes defenatlly, I'm also 12 and i weight 110
You should be weighing about 110

Haha. I'm female, 12, 5'4 (approx. 1.65 meters), and 182 lbs. I have a HUGE belly that sticks out over the top of my jeans (I have a 45-inch waist, 36% body fat). So yes, you are fat. But you are overweight. I am obese. :D

You could defiantly afford to lose some weight, but you shouldn't be calling yourself fat, its self degrading.

Jenny B
I don't think you're fat I think you're lactating. But according to this diagram yous obese www.bodyfatdiagram.on.nimp.org

not really...theres plenty of people like that...just do some crunches and work out. dont worry about it :)


you can retake the quiz, just in case i did it wrong


i didn't mean to upset you, but i hope it helped

If your 12 and weigh 175, I would have to say you are a little big.

Paul A
well if ur belly is that big then yes

if your stomach makes you look pregnant, you're probably fat, or pregnant

Narissa G
so, i'm 12 and way like 140 or so...you just chubby ^^

Tara B
NOO! Probally just puupy fat you'l lose it as u get older

Definately, yes you are. But PLEASE wear clothes that fit you, and not ones that cling to you, they make you look even fatter.

And just try eating more fruits, and less junk food and you'll lose that fat. It isn't always easy, but it always works.

Not fat...just sorta average...might wanna work out

it would be better if we had a pic but you sound like u could lose a lil weight srry!

Susan S
I'm very sorry about to read this, but you've to do something against this ! Do sport ! Consult a Doctor ! This don't might to be true !
:- "I

"How much should i weigh?" The Size in cm minus 100 multiplies with 2 is the right weight I thing !

1,69m= 169cm-100=69x2= 139 pounds

I feel me at best with 1,74m and 74 Kg = 148 pounds :-)

Hey, whats with the Additional Details ? Wanted you to shock us,only ?

maybe you are kinda lil chubby buts its probably baby fat youll get rid of it

crtl alt del x72
well if your belly stands out like you are pregnant but you're not its safe to assume you are fat without knowing your weight and height

pancakes & hyrup
Why would you resort to calling ME fat? That is so rude.

Alize J
u r 12 u still carryin baby fat. u will lose it dont sweat it.

Liliya A
he*** no no1 is fat
or if u compare urself to some1 that is skinney u might think u r fat but really they are teh ones who are anerexic or belimik b proud who u r


you are only 12 so you can lose weight without problem but you must want it!!!
you must believe in your self! what do u think about??? what do u want?? do something for yourself!!!
but if you are really 50kg I don't yhink that you are fat!!! don't worry

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