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Do men prefer skinny or curvy women?

lee f

skinny is wrong

5th Earl of Daveshire
curvy ummmmm ummmmmmm ummmmm.


It's all down to personal preference, freckles. Personally I like a curvy, well proportioned girl

I do not think that skinny women are much in fashion any more especially in Europe. a woman with sinous breasts and hips are generally preferred to women who can be used as a toothpick after a meal.

james w
curvy . skinny chick look sick . makes me want to give them a sandwitch .

diffrent people crave diffrent things..but i would say curvy

William J
A slim toned woman. Healthy not skinny. Curves are good as long as they aren't overweight. Fat rolls just don't do it.

it is possible to be somewhere in between ... but generally curvy

Mr. Pizza Man
curvy - as long as she don't have big ankles!

to be completeley honest curvy but not fat, a curvy well toned woman! hmmmmmmm

Happy fun to be around women. As long as a woman can keep me amused that is more important than whether she is thin or fat.

I personally prefer a curvy woman, i am engaged to be married with 2 kids. my fiance is a size 20 and i would not change her for the world.

I would always want someone to cuddle on a cold winter night

Josh C
curves but in proportion....

Well skinny is good but have a figure.. Curvy is good but don't curve out of your clothes.. I think it comes down to how you carry yourself...

slim, with curves and bumps in the right places. No pencil figures.

Little Miss Alien
The guys I've been with prefer curves, and so they should - I've got an hourglass figure! :p

its all down to personal taste ... what one person sees as attractive another one wont ... be boring if we were all the same !!

I personally don't like my women to be waif-like or akin to broomsticks. I like my women curvy. It shows that they're not afraid to enjoy themselves once in a while. I once went out with a skinny girl and all she did straight after work was to go to the Gym for 2 hrs. She did this every day, even on the weekends, and when she went out, she didn't drink or eat anything really. We soon drifted apart. Curvy girls tend to enjoy life more, in my view.

Besides, I'm not exactly Mr universe, so skinny girls don't really attract me too much, and I don't really attract them.

I find curvy girls more physically attractive too.

If you were able to get an honest answer out of the average male, I am sure you would find that he likes them all shapes. Contrary to popular belief, character and personality matter a great deal - it's not all down to shape/appearance. And that's a truthful answer from this honest male! :- )

curvy. you can injure yourself on the other kind

Dave B
Curvy - size 14 to 16


Chianti Man
Curvy! So Twinkle what are you?

Paul H
It depends on the man. One thing is for certain though: men prefer women to have a waist to hips measurement ratio of "0.7" - it turns out that this ratio also happens to be the optimum for fertility. This preference is common to all races, and regardless of the size of the woman. Every man is different in their preferences. I like a HEALTHY body for a woman - skinny or curvy. I also don't let that rule - what is going on between a woman's ears is the most attractive part of a woman, if we are compatible.

clicky j
I think its 50/50!!!!


Old Man of Coniston!.

Curvy is generally better, although some girls of small overall build suit slimness. Gaunt or scrawny don't tickle anyone's fancy much, and past curvy and into blobby is a niche market.

As a woman, I can say I don't care what men "prefer". If they don't value what they see, they can just keep going.

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