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Do i look fat/please critique?
okay- i want you to critique my body...if i was walking down the street would you think? which body part should i really work on? thank you
and also how much do you think i weigh, i am 5 foot 2


steph uh knee
wow u have a big booty!
lol i would just say maybe tone
up ur legs a bit and u'll look even better!

well ur not fat cuz ur waist looks nice but u should work on ur calves and thy es , i should too!! O.o

I think your body looks fine, I would guess you weighed maybe like 120? It doesn't look to me like you really have any real problem areas.

God no! You look nice. Don't let people like paris hilton, or nicole ritchie and linsey lohan influence you to look like them. They are completly nuts!

girl in texas
You have a nice body!

i'd say 130-140 your legs are a little thick but i wouldn't say your fat at all

I am not sure what you are hoping to accomplish by asking people what they think of your body. There is no point in asking people what they think you should work on because other people's opinions of your body shouldn't matter. I hope you learn to love yourself and not worry about what other people think of you.

I think you have a great body. Your built like Jayne Mansfield.

Gary E
Honestly, NO.....and you can make this your number one answer as I'm the pickiest guy you'll ever meet. You look pretty good to me, although the chest could be a little bigger, but thats what I like.

truth seeker
your avatar is smokin hot. I pant for brunettes.

If you look like your avatar, your are dang hot!

Not to sound weird...but I don't think you look fat you got a bubble butt though but a lot of guys like that..you just look like your legs have a decent amount of muscle but not bad looking1 I would guess 120-130lbs


At your age, don't worry about wieght so much as physical fitness because your wieght will redistribute itself as your body grows. Eventually, probably around 20 years give or take one or two years then you should worry about losing or keeping off wieght because you will have stopped most of your growing and your metabolism will start the process of stabilizing, i.e. slow down. That is a time where you need to get into healthy eating habits if you haven't already and establish a regular exercise program for yourself if your haven't already.

But really if you worry about where the wieght in your body is, then your really stressing over a losing battle because at your age your body is going through all kinds of changes, and wieght is not going to be as controllable. Focus on establishing healthy eating habits, and a good exercise routine, and you'll remain fit, and you'll see that when your body starts to settle down, you'll be able to stay healthy, and wieght won't be as much of a problem. And after you've grown a few years, if you find that your prone to gain wieght, then adjust your exercise and healthy eating habits to accommodate keeping the wieght off. But understand what is a healthy wieght for both your hieght and body type, and don't seek to lose more then you need too.
And keep in mind that women will always store more fat then men by virtue of the female body structure that is designed for child birth and caretaking.

To answer your question, how you look now is not neccesarily how you will look in a few years so to answer you would be like saying I know how your particular body is supposed to grow. As long as you exercise regularly and eat right, you'll remain healthy till you get a few years older, then focus on adjusting yourself for wieght loss, or maintaining current wieght. Because when you get older you know you won't be depriving your body of needed fat cells or other nutrients for sudden growth spurts and such that the body will need at different times as you grow into an adult woman.

Your perfect, you look athletic and healthy... Why would you care what everyone else thinks anyway. You need to remember how fantastic you are, and keep your head high at all time. Life is difficult enough without adding body issues in the mix. Be proud of yourself woman, no matter what happens with your body.

*sara bear*
you look maybe 120 - 115. if you think thats fat then I must be obese... :(

snow chick
you're chubby...it's so cute!!
I think you weight 60kg (not sure,though).
all u need to lose is 5 lbs that's all, don't starve yourself..take your time,reduce junk food,chocolate,ice-cream..exercise 30 mnts 3 times a week..you will start losing this weight gradually.. that's all!! by the way...nice tummy!!

yer not fat!

Im listening
Hell no your not fat. actually alil to thin for me i like dem thick gals

ignore the negative comments. i think you're perfect. curves in all the right spots.

omg you're not fat !
in my opinion, keep the butt, but you should tone your legs, especially your thighs. but other than that, you're good to go ! :)

ur not fat :)))

I like turtles
Oh my god no you aren't lol.

Your sizzling HOT.

A little junk in the trunk, but over all a decent body.

ur average

u look 135..140..but you look muscular in your thighs..not muscular but strong ..so i think ure fine

i would say you may weigh between 130-140lbs
you seem to have a good figure
i think you could work on your legs - they look really toned though
maybe you should just work on getting toned
i think you could lose about 10lbs, but don't overdo it!

Nice Booty

you don't look fat, you look like you have a nice body.

You have thick legs..not fat.
But you're curvy.
I would think you weigh between 125 and 135.
Oh but you have a nice bum.

god girl you dont look fat at all!!!

id be pleased to look like that honey.

i dont know where these thoughts are coming from, but you shouldnt be asking the public to criticise your appearance. you will only truly be happy with the way you look once you work on the areas that YOU feel are not as good as they could be.

asking others will create problems for your mental state...say 20 people all say a different body part has something wrong with it... thats 20 more problems you feel you have.

concentrate on what u like about your body.

after all, its your body not anyone elses


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