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Do i have an eating problem?(no nasty comments please)?
Recently ive been making myself sick after eating big meals and i ive eaten too much junk food and i know this isnt normal at all but im not underweight or skinny so do i have an eating disorder or do i just seem like an idiot? People will probably call me an idiot for making myself sick but it's becoming like an addiction after most of the times i eat. Anyone got anything helpful they could tell me?
Additional Details
I thought i should add on that i make myself sick i dont feel sick after because some people are getting confused by this and i dont feel i have anyone to talk to because when i was starving myself a few months back they all turned on me.

Michael J
Try following a healthy eating plan. It may teach you how to have a calorie controlled diet, reach your weight goals and stay healthy. i think that you are aware that its not a healthy way to lose weight by doing that to yourself. For long term weight management try a good online weight management program by http://www.alfitness.com.au
Choose a meal plan that suits you. I think that it could be good for you.

Rebecca G
it sounds like you have one and if you dont stop you will end up with the figure of a walking skeleton. no offence and i know that you will be feeling insecure and so that will be the reason for it. speak with someone you trust because there might be something that is makeing you feel unhappy that you might be trying to cover up

That is classified as Bulimia. You need to get help. Tell someone. But most importantly, STOP MAKING YOURSELF THROW UP!

It might be hard, but you need to quit before it gets really serious.

Good luck.

Sounds like you're bulimic. People who are bulimic aren't necessarily thin, they just intentionally make themselves sick.
You should tell someone or go to a doctor, because it isn't healthy for your body or your mind.
Good luck x

I assume you mean your purging after big meals. As you said, yes, this doesn't make you an idiot, but it does make you ignorant.

You'll destroy your teeth.
Tear up your digestive system.
Kill your metabolism (this will make you gain body fat).
Throw your hormones into a state of disarray.
Consume your muscles. (heart is a muscle)
Decrease brain function.
May possibly start passing out from blood sugar plummets.
lots more reasons not to do it.

I know alot of women out there still do this, and it becomes extremely addictive (obsessive even).

Don't consume huge meals. Consume smaller ones more often. This can be hard to get used you if you've been purging and binging for awhile. You'll need to start with a low number of calories a day and slowly start stepping it up or you'll feel like crap, as your body has to readjust to a constant supply of food. Look into healthy diets, possibly carb cycling if you want a healthier means to losing weight.

U shouldn't make yourself sick. It's not good for your health. It can develop into an eating disorder and then you won't be able to control it. Seriously, making yourself sick is a bad idea. You should stop before it turns into something serious.

like are you making your self actually throw up?
maybe uyour body just doesnt like those things anymore.
try eating helthier you will feel so much better
trust me ;D
and they you wont have to make yourself feels sick or whatever is happening

good luck girl

I'm sorry to say this, but I think you do have an eating disorder, because if you've been MAKING yourself sick, then you're doing it on purpose. And if you're becoming addicted, then that's also a red flag. You have to tell someone, cause if you don't, then this will keep happening. It's hard to break an addiction, and it doesn't matter if you're underweight or not, someone can be hefty and still have an eating disorder...

yes you have a problem you may not be skinny now but keep it up and you will be. btw ur cute if thats you in the picture just stop before it gets worse.

i kinda sorta did the same thing about a year ago if you feel like your eating a big meal then you are so chew more so you eat less it helps a lot. but if it doesnt work then just think what is this doing do my stomache and asophagus because everythime you throw up it burns away a little more of your lineing and can cause some damage in the future

alex c
That is actuall an eating disourder, binge eating. It is like baliema with out the purging the food.
Little tip If you drink a lot of water before you eat a big meal you will feel full soone, and also if you eat slower than you will get full sooner as well

Ellen *
You should definitely talk to a doctor. They're your best bet. They can't be judgmental and they can give you good advice as to why you may be doing this and how you can stop (because is won't be easy). No one but a health professional (either mental or physical) can give you advice that will actually make sense. Plus they need to hear the full story...

Mind over matter. You have to tell yourself that you will not eat everything in the kitchen, and stick to it. By eating so much and making yourself sick you are going to train your body to become dependent on lots of food in your stomach, so stop before it is too late...

Eclipse Girl
You sound bulemic, if you make yourself vomit after meals, you have an eating disorder. Go to the doctors.

mojo jo jo
ok, I used to do the same thing years ago now... i would just feel the need to eat and eat too much and then think to myself "oh i feel sick" and i'd make myself sick. I exercised a lot too, i was scared i'd get fat. I wish i had neveer done that to myself now. I wish i'd not thought so low of myself to want to do that to my body. I wrote off to an eating disorders clinic and they wrote back and sent some info about other people and their stories... one girl who used to be sick and then eat he sick... and that was the turning point for me, i said i am not like them, i don't want to be like them, i don't want to be a victim and i am not going to be a slave to this any more...and that was it...i stopped because i had the choice to. You know you don't want to do this, or need to. You can choose.

Anything you do to make yourself sick is not good. Making yourself vomit because you think you ate to much is a form of bulemia. If you don't stop or refuse treatment, this problem will esclate. With all eating disorders, you can't fight them by yourself, get help. Find a treatment center or someone to help you through this.

plumb addicttt
please get help! i went through it too and its not worth it! eventually you'll get to a point where you'll never be happy with how you look and its hard to turn back after that. tell someone like a teacher that you've really felt connected with or an adult that really trust. meanwhile, try to eat healthy stuff and do something like read or draw or sumthin right after you eat so that you stay away from the bathroom. idk if you need this, but if you need someone to talk to u can email me. i know this is hard, but you've got to stop making yourself sick. its self-destructive and just as bad as cutting if you think about it.

i think you are most probably suffering from a non specified eating disorder(ednos) and should see a doctor and psych about it. The longer you let it continue, the harder it will be to stop. If you have any questions please feel free to IM/email me. I really hope you get help and are able to beat this crap.

That's bulimia pure and simple. Go to the doctors they will work out treatment for you. Tell your friends and family about it they will tell you the same. Do it NOW before it gets out of hand! Good luck :)

Jim B
You just seem like an idiot.

Nah, Im only joking, why are you making yourself sick?

Do you feel sick?

Do you feel healthy?

Are you healthy?

rachael s
yeah.. I think you're bulemic... you should see a doctor... =(
Good Luck


I'm so sorry darling but i think you probably do have an eating disorder. Ive recently been diagnosed with bulimia-anoreixa nervosa and your symptoms sound very similar to mine.
I used to eat loads and loads of junk and crappy stuff and then make myself sick and i still didnt lose anyweight. I felt that because i was still a normal weight people would just think i was being stupid.
But i told people and i am now recieving help...its a long process but im beginning to realise that i can control this addiction.
Sweetheart, tell someone, get some help, no body will turn against you at all because you have an illness. Its nothing bad its an illness and you just need help to get better.
Good luck...and keep smiliing

Richie Scott
making yourself sick is a sickness in its own right

Chocolate_Kisses =]
i dont think you have an eating problem..other people may say so though..I think that if you are making yourself sick like everyday or something then you should probably get help because you know that if you carry on doing it you might not stop
As I always say its better to stop early then stop later and be addicted

Good Luck =]

ya stop throwing up

Bonnie :)
Yeah, you definately do, no matter how long you're doing it for. I think you can relieve this if you just cut down on the junk food and eat more fruits and things.

Plz get help

if u make urself sick its likely to be bulimia.. u should go and talk to your doctor they will give u better advice than anyone on here but it doesnt sound healthy no

You sound like you are on your way to becoming bulimic. It is VERY serious and you need to go the doctor about it.

Brain injured
If it is getting to the point where you cant stop making yourself sick then yes you do have a problem, Belemiac.

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