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For Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, 2 slices of bacon, beans and 1 slice of toast.

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im 15
im 5"6
and im 150lbs.

am i overwieght?...

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P.S I don't care about that BMI crap.
just tell the truth
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Do I look fat? (picture)?
Ok I very much realize that I am not obese but I wanted some input on this picture from people (especially guys perspective helps) constructive criticism =)
Additional Details

Vice Hong Cen
Eer...Well...You look a bit fat if you strip yourself. You look FAT if you wear tight clothes. You don't look fat in normal, baggy, every-day clothes (if you know what i mean).

Overall for the best conclusion. Go work out for a month.


Dirk L
You are the complete opposite of fat.

Now get rid of that pink box, and send me your email.

Captain Fatal
im so jealous of your body. i really really am. i want your tummy. : (

Try to lose a little bit more weight
Exercise everyday like jogging around the block
Skip meals. Eat 2 times per day than 3 times per day
Dont eat until you're full
Eat fruits at night if your hungry.
Drinks lots of water and stop all the fast food and chocolate.
There are more tips and info.
there's a video on success fitness too.

Brittany S
nah.. alittle soft. ur obviously pear shaped. It doesn't look like u have much muscle definition anywhere, especially ur legs. But hey any cario, strips fat pretty much everywhere.

No , not at all and if u think u look fat u might watn to get counseling for anroeixa becuase u look really skinny to me.

well, your somewhere in the middle but more on slim. if you work out more, you may have a body of a model.

No complaints here.. call me.. wink wink..

sweet tooth
you're not fat , you're the perfect weight for a girl
you don't want to be too thin but you can lose a few pounds not that you need to
just get some toning and cardio as mentioned previously
toning by pushups, situps and squatsand cardio by jogging , swimming, dancing, power walking or any other activity that you like and makes you sweat
good luck

You are cute, not skinny not fat. Only need to work out a little bit and trim up. You are pleasingly plump :-)

monte the man
no u dont look fat u just have luv handles baby that all u have a nice body keep up the good work have a nice day.

doug h
you look good do the cardio though

you could use to GAIN a few pounds. but then again I dont usualy go for thin girls lol so my opinion isnt realy useful

the picture was upside down but from what I can tell your pretty cute and id not worry.

you really shoudltn worry what people think anyways what matter is what you think and feeling good about yourself.

but your for sure not fat. not even chubby :( eat a lil more :P :)

myredneck g
not at all. you have a great body.

don't think bad of yourself! evertbody has a problem with themselves. now you do NOT have a problem with your body! it's cool. =)

Your not fat, but your not skinny either. The picture that you posted shows a healthy average sized girl.
Nothing wrong with that.

no u dont

Student Nurse
In my opinion you don't look fat at all. But its not about what we think it's about how you feel about yourself. If you don't feel good about yourself its not gonna matter what we say.

yeah pleasantly plump sounds about right, good for you dont try to be like paris hilton and those other skanks

no but you could look even more amazing if you started weight training

Karlo C
Your not fat, but your not slim either.
I think your pleasingly plump.

Anshul Sushil
No, you are not fat!

No, you are not fat. Your body looks average. Your porportions look to be about right. You are not pear shaped. People are so influenced by the media to think that a woman is suppose to be stick thin. Your concern should be whether or not you have a HEALTHY body. Check your BMI to see if you are in a healthy range. Body Mass Index (BMI) provides a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people and is used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems. Don't be fed a bunch of crap by gossip and fashion mags. Just make sure you are healthy. Check out the link below

ur not fat, by a long shot. and u don't look anorexic thin, which is also a good thing!

No Nicole u dont look fat i would do anything to have the body like yours girl. You look good being fat not a prblem with u

tortl :)
its ok.. just you should maybe work out more to make ur skin look more firm or like muscular. definitly not fat just should be a bit more toned.

No you are not fat and do not look fat. But since you asked this question of perfect strangers you need to look inside yourself and ask yourself what you don't like about yourself.

If you judge yourself just on appearance you will end up going down a road that only leads to pain and heartache for you and those that love you.

You are pretty, but you need to realize how you look can only get you so far and looks do fade, no matter what. Even if you have plastic surgery when you are older it looks horrible because you do not look like anyone else your age. A 60 year old woman with perky DD breasts just looks weird.

Stop looking in the mirror and look inside yourself to find beauty.

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