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Do I have an eating disorder?
All my friends think that theres somthing wrong with me.
I weigh 8 stone and im a size 6 but i keep on wanting to lose weight.I try to eat 500 calories or less a day to keep the weight off,and I try and do 100 reverse crunshes 50 situps and 50 crunches a day.
I basicly have a fear of losing weight and i feel like i have to lose weight because i cant see myself as being thin.I always feel as if people are starring at my seriously untoned stumoch,and that i look big in what im wearing.I dont think I have an eating disorder,I just dont want to be fat anymore.
do I have an eating disorder,
or am i just a self conciouse teenager?

Pro Jonas!!!!
everyone is worried with body image these days. just eat as much as you want (only healthy foods) and u shudn't have a problem with counting calories

Patrick C
Diets Stink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stop killing yourself. they aren't staring at you, there are other fat people, and you are not 1 of them. don't feel bad. just stop this Diet, or DIE of DIET

You are showing symptoms of what could be an eating disorder. You may even be suffering from body dysmorphic disorder where you have an unrealistic, negative opinion of yourself. This kind of behaviour (limiting your calorie intake, over excercising etc.) are symptoms of an underlying problem such as anxiety or low self esteem. Go to the doctor, tell him exactly what you have written in your question and ask for help. I can recommend cognitive behaviour therapy and this book http://www.amazon.co.uk/Overcoming-Anorexia-Nervosa-Christopher-Freeman/dp/1854879693 which is one in a series. You may find that one of the other books is more suited to you. Eating only 500 calories a day can cause longterm problems such as organ damage, un healthy skin, hair and teeth and depression. If you are a size 6 and weigh 8 stone, you are in NO way fat.

You are 8 st or 112 lbs? How tall are you? If you are 5'7" or less then you are fine.

Mum to 2
Hard to tell with just the info you described. Eating only 500 calories a day isnt good for you at all. You are starving yourself of all the vitamins and minerals and essentials we all need to thrive on. Then your body goes into starvation mode and holds onto any fat you may have left in order to sustain itself. At least double your calories and get motivated by speaking to your girlfriends or Mum about this. You can do it, I believe in you.

Well, to start off... eating 500 calories a day is NOT good for you! if you want to tone your muscles, try Yoga or Pilates. You can always sign up for classes at a community center, a local JC, or buy a DVD and just do it at home. These type of stretching exercises are good to tone your body. Crunches and sit ups, not so much.

As for eating, just eat healthy. Don't worry about no more than 500 calories because that will just stress you out and add to problems. Try eating veggies as snack, whole wheat, cut juices, sodas, and drink water. little things like that and good exercise (yoga, etc.) will give you MUCH MORE improvement physically and mentally.

Best wishes!

Alfie H
the exercise is fine but its not healthy to only eat that amount of calories. if your body doesn't get enough it begins it eat its own stomach and that causes swelling which then make you look bigger. Teenagers need 1000 - 1500 calories a day. Try to do that instead

you may be in the middle of the two. if you do that much exercising and dont eat much, then yes that is too much. slow down, people may be looking at you because of how skinny you are. eat at least 1700 calories, 2000 is the average persons amount. you shouldnt be afraid of being fat if u stay healthily active. not too much, not too little

:) Lovely
Sunshine, take pride in who you are. Take pride in the body you have. Take pride in that you have life. I have been suffering for 8 years from disordered eating. Eight years of pure hell and constant nagging thoughts. Once you begin the dreaded cycle, one never truly recovers. The thoughts never disappear. The need to starve or to be thin never evaporates. Stop while you are ahead. You are beautiful. Eating is beautiful. Having a filled out body is beautiful. Taking pride in who you are is indeed most empowering and important. A size 6 is not fat. Not eating will cause your metabolism to slow. You body will think you are starving it. It will turn all food into fat. After a certain amount of time, you will stop losing weight. You need to eat. You need to eat three normal meals a day, and if nothing else, you need to eat breakfast. Your body has the ability to maintain its own weight unless you have certain biological problems. You are only hurting your body. It will never be the same. Exercising is fine, but starving your body of nutrients, is not. Eat. Enjoy that you have life... people die everyday because they did not take pride in their life or themself. You do not need to be another person lost to disordered eating.

Snow Man
I don't know how tall you are, but the averidge adult female is about 10 stone and male about 12, give or take about 1 stone either way.

You may be under weight.

If you feel you have a problem recognising if your over/under weight and you feel that this is a mental illness sign, it would be important to see a medical professional.
Such signs can lead to people wanting to lose weight to the piont of sickness and sometimes death.

Snow Man

Miss D
If you have have to ask this question you are probably right.

At a size 6 even if you are 5 feet tall you have to know you are not "fat". What is fat anyway?

You are starving your body, robbing yourself from proper nutrition and creating more mental issues than can see at this point.

Slap yourself straight and do this right. IF you want to tone up, do so. Exercise and eating properly are key for a healthy mind and body.

In my opinion what you're doing to yourself is punishment and a bit dysfunctional. I am sorry, I don't mean to offend, it's just my opinion.

Yes you do. But only eating 500 calories a day will in turn make you GAIN weight. Your body needs 1200 calories a day at minimum and exercise and eating HEALTHY will help you lose weight. Every woman and even some men, have a fear that everyone is starring at their untoned body parts, and everyone has a body issue. Just realize that you are small and just staying fit and healthy will help you lose weight.

When it starts to interfere with your life--yes, you have an eating disorder. It's about control. You are not letting yourself eat, you are exercising continuously, and eating only 500 calories a day. Very Serious Problem. If you are concerned and worried about your weight, are self conscious, you think people are starring at you, you need to get help, It's a serious problem with deathly results.

tell your doctor that you want to lose weight and that you want to do it healthy.., if he/she says that you don't need to lose weight then just get heathy you need to eat alot more than 500 cal. a day to be heathy and with all that exorsize it is really bad not to eat

Right now I don't think you have an extreme eating disorder. However, by what you are saying and the habits you seem to be picking up, I think it is possible you could develop one soon. Right now, I really think you need to be confident with you who are. I now sometimes it is hard when you feel like people look down on you, but I can guarantee there is at least one person in this world who thinks you're beautiful the way you are, probably more.

Leanne A
I think that if you carry on the way you are going you are at serious risk off developing an eating disorder. I dont know which counrty your in because if you are a size 6 (us) you are a perfectly normal size but if you are a uk 6 you are tiny and shouldnt even be considering a diet. Im a size 10 uk 6 us and i think i have a great body

Cee Cee
I think u mite have a eating disorder...u need to talk to someone like a counselor or something

Corry P
yep go to your doctor with your mom

Sounds like you do, get help before its outta control

500 calories a day is NOT healthy. Even when people are trying to lose weight they eat at least 1,200 - 1,500 calories a day because the average person not trying to lose weight consumes about 2,000 calories a day. By not eating enough you will do damage to your heart. My sister has struggled with anorexia since she was in her early 20's. She's now in her mid 40's and still has problems. She looks really, really awful and I'm sure she won't live a long life.

A size 6 is a good size, but if your mind is preoccupied with weight loss and not eating much, you need to seek counseling and stop this behavior before it spirals out of control.

u have an eating disorder.

Allie C
You have an eating disorder.

Seek help.

Ok everyone, we ALL need at the minimum 1200 calories a day! Let's all get that ingrained in our heads. 1200 at the minimum, most of us need 1800-2000 calories. When you eat less, your body slows metabolism and you stop losing weight, plain and simple, this is how your body protects itself.

8 stone x 14 =approx 112 pounds.

You are a self conscious teenager like the rest of them. Eat healthy meals, stay away from junk food, eat lean protein sources and complex carbs with a little unsaturated fat and you will lose the fat and look the way your body wants to.

Get out there and walk for 30 minutes a day if you need more exercise.

You have to eat to lose fat, that is science, that is the way it works.



Sounds like an eating disorder to me! 500 calories per day is enough to catagorize you with an eating disorder, nevermind your obvious fear that you mention.

Kaitlyn M
I'm sorry but you probably do. talk to your parents or someone you trust about it.

Future Citizen of Forvik
you sound like you are in need of some help. Trying to eat less than 500 calories a day is not very healthy. You are killing your development and need to eat at least 1300 calories a day.

Jim E
i dont think your eating , i thought females needed to eat double that amount

You do have an eating disorder as it sounds like it is taking over your thoughts. You are not fat, so talk to your mom, you need help before you lose so much weight, it kills you. Please get professional help now.

take it frum sum1 who has HAD an eating disorder...
this is the start
i started off like you
then the thoughts, urges, actions became more intense
the DIE in DIEt is there for a reason
go on a healthy diet of 1200 calories..
any lower..ur metabolism will slow down and just store fat
u may think getting an eating disorder will make u skinny..but then u'll ending up gaining it again and just in fat.
save urself what i had to go thru
eat 4-6 servings of wheat, try to cut out junk food and pop and limit eating out
lots of fruit and veg.
go for walks or jogs every other day if u can

i've been deathly skinny and chubby and everywher ein between

u have to gewt over ur fear of gaining weight like i did. and people arent staring at u.. they might if u lose enough weight . but God made us a certain way. lets accept it. embrace. enjoy it. everyone .. unless celebs who have crazy personal trainers have toned abs.. don't wrry. just focus on being healthy.

i didnt think i had an eating disorder UNTIL i got onto the road of discvoery
plz help urself
or let a trusted adult or sum1 kno

good luck

yes you have an eating disorder. You can not survive on 500 calories. You need a minimum of 1200. if you eat only 500 you wont loose weight.. Your body will think its starving and stop weight loss. if you eat a healthy 1200-1500 aday you will loose weight. And those exercises are good. but eat more and drink lots of water. Do not vomit, and you HAVE to eat 1200-1500 calories or you wont loose weight and you could die.

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