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Did I Eat Enough To Day????
I had
2 appels-80 cals
1 coco pops cereal bar-84 cals
1/4 plate of chiken korma-150 cals
2 caburys mini rolls-100 cals
1 biscite-50 cals
is that ok???
Ye i know it rubbish food.
im 5'9 and 112 pounds and tryin to go downt to 105 pounds???

Pulsing Maggot
You just want attention.

little miss fashionista
um, i think youre anorexic because that is DISGUSTINGLY thin.

DON'T LOSE WEIGHT! I'm a guy and I honestly think your ideal weight would be 130. Girls can't be super skinny, that's just gross, they gotta have some weight on them.

Nadia A
You should eat more, you are supposed to eat like 1,000 to 1,800 calories a day to be healthy! Jeezus! You sound pretty thin to me. People probably think you are crazy.

amm , you wayyy to skinny , I THINK you SOULD go eat McDonals or something , like a dubel big mac , and stop careing about your weight, when you allready to skinny !

if you eat less, your body will feed off of the stored fat in your muscles and bones and you won't lose any weight.
also, you'll lose bone density that you can never get back.

eat healthy, and you need at least 200 calories.
also, exercise. your muscle will make you gain weight, but muscle weighs more than fat and you will look more toned.

you don't need to lose weight though, you're tiny.

Gabby M
who r u? sarah turner?

eat healthy

cutting down on too many calories isn't the smartest idea if you want to lose weight. 464 calories probably isn't enough to feed anybody who is 5'9". if you want to lose weight (and it doesn't sound like you need to) you might try eating less sugary carbs (dietary fiber is okay) and upping the excercise. starches and breads (biscuit, rolls) have lots of carbs and also break down into sugars when being digested, so try and replace those in your diet with proteins, like legumes.

v-ball lover!!

I really think that some of your calories counts are off. For example, one med. apple is 75 calories by itself. I am curious to know if you know your percentage of body fat. My guess would be all you need to do it start exercising.

sweetie pie
that's WAY too skinny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why are you trying to lose weight?
stop now, seriously. if ur 5'9 then you should weigh AT LEAST 125 pounds - 112 is just... wrong! don't go there

thats really skinny
why do you wanna lose more wieght?
your already super skinny

just eat haelthily and exercise and you'll be fine.
dont obsess abotu your wieght

and by the way... what your eating is too small an amount. its a little more than 400 calories. you should be eating atleast 1500 cals a day.

No. You're super skinny. Please stop trying to loose weight! You know you're skinny so don't post a question like this. Eat a donut!

You need to eat consistantly. Your body will feel starved and keep the fat because it doesn't know when it will get fed next. If you're gonna eat small things, eat them all day. Little by little if anything at all. In my opinion, cause I'm 5ft 11in, you need to gain a lil bit more, but also work out if you're worried about being thin. The only thing someone is gonna do when they look at how skinny you are is hand you a sandwhich or something. Gone are the days of the teeny tiny model. Curves are in :) I know, I've already been there and done all that. Good luck sugar!

blah blah blah
oh wow im like 5'3 and i weigh more than you

it's katie =]
yeah you got carbs, protein, and fruit. I would mix it up each day with veggies and such and take vitamins. 5'9'' and 112 lbs is already disgustingly thin, so i don't know why you want to lose weight.

you should try gainin a couple more pounds maybe until your 120-125pounds.

you are insane if you want to lose weight!!
a 5'9" person that weighs 112 pounds has a BMI of 16.5 ... which is very unhealthy.
i would really stop impairing yourself. you're going to end up in a bad situation!

you are anorexic, you're eatting rubbish food, you'll get cellulite. why don't you just eat fruits, at least you'd be a healthy skeleton.
you're consuming around 500calories, not even 1000 which is already too little.
you need help, and stop posting the link of your question with your answers.. its a bit too much and too rude.

you don't need to lose weight

you ate the wrong things.you wont lose weight by eating junk food

angelina kay =)
wtf.. this isnt pro ana on xanga. go eat something

ellie secretly loves you.
Eating less is only a small part to losing weight. More importantly, eat healthy and exercise.

Kait <3
Well for your height, you deffinatley don't need to loose weight.

Summer Lynn loves basketball =)
YOU DON'T NEED TO LOOSE WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EAT WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you lose weight eating like that it's just water weight. You'll gain it right back.

Miss Mango
I did your BMI thingy online, and you, 5'9 and 112 pounds, are way underweight. 18.5 or less is underweight. you are 16.5. You need to GAIN WEIGHT NOW. DO NOT LOSE WEIGHT. GAIN IT.

you dont need to lose weight, if anything you need to gain weight

woah 5 9 and 112....that sounds pretty skinny to me... try losing fat gaining muscle not losing weight..
and i think that is around 900 calories... not enough. if you eat a sandwich though you should be good.

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