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 I if eat 500 calories or less a day will i lose weight?
or if i eat just one jacket patato with beans a day will i lose wieght?

I am desperate PLEASE HELP!!!!!
i weigh 117lbs
i rly need ur help!!!!
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 If you excersize daily do you lose weight?

 Did I Eat Enough To Day????
I had
2 appels-80 cals
1 coco pops cereal bar-84 cals
1/4 plate of chiken korma-150 cals
2 caburys mini rolls-100 cals
1 biscite-50 cals
is that ok???
Ye i know it ...

 I'm 20 years old and i weigh 118lbs is that fat?

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AND IM 5 FT 4IN...

 Over weight???

 Im 13yrs old im 5'1'' and I weigh 140lbs all my friends were bikinis except me how do i lose 40lbs ?
i want too lose 40lbs over summer break
im 5'1 and weigh 140lbs
i want too were a bikini like my friends please help!...

 Best fat burning exersize?
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Despratly need to loose wieght for a medical condidtion?
My excersice regime:
Mon~ Tennis 1.5 hour ( running, wieghts, ect, 2.3 hours)
Sat~ kickboxing 1 hour, Tennis practice for 2 hours.
Sun~Day of rest. Except for a Yoga class.

What am I doing wrong??? I need hepl! I cannot loose withght. I am on weight watchers, so my calorie/carb/fiber intake is being monitered and that is all right.
I eat right. All organic and sized and healthy stuff. I cook, I dont eat pre-packaged food. Almost never.

If eveything is healthy? Why am I still 45 pounds overweight??
Please help me with tips and flaws you see.
Additional Details
~I am not on drugs.

~ I have FMS which is a conditions that confused normal touch sensation with pain. I am on 1 medicince for that.

3~ I drink pleny to water, and I excersize alot, if you havent noticed.

have patience. it will eventually work. If it doesn't and you die, you can at least say u tried

Everybody is different so don't go to buy the next "big diet" that they throw out on the market. There is a website on the internet where they actually have a weight loss expert record a CD specifically for you! I heard people are getting Great results! They send you a questionaire and ask that you fill it out as honestly as possible, then they get to work! Its like having your very own personal trainer in your CD player! check it out and I hope that it helps! http://www.PersonalizedWeightLoss.net

p.s. I heard the pricing is pretty decent too!

liz the lifeguard!
read this book "the diet cure". it is wonderful!

Try chewing your food slowly, trains your stomach to become full faster and causes you to eat less. Walking,running, swimming, and biking outdoors/inside, all are good ways to burn calories fast and build metabolism, weightlifting, doesn't have to be extreme, can help you burn fat effectively as well, I consider that to be a good idea. Don't forget to stretch or else all of this can be useless. I play tennis a lot too, it's fun and enjoyable when your good at it.

Maria G
Check the side effects of the medicine you aer taking. When I used to work out more, I would be hungry more and I actually built muscle on fat and looked even bigger than before. You may also be stressed out about your weight which can also produce more cortisol and hinder the weigh from coming off. I am not too sure about weight watchers but from what I gather, it is pre made food and could have many preservatives/sodium etc,...Try eating more home made foods, olive oil in moderation, and lots of fruits and vegetables-fresh not canned or processed in any form.

I don't know what you eat in between all those exercises

Hi, it sounds like you are doing quite a bit of exercise which of course, is good for losing weight. You probably know that it is good to combine cardio and weight lifting into any exercise program because the more muscle that you have--the more calories your body will naturally burn even while at rest. It looks like you do both cardio and weights so that is good.
This might sound simplisitic, but does your weightloss program track the calories that you consume in a day? It sounds like you are being concious of that, but sometimes WW and other programs have "healthy" food choices that aren't really tha healthy. For instance, just because something is fat free doesn't mean it is healthy.
Anyway a very basic rule of thumb that allows any weight loss program to work is remembering to burn more calories than you are taking in. If you know that you are doing this, perhaps it is one of three things:

1. You aren't eating enough. If you are consuming far too few calories your body can go into starvation mode and try to retain its mass. Make sure your WW group knows how much you are exercising--if they are the ones determining your caloric intake.

2. Check out the medicine you are currently on for your condition. Some medicines cause people to gain weight. If you find that this is a side effect of the medication--of course don't stop taking it without talking to your Dr. first.

3. Could you possibly have a low functioning Thyroid or adrenal gland? Sometimes if your Thyroid or adrenal is out of whack, your body's metabolism can be very slow ( in the case of hypothyroidism). I recommend going to a natural Dr. for a saliva test for Thyroid since it is sometimes more accurate than a traditional blood test.

Best of luck to you. It sounds like you are already doing so much to help yourself. Losing weight is more about replacing fat with muscle which is healthier and it sounds like you already understand that. Don't get discouraged--just do some trouble shooting and hopefuly you will figure out that needs to be tweaked in order to help you reach your goal. Best of luck!!

I think maybe your medicine is making you overweight, because you sound like under normal conditions, you should lose weight...Go talk to your doctor--maybe s/he'll come up with a solution.

How long have you been following this work out plan? It could be something to do with your Thyroid or something else. I would try going to the doctor and explaining to him you aren't losing weight and would like to get some blood tests done. If you have been following this for at least a month you should have seen some weight loss.. But if it doesn't work maybe try to alter your diet. Sure weight watchers is an excellent plan but many people confuse points with healthy eating. For example someone could eat a brownie, pizza, and a salad with chicken in one day on their points allowance. They could also eat oatmeal with a banana, salad with chicken, then fish and brown rice and snacks in between. It really matters what you put into your mouth. I've found with me exercising then eating what I shouldn't I don't put on weight but I don't lose either. I cut out my temptations and have been eating healthy and still haven't seen much weight loss.. Losing weight is one thing that definitely takes time. Best of luck, hope you are able to reach your goal :)

to loose one pound you need to burn off or get off your diet 3500 calories per week which means no matter how much you are doing if you are not counting CALORIES you will not loose the weight, body does get use to physical activity and it doesn't burn calories as effective once this happen. push a little harder do some walking focus on cardio work out and dfind out your target zone to burn fat sometimes burning calories alone doesn't help ..

C. C.
Cut back on exercise, maybe 30 minutes of exercise (aerobic) a day, and cut back on what you eat, maybe 1000 calories a day, and you will likely lose weight.

Well, you exercise a lot, so I'm guessing you've got muscles, which as everyone says, muscles weight more than fat. Also, sometimes when people plateau on weight watchers it's because they need to shake things up a bit. If you are always eating the same number of points at every meal, try to rearrange. Also, there are a few people who actually need to add a few more points to their day to lose weight. Talk to your leader for other ideas.

some chick
Go on the heart foundation diet, which is highly recommended by all doctors and hospitals.

It consists of 700 calories, which consist of all healthy foods, including water.


Try cross training. Switch to an aerobic exercise that your body isn't used to ...like swimming.

Drinks and foods with high fructose corn syrup do not allow your stomach to tell you when it is full.

Sarah Ambiguous
Here is something to consider, you may be hitting a plateau. You're doing the same thing every week and your body is expecting it. You need to change things up, alter your routine, change the time you exercise and what you do.
Also you need to include more weights. Start with three half hour sessions a week (total body weight sessions) and aim if you can to do compound exercises i.e. squats with shoulder presses, lunges with biceps curls etc. Remember muscle burns a hell of a lot more fat than just plain fat.
Also be careful not to overdo it. Never do two weight sessions in a row, keep most the cardio short but intense (look up High intensity interval training/interval training).
You can still mix in longer less strenuous cardio, your tennis and your yoga (I'm a big fan of yoga it will help maintain your flexibility which cardio can impair).
Hang in there, you can do it!

I didn't see where anyone commented on your medical condition.. If your FMS , is Fibromyalgia, then there's 2 things you need to do,, find foods and excersize that boost metabolism and eat lots of blue berries.Some people can tolerate excersize and some cannot,, I find that swimming helps me with FMS, I cannot tolerate excersize,except for brisk, short walks. Thirdly, if you know someone who has the gift ,what is called a "healer", ask them to preform this act with you to remove pain and the negative feelings from your body. It helpped me.You can change your routine of excersize, but keep a good schedule of sleeping and eating.

Richard C
I have read all of the comments given so far. My advice for what it is worth is the following. Get a scale with a body fat percentage in it. Once or twice a month weigh yourself and see which way you body fat is going. While these scales are not the most accurate they are accurate enough to note any change in the body composition. So if your program is working correctly there should be a loss of body fat. It is difficult to assess what is going on in that there is not enough data. Age, height, weight, calorie intake, calorie output, what kind of resistance exercises, and other data. You have not stated how long this program of yours has been going on. Remember that muscle is more dense than fat and that means it weighs more. You could be creating more muscle and have no weight change. Look at your clothes as an indicator. If you have changed clothing size downward then your program is working and you just need to give it more time until the weight drops. If on the other hand there has been no change in clothing size after about six to eight weeks that means it is not working. Your body doesn't take these changes really seriously until they are done for over a month. I like the fact that you have included resistance exercises in your program. They have two important things going for them. One they will replace the fat with muscle and not give you that droopy arm look that occurs with most weight loss. Two and perhaps more importantly it creates little furnaces that will continue to consume calories long after you finish a workout. Another change to consider is adding more yoga to the program. Give your body and mind a chance to relax. If you continue to have problems in another two to four weeks make sure that you see your doctor. One the medication, not specified, might have one of its side effects a slower metabolic rate or two it might also have the effect of weight gain. The other aspect of this is one hopes that you have been to a doctor to talk to him about all of this. Has your Thyroid been checked? Hypothyroidism could be a factor in this either from your diet prior to starting all this or as a side effect of the medication. So check with he or she about this. Lastly have you seen a trainer or someone at a gym about the exercise program you are on? If not then check with one or a physical therapist about what you should be doing. One of the things that I would recommend is doing movements that emphasize large groups of muscles. These movements include the squat, lunge, leg press and other movements along that line. Using lower weight and very slow speed, at least ten seconds per each phase of the movement, you can safely increase muscle mass and consume a lot of calories. Make sure that you are consuming water while doing your workout and if longer than one hour use a watered down sports drink. I use a fifty percent solution. Get enough sleep of at least eight hours. Your body needs this to repair itself and to rest. Lastly, if you can afford one get a heart rate monitor. There are ones that will also tell you how many calories you are using while exercising. The main reason for the monitor is to make sure that your heart rate is in the sixty to eighty percent range. This will ensure that you burn calories. Don't get hung up on calorie consumption. One last thing. If you have not been to the doctor to check to see if everything is okay to do all of this activity it would be wise to do so now.

change up you work out chances are your body has gotten to used to your schedule

I really hope you see this answer. sorry I did not see your question earlier. what you can do is buy some organic unrefined cold compressed coconut oil at a health foodstore they will give you the direction on how to take it but it's generally one table spoonful in the morning and one before bedtime. this will take care of both your health and weight problems. its a miracle prouct. the doctors don't know about these simple natural cures and if they do they wouldn't want you to know about them but the natural cures doctors are a God sent. good luck

i did WW on my dr's recommendation and ran into the same problem. i was losing like 3lbs a month and while i understand quick fixes dont work, only 3lbs for 30 days of hard work and dieting was a huge disappointment.

few tips i can give u too.

Below are the few Quick Steps towards a Healthier Diet.
1) Before starting any type of diet weight yourself and also note ur whole body measurement in a dairy. Then after every week weigh yourself and note it in ur diary and see how much weight u r losing.
2) Start taking your food with out any oil. Try to use boiled/steamed vegetables, meat, and lot of salad. U can eat fruits too and boiled/steamed chicken or red meat too but no pork. Please note and put it in ur mind that nothing fried or oily.
3) Try to chew ur every food for atleast 20 times. And then swallow it into ur stomach.
4) Potato is strictly forbidden during this diet
5) Don’t eat any type of junk food.
6) Drink at least 3 ltr of water daily. Make ur habit to drink water as much as u can. Rather take a bottle of water with you all the time, when you feel starving, drink it as much as u can.
7) use brown bread
8) use skimmed and low fat milk and yogurt
9) no sugar of any type.
10) First try to avoid any type of soft drink but if u really wants to taste some thing sweet then drink any soft drink (but not cola), but just one glass once in a week.
11) Eat at least once in a day a vegetable soap or Thai soup too as much as u can but no corn flour in it.
12) Just look at your food portion. It is much better to eat several small meals a day (like 5-6 healthy meals a day) than eat either one or two or three huge meal a day.
13) if u feel hungry then divide ur diet into 5-6 healthy meals a day (1 plate size only)
14) one bowl of oatmeal can be taken as a break fast
15) No hard drink of any type is allowed in this diet.
16) Smoking strictly forbidden in this diet
17) Watch out ur every drink and every single piece of ur food. Stay away from fatty foods, junk foods, synthetic foods, foods with preservatives and too much carbohydrate. Don’t try to take foods that are made of white flour for example white bread, cakes, pasta etc and food contain sugar such as cookies, ice cream, candy etc.
18) Remember after every 15 days you can take once in a while with a little treat any thing u like. But remember just a small portion. For example one small personal pizza or one small burger or small pastry.
19) Try to adopt some healthy timing. Early to rise and early to bed. No late sittings.
20) People usually want Quick and Easy result, we all are impatient. You have to be patient in terms of your weight loss and never give up. Always keep in mind that slow and steady win the race.
21) At least take this diet for 3 to 6 months and when u feel that u have achieved your desired weight then make this is as a Life Style change for you entire life. Remember do not focus on just losing weight, try to concentrate on diet Plan forever so that you will never have to loose weight again. But occasionally u can take other junk food too.
22) You have to keep in mind that above plan is a not a quick thin program. Don’t try to deceive ur body. It will destroy your metabolism and in the future the proportion of gaining weight is much higher and easier than today.
23) Never ever go for any type of Diet pills or any drug which claim that it will reduce the weight quickly. Taking Diet pills will kill.
24) Exercise: Rule-of -Thumb: remember the formula for weight loss and that is Diet= 70% Exercise= 30%. So remember exercise is must with every diet Plan. The best indoor exercise machine is tread mill. Run on tread mill for at least 30 mnts daily. Try to extend ur period for one hour. And if you don’t have this facility then best indoor Exercise is skipping.

To add an insight that may be helpful not mentioned.

There are two main ways to burn calories, one is to go at it as you are, this burns a ton of calories but they are glycogen that's been stored in your body.

Doing this doesn't lose weight because the energy isn't coming from fat stores.

To burn fat with exercise is hard to do without a heart rate monitor because you're after about 65% of your maximum heart rate.

That's a fairly easy workout but you have to keep the heart rate pegged on 65% otherwise it's too easy to edge up and then your body goes back to burning sugars instead because the work load is too high.

When you're kinda' tired from going at it for so many days in a row, back off and go steady at 65%, don't eat before and just drink water the whole time and afterwards for a couple of hours to keep it going for the recovery calories as well.

What happens is that this forces the body to burn fat and it will as long as you keep your work load high enough to force it to need the calories but low enough to avoid burning glycogen.

You are seriously over training and nothing will stop all physical progress faster or more effectively than over training.

You also have some concept of a desirable weight which may or may not be attainable as ones wieght, specifically in ragrds to ones most nautral and healthiest ratio of lean muscle mass to body fat may well be a genetically predisposed matter (and you can not alter your geneitc make up or potenital as of yet)

Loose you tape measure and loose your scale and get rid of your idea as to what is you "perfect" body weight as if you are able to do all that you are saying you can do (and I believe that you are telling the truth) then you are ver healthy and have the ability to be very active. Congratualtions as there are literally millions of persons who can not say the same.

Relax, breathe and accept yourself as you are, an obviously healthy, active young lady who is eating correctly and well, who can do many things, who probably has a stron heart and cardiovasuclar system as well as good muscle health and condition.

To get a better idea as to how fortunate and blessed you are, besides thanking God regularly for such, you might want to start volenteering some of your time at a local children's hospital, or a local nursing home, homeless shelter, soup kitchen, etc.

What I am trying to say is you are doing GREAT. Don't fixate on yourself. Help others.

May you be rightly guided.

Try this,

To lose weight (fat), include more fiberous slow digesting carbs, as opp to the

fast ones, no white breads, fast foods, ketchups, sugar, only skim milk, not 2%,

skim and whole grain non sweet cerial, whole wheat bread, buy some protein,

include lean meats like ham, and other sources of protein, no red

meats,Multivitamin, Calcium and Vitamin D every 2 days, v8. Don't starve, eat

small healthy meals, a lot of small meals opposed to a few bigger ones-- make sure is has at least 8-10 or more g, not too much protein,

the body can only digest a certain amount at a time, avoid too many fruits, carbs

and sugars, fiberous veggies, greens (no starches or potatoes) are good ,and no bbq sauce

(unless used sparringly) and not too much salad dressing, before bed (2 hrs), eat something with protein, dont
eat many carbs before bed. Eat some of that good cereal in the morning, you need carbs, just not too much, and the slow ones.

Do crunches until you can not do anymore, jog stairs, be safe, warm up and sprint, short bursts

of intense activity is very effective compared to long weak activity, just don't

over do it, Jog stairs ;and also do some lunges until it burns, do this every day or 2 days, keep

going and don't give up, same with eating, you need fat, so one fish oil daily,

eat fish (not fried, be careful, very careful for bones, peanut butter on whole

wheat (no jelly),which has protein, and dont worry about the fat in that,

avocodos, has fat, good fat, eat it when your hunger cravings get you. when you

do crunches, also twist on some to work your sides, keep tension on your abs.

Need more info, go to http://www.bodybuilding.com

Simon says
It is less about how much you eat and more about what you are eating.

Get away from the animal products (meat, eggs, milk, butter, oils etc).

Move to grains, fresh fruit and veggies and the weight will drop off even if you are eating twice as much.

Also try to cut all of the salt out of your diet. Don't worry there is a ton of it hidden in everything so your not likely to not get enough. I lost 20 pounds of water weight just by restricting salt and stopped taking a diuretic that I had been taking for about 20 years.

Nurse Susan
1] drink at least 1/2 gallon of water a day
2] take vitamins with minerals every day - will help metabolism a bit
3] have you seen an endocrinologist? Could have low Thyroid.

There is a lot of bad information out there. It has made America the fattest society ever. But it makes food companies and diet companies rich. Learn why black coffee, salt, lean meat and non-fat yogurt are so fattening. The book, Intuitive Eating, says "If you tell yourself that you can't or shouldn't have a particular food, it can lead to intense feelings of deprivation that build into uncontrollable cravings and, often, bingeing." Nourish your body thin, instead of starving it fat.

Never cut carbs, fats and calories. Eat foods made by nature, not man-made foods designed to make you fat and addicted to food. Which has more calories: a plain potato or one with a healthy fat like olive oil? The latter. Which is more fattening? The former. How can this be? The fat slows down the calories going into the blood (see glycemic load and glycemic index) making it less fattening. It is not about how many calories but how fast they enter the blood. But plant foods have fiber. Fiber provides no calories, is filling and also slows the calories entering your blood.


Slick She It
Because you are in a balance of what you eat is exactly what your body needs to keep you as you are
.. ..
Now you have to do either or both of
.. ..
Find a work out you do that makes you sweat and lengthen it Sweat is carbs burning in your body and the body will break down the stored carbs FAT to use it to keep going
.. ..
And or cut back on on portion of food that has little or not need to have a balance diet
.. ..
Do these two in union and watch out loose cloths

Here you go: This is from my own experience and what has worked for me. I have laid it all out for you so that others may have the success I have.

The perfect way to loose weight and monitor your progress is to use a calorie counter on a daily basis while you diet.

Energy In/Energy Out

Food Intake: 1,200 Per Day

One Pound equals 3,500 Calories

To loose one pound per day, You need to burn your food intake plus your one pound of fat

1,200 (intake) + 3,500 (Outtake) = 4,700 Calories Burn

You must burn at least 4,700 Calories everyday to loose one pound at least. It is very easy to go up and beyond 4,700 calories each day.

Best way to do this is to track your progress on a calorie counter monitor watch. If you do it by the numbers you can loose the weight. It is just a matter of changing the way you think about weight loss.

Once you start wearing your calorie counter you can see the numbers increase and you fill find yourself doing extra things in your day, like tapping your foot while waiting at the light in your car, chewing gum, singing out loud and so on onto of your workout routines. You begin to see that everything you do in your day contributes to the overall numbers needed to loose that pound.

Water Intake/Less Storage

Most people do not get enough water in their system. Water is your body's principal chemical component, comprising, on average, 60 to 80 percent of your weight. Every system in your body depends on water. For example, water flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells and provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues.

Lack of water can lead to dehydration, a condition that occurs when you don't have enough water in your body to carry out normal functions. To determine if you are getting enough water use this simple formula.. Take your weight, for example 150 pounds and divide by 2. Take your answer which is 75 lbs and change it to ounces, in this case 75 ounces. That is how many ounces of water you need a day. Your body performs mostly on water. If you make sure you get enough water everyday your body will perform at top notch and your body will no longer have the cravings of junk food. You will have a better performing body system to help you work out and feel better thru out your day.

Good Food

My favorite things to eat:

Avocado Wraps

Simple: Low Carb Tortilla, Half Avocado sliced, alpha sprouts, lettuce, Soy bacon...Just wrap it up and eat. You can vary the things you put inside so long as you keep it to approx 4 or 5 items. You want to make sure they are fresh, low calorie and filling. Avocado and mushrooms can replace meats in your meal and still have great taste.

Special K Cereals are fantastic. They have that sweetness that one craves and is so good for you. Calories are low. Great for even just dinner.

First thing in the morning...A Glass of Chocolate Milk. Yup!! Chocolate Milk. We all crave that "got to have" item in the morning. Milk is the best thing you can have for yourself while working out. The chocolate (and you can use Carnation Instant Milk for this but I simply use Nestle dry mix) will give you that sweet "snack" that you need. If you give your body a little bit of it and its in a control way, you will not crave sweets and junk the rest of the day.

Lean Cuisines

Fantastic food! Each meal is approx 180 t0 380 calories per box. So think about your calories. 1,200...You can still have several of these meals a day and still be under your intake requirements.

It’s all about the numbers and watching what you take in and what you burn out. And you know what..If you go over your 1,200 mark for food intake...that’s okay...you simple up your total calories burned for the day by what you took it. So long as you burn off the over all calories to be more than your food intake. Just make sure you stick too it so you can reach your weight loss goals.

Fruits and Veggies

All you want on the schedule listed below.
Bananas are my favorite. They are very filling and can make a meal all on their own.



My favorite is ONE A DAY WITH ENERGY...I am in love with this vitamin because I am just like everyone else who loves those quick fix energy drinks. But what people do not realize is that energy drinks can contain 120 to 440 calories in just ONE Can. If you think about it..That is HALF of your allowed calories for food intake. The best alternative I have found is One a day with energy vitamin. Easy to spot, it is packaged in a green label bottle. Just One vitamin A Day will give you as much energy as approx. 1 1/2 cans of red bull...WITHOUT the calorie intake.
WoW..now your making progress already because you have made more room in your intake calories for actual healthy food.



Carbonation is terrible for your system because it bloats your stomach. And when your stomach bloats, your jeans just don't fit. You can drop one pant size simply by NOT drinking any carbonated drinks all together..Take away the bloat and you have instantly just made it one pant size lower. Besides, Sodas dehydrate you and with that One A Day Vitamin, you won't need the Caffeine in the soda and it will also cut out those extra calories that you don't need.
So remove that soda and the energy drinks and just think how much calories you just instantly removed from your daily intake. I normally consume what...four sodas and two energy drinks in one day...that is a total of .... 900 calories. Of what??? Nothing...Those are horrible calories and calories that can be replaced by food which will fuel your body for your day and your workouts.


Your Body

Your body is like a computer. You must program your body to do what it is suppose to do so it won't crash and leave you with a virus. Your stomach is only the size of your fist. So think about it right now, Look at your hand and close your fist. Not very big is it. That is how much food you actually ONLY need to eat, each time you eat for every meal. If you eat anything more than that, you will stretch out your stomach which causes overeating and overweight.

What you need to do is eat every three hours, approx 5 to 7 times everyday around the same time. If you are always giving your body healthy and better food choices (the size of your fist) every three hours, your body will know you are giving it food. It will use that food properly. It will not go into starvation mode or store food away for later because it knows...it will get more in three hours. So what does your body do...it flushes everything out of your system because it doesn't need it.. Now it knows...you wont' forget about it and that food is on its way.


Walking Buddy

This is the best thing especially for woman. Get a walking buddy. One hour everyday. Just think about how much talking, venting and laughing two woman can do together while walking and yup, you guessed it...it just burns more calories and reduces your stress. You now are more relaxed because you can talk and free yourself of whatever is frustrating you while getting into shape.

By: My own experience/rivasj27

You are definitely losing calories...don't go by what your scale reads, muscle weighs more than fat...go by when you lose a pant size.

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