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Cinnamon roll vs. doughnut?
are cinnamon rolls and doughnuts equally as bad for you?

Cinnamon Girl [Blueprint III]
yep !

well, they both contain trans fats that can cause heart disease..

where doughnuts have trans fat and a lot of sugar, Cinnamon rolls have trans fat and a lot more sugar.

Could be, but I love them both.

Bri ♥'s Bryce :]
yes they are they have lots of sugar and alot of of fat

yes...eat them once a week!

Cinnamon rolls, probably because they're bigger than a regular donut. But, if you're in good shape, exercise, and your metabolism is good, you can eat this stuff and chase it with a couple of beers and not have any ill effect!

Bjork's Music Oh Yeah
mmmmm Im hungry for a fresh warm Cinnamon roll!

Yes, anything that involves dough is not good for you. However, safe in small quantities..

cinnomon roll is worse. I would suggest a bagel with cream cheese if you wanted something sweet but not as bad

Cimmimim roll is higher in calories, but both are high calories/high fat

Immortal ninja
uhh yes

Yes they are both very bad and yet so good to taste.

really it depends on your body condition. but avoid any so fatty or sweaty foods.

I would think so...they're equally sweet, equally good..yumm it sounds so good right now...

haha..but seriously... I think they are..

Crystal P
yes. Both sound good, but both are bad!

look at www.caloriesperhour.com - they have listings of calories and calories from fat in a long list of foods. They even break it down by servings for you.

Buk (Fey)
oh they are both lovely and would recommed eating both!

Equally, yes, although Cinnamon has been know for some properties which can help reduce certain blood ailments!

With their both being high in sugar, I would say that the Cinnamon roll is the lesser of two evils being that donuts are usually fried, therefore, higher in fat. Unless you're thinking of those jumbo-size Cinnamon rolls, then that roll would definitely be higher in calories than the donut.

§ gαввαηα §
I would suppose, but tasty huh?

yeah. but i eat them anyways. go ahead eat them if u want!

I would say the Cinnamon roll although I would not call either bad if you only treat yourself to one sporadically. Overindulgence is what it makes it bad.

You can always treat yourself to half a donut (preferably plain).

They are both extremely bad but give me a hot Cinnamon roll and Ill roll right over for you. I may have to have Cinnamon rolls for dinner now.

Miss Crickett
they are both full of carbs and sugar

Alec S
probably the doughnut is less bad for you but look at the sugar and carbs and calories and total fat

yep...but they are soooo good :)

They are neck and neck. However, I would have to put the donut as slightly worse because it is deep fried. OTOH, the Cinnamon roll is generally larger and packs in a few more calories.

who cares..they're both delicious

donuts are deep fried in oil, usually Cinnamon rolls are baked, that's got to be a healthier method for cooking them.
Prolly have the same sugar content, but Cinnamon rolls aren't soaked in grease.

OK, now I'm hungry!

It depends on how each of them are made. Both of them can be better or worse. Cinnabun makes a Cinnamon roll that has about a million calories and I am sure there are plenty of doughnuts with equal. The only advantage a Cinnamon roll has is that it is baked instead of fried.

Gone fishin'
Yes. Pick an apple.

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