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I am desperate PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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i rly need ur help!!!!
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Irena Jänsberg
Can you lose 50 pounds in 3 months if you dont eat?
yesyesyesyes i know you dont recommend it

Betsy S
You could lose more than 50 pounds, you could lose your health.

Giraffe's best friend
Yes, you can lose 50 pounds in 3 months, but not by not eating. Not eating will only only slim you in the first couple of days and that will be water weight. You should try Medical Weight Loss Clinic. A girl I know lost more than 50 pounds in 3 months and she ate like crazy and was never hungry. She looks great! Give it a try. They have an online option that's cheaper. Good luck!

It might be possble although its higly unlikely that you would survive. Also, after not eating enough or at all your body will go into starvation mode and conserve everything. At 3 months of not eating you would be a shell of your former self, you will barely have the strength to even move.

The Spaghetti Cat
you can have your body eat away 50 pounds in muscle

yeah sure u can but plase dnt b so stupid
i know sum1 whoz tryin 2 do the same fing but trust me shez so stressd and fallin behind.. u wont b normal eva agen

maybe you'd lose weight in the first month.. but after that they say your body goes into starvation mode (you know, it tries to preserve every ounce of fat it has) and once it does that, you might never be able to lose weight again. have i scared you enough? i know that scared me when i first read it.

Dan R/Amber R
um.you will DIE if you dont eat. dont do that....just exercise everyday and eat salads. if you eat breads take some fiber and stick with wheat breads...cardio is good exercise. like walking or riding a bike. cardio is to get your heart rate up. do 30 minutes of cardio at a time... i am on a healthy eating plan and i exercise everyday. i have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks. im doing great so far. i have success. try it...
or try weight watchers. if you stick to that it works...

Amber : )

Jen w
ok let me explain something to you. A calorie is way of measuring how much energy is in food. And you need energy to live. So if you dont eat you dont live. plain and simple.

also if you dont eat for a week or so you will probably faint, or pass out.

Mikie Likes It!
Actually, no. Dieting (Not eating completely) is not proven to make you lose weight due to slowing of metabolism. You might lose 50 pounds, but you also will likely be jaundice or scurvy. Without adequate nourishment, you can do worse damage to your body than by just being obese. Do something like a Slim-Fast plan, and give yourself a year (with exercise). That way, you will be getting the proper nutrition but at the same time, not overloading on calories or fat.

That's right, we don't.

You will lose that much but will gain it back AND MORE when you start eating again. And the alternative to starting to eat again is die.
I really recommend Smart For Life. Check them out.

yes you cann but youll die... you wont make it past a month

is this a serious question? if it is then the answe is no, your body will produce hormones that will make eating irresistable. hunger will be too great. if you still dont eat you will die

Joey S
yes you can and btw u can die , is it really worth it? i think not

♫Country Girl♫

and plus. the only way 2 lose weight is to eat REALY HEALTHY and exercise 5 days a week.

Seth Secks™
i am sure you can. but if you are thinking about it.. DON'T! anorexia is a very bad and wrong thing to resort to. dont starve yourself to lose weight. walk, jog, run, do sit ups, push ups, any workout really regularly, and eat healthy, that should be all you need.

Lauren Baby
don't ever do that!
believe it or not, when you stop eating, your organs expand, the best thing to do is eat fruit n veggies and be very active.

If you don't eat for a month, you're dead already.

You will die before that! No your body metabolism will slow down you will become lethargic and get sick, then you will die!

u actually gain weight wen u dont eat

you NEED to eat...you will die if you don't eat for 3 months...eat foods low in fat and low in carbs... and exercise that is the BEST way to lose a lot of weight..and be healthy while doing it

Not really, but if you exercised and used your body a lot you could come close.

Unlikely because after the initial weight loss which will probably be about 10 to 15 pounds mostly water...your body will go into a mode where it realizes that it is being starved and start to hang on to every single calorie. Then you will not be losing weight at all. Better to eat modestly and exercise...boring I know but it is the only way.


You will also look uglier than you ever have before

dark circles, droopy skin, yellow nails, etc

Don't be anorexic that's disgusting

You can't not eat for 3 months, you'll be dead after a week or so.

yes, but chances are you'll be dead....but hey you'll finally be able to fit into that two piece.


You could lose that in 1 month, but dont not eat. Just eat less fat and sugar and salt.

You can, but you'll probably be in hospital suffering from malnutrition! Diet sensibly.

if you dont eat in 3 months you die -.-

i have a cousin that lost 15 pounds in seven days from not eating any thing, he just said he was not hungry...he spend two days in the hospital...

You can (and must!) fuel up to slim down. Thank your basal metabolic rate for your need to nosh: The BMR is the number of calories your body needs just to stay alive--pump blood, absorb oxygen, feed the muscles and brain, that kind of thing. So to reach your goals, you might want to start by changing your diet up a bit to make smarter food choices, not foodless. There's a cool article from the Women's Health magazine website called "100 Best Supermarket Foods for Women."

But the real secret? Muscle is your own personal fat burner. (Think light weights three times a week, not Schwazennegger-esque lifting--or bulking, for that matter.) Here's why: The more you strength train, or lift weights, the more muscle you'll build. And muscle will (tada!) burn calories from your fat stores all day long. (Read: You can sit on your butt and still torch calories.) Your body will become a positive feedback system and slim down. Studies show that even running hard three times per week will rev your system, causing you to burn about 100 extra calories a day above and beyond the ones you used during the exercise itself. Bonus!

Need a few simple, unboring, totally fat-burning exercises? Try workouts from WH (http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/fat-burning-workout). To read stories from women who've lost 60 to 160 pounds, check out http://www.womenshealthmag.com/weight-loss/success-stories. See how they did it!

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