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 How much does a stone equal to in pounds,?

 How much water should you drink in a day?

 What is the best way to motivate yourself for morning exercise?
I can plan for morning exercise, but I never seem to have enough motivation! It's so much easier to just hit snooze and roll over. Any tips? Please help!...

 If I ate 700 calories daily, would I be able to weight less then 100lbs by the time school starts?
Even if I didnt exersize?
School starts like September 6-8th.
Somewhere around there.
I burn 1300 calories daily (by just breathing and stuff).
I weigh 107.

Thankss :]<...

i was at the office and my secretary walked out, than right after i spilt some coffee on my pants. i took them off to change into new ones and right than my boss walked in. ever since than she gives ...

 Will a 200 calorie diet kill me?
i satater this food diary and all i eat a day is 200 calories! my freinds say that it will kill me but i dont now! Is it healthy? will i die?
Additional Details

 What's good music to workout to?
I would like to know....

 Can you lose 50 pounds in 3 months if you dont eat?
yesyesyesyes i know you dont recommend ...

 How do I lose weight when I dont have much money?
I am trying to lose weight, but most diets thesedays recommend high protein diets, eating lots of fresh fish, lean meats and so on, however, this is expensive. I dont have much money, so most of my ...

 I only have about 15 minutes for breakfast in the morning. What are some quick, inexpensive, and HEALTHY foods
I can make, and eat in 15-20 minutes? The keyword is healthy, as I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Your help is appreciated!
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 Is there any way to stop women from eating so much and getting too fat to love?
I went to the club on friday, and all I saw were fat girls. How can we stop this from being an everyday normal thing.
Additional Details

 Am i Anorexic?
i am going through a really hard time thats lasted for over a month now, and i dont feel the desire to eat or drink anymore, my aunt and mom are always asking me at night how much ive had to eat and ...

 Despratly need to loose wieght for a medical condidtion?
My excersice regime:
Mon~ Tennis 1.5 hour ( running, wieghts, ect, 2.3 hours)
Sat~ kickboxing 1 hour, Tennis practice for 2 ...

 Do you think im fat, average, or skinny?
im 14, weigh 105 pounds, and am '5'4. am i fat, average, or skinny?...

 I'm 5'4 and weight about 120, is the water only diet and okay one for me ?

 Is my friend fat?
she is my age 15 and shes 5'4
she weighs about 120 pounds
is she fat?...

 Is this considered fatt?
my friend is 13 135 pounds and 5's she doesnt look fat but everyone at her school is always calling her fat do you consider this fat??

 Am i fat? or just anorexcic?
i am 105 lbs and 5 2' there are skinnier girls in my class and i feel intimidated when i am with them. people joke that i am fat but its made me to beleive that i really am fat and need to diet. ...

 If im 5'8 and 117lbs is that a normal weight?

Additional Details
oh , if it matters how old i am , im 19...

 I am a recovering anorexic. All of a sudden I'm craving junk food like pacakes, ice cream, pizza...?
should I start eating heathier foods or is it okay to eat like this?...

Can you go for one day without using your mobile cell phone?

Yeah I did it many times. I can live without my cell phone for a long time.

Behind Blue Eyes
No I can't. Not only because I might need it to call but it has a lot of pictures of my fiance and my family on it and I love to look at them when I want.

I already have.
The battery was dead and I didn't have a charger with me.

I could quite easily go without for a week,its other people trying to contact me that seem to have the problem

I go for days without using my cell. I have friends that only carry one in case of emergency.

I only use mine for emergencies. Costs too much.

Yes, quite easily.

Ben B
Try going camping.

yeah, i leave it at home all the time!

normally cant go

marge s
no feel lost with out it

how else would i be able to tell the time.

I do it all the time! I never remember to charge it, so the battery is always dead.

Osunwole Adeoyin
I think i can. Yeah i can. I did that yesterday. Can i live without a phone period. I will drop

LadyLoret......you are addicted to your mobile......What you need to id get your local hospital to surgically attach the phone round your ears........

Thats easy has I do not have one.

I can, but only if others would not call me

Surprisingly no I can't, although I never thought I would turn into someone who can't live without it!!

peter o
yes dint have one.

as long as i am home with a working landline phone connection, YES.

Or else, NO!

Easily! I quite often forget where it is and when I find it I have to answer loads of texts and missed calls :(

Most definitely. tell me how did the world and society exist before mobile cell phones. Fine - that's how!!!!

yes if people stops ringing me

sam h
no...i need my phone its like leaving one of my legs at home when i go out

Sure. I go days without using it. And I have a Razr with all the bells and whistles on it.

Sure what is so hard about not using your cell phone for a day. Is yours attached to you ear or something? (just kidding) I go for days on end without using mine.

i dont even have a cell phone. nobody in my immediate family has one either except my parents.

yeah. I only use it as a watch or for emergencies anyway.

No I'm afraid not. I use it for my job and for my family to get hold of me whilst I'm on the road. Funny how something that was once a luxury, now has become a necessity.

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