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i was at the office and my secretary walked out, than right after i spilt some coffee on my pants. i took them off to change into new ones and right than my boss walked in. ever since than she gives me wierd looks when she sees me with my secretary. what sould i do?

dont do anything just tell her what happened

Explain to her what really happened, and make sure that nothing is happening between you and your secretary.

Krista Kit Kat loves elliot poo!
just say u spilled coffee duhhh

You should leave your car running as you sit in the garage.

Princess kiki
Be Like i'm Sorry About that happened but it WAS THE STUPID COFFEE

lol!! tell he 2 build a bridge and get over it lol!!

totally ask her about it, tell her how you feel and wots rong

mayra m
Are you for real? lol get a new secretary


Don't drink coffee in your office.

There's nothing you can do. Ignore it.

Rosen J
Ouch this was awkward!

you so totally made this up; didn't you

People will say "confront her"and stuff like that, but i suggest that you do no such thing. In time, she'll forget. Just do what you normally do. embarrassing moments come and go...

explain what really happened though she may not believe you ha ha

Quit drinking coffee at the office?
Give her weird looks back when she gives you weird looks.

TJ & AJ's Mum
Glad it's not just me that thinks it's a load of rubbish -Unless you actually staged the whole thing to make it look that way.....
Soft Lad!

luv me cuz im asian
you cant do anything. she thinks yu got a thing wif yur secretary man.

That's hilarious. And you're making this up. I mean, if your past question you're in love with your principle in school and now you're working at a office.

ashlyn d
Wow, what to do... You should explain to her what happend and be very apologetic. I would have at least waited until I got to the bathroon to do than u morron! Lol, j/k

soccer for lyfe
Awe Lol. Well obviously, she has some kind of the wrong idea. I say shoot her an email and explain what happened The last thing you want is your boss to think your weird.

Gea M

be like DO YOU MIND?!

Anyone who would take thier pants off in a unlocked office, while people were there is a.) an idiot, b.) a pervert c.) a liar.

Quit your job, and stay out of the gene pool.

Penthouse letter!!

You had extra clean pants at work? good for you
always be prepared. hahahahaha

I wouldn't do anything about the incident that already happened. In the future, you should either lock your office door if you can or go to the restroom to take off your pants. I don't understand why you would have taken off your pants when anyone could walk in on you.

Every time she looks at you wierd just wink and give her a sly smile. LOL

George T
Sure that's what you were doing?

you keep extra pairs of pants at work?

I love it!, just try not to smile all the time. Let them think what they want to, the mind and imagination are beautiful things....lol/lol

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