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Best fat burning exersize?
I am not over weight but am a pear shape so do carry a bit of excess fat around stomach hips and thighs. What is the best way of burning fat. I run 5 times a week for 5 miles but still it doesnt shift. I go the gym but dont do weights.



Since I started cycling everywhere I can't seem to eat enough but still lose weight, I feel like I'm eating like a teenager again.

It is a great stress reliever as well plus I seem to have virtually eliminated my asthma

The running is okay but needs to be alternated.
1.Straight running up inclines;one mile slow,another faster and such.
2. Sit-ups will aid the stomach but don't eat late in the evening and watch the content.
3. Aerobics and cycling will be helpful too especially for the thighs.

tracie d

Martin B
I had slowly put on a lot of weight over the years and eventually hit a maximum weight of 16 Stone, mostly around my middle. I looked at a lot of ways of improving my weight and fitness, to shift my weight and improve my physical appearance, I started to excercise and cut fat out of my diet, but the best thing I found was the rowing machine at the gym. I started of doing 5 mins and not getting very far (bad astma and very out of shape) but everytime I went I pushed myself a litlle harder and started to lengthen my time. I did do other stuff as well, a litlle running and a few weights over time but stuck with the rower as my main excercise. After 12 months I managed to do a marathon Row (3 hours and 26 miles) and I have now lost 4.5 Stone and gone from a a XL to a medium to small. Diet pills and crash diets are great but the reality is you have to swing your calourie burn against the tide of consumption which based on what is thrust in our faces on TV and at us by Super markets and fast food joints is a near on imposibilty. But believe me from a person who got through two Astma inhalers in a month to not touching one in over a year the push is well worth the effort. I now look great and feel amazing and still row as often as I can. It really does give your whole body a good work out (Legs, arms and stomach) and will probably help you achieve the shape you want and amazingly quickly. Hope this helps ...... Martin (PS can't say it doesn't hurt somedays but what you will see in the mirror will make it seem worth it).

You should try African dance for fitness. There are classes in gyms in Tottenham court road and Brixton. Really good fun and you exercise bits of your body that traditional workouts don't - plus it's a lot more fun than normal gym stuff, it's dancing to get fit. It should help you to lose the weight from your midriff and thighs. I've been doing it for 6-7 months and my whole body feels more toned.

I go to the Brixton class. You should try it, it's called Danceafreaka. They have a DVD you can buy too if you are too far to come to the class.

Hope this helps

Definitely do some kind of weight resistance training - you'll feel the difference within a couple of weeks. Or do a dance class that incorporates squats, lunges and an abs workout. Also, you might want to mix up your aerobic exercises a bit. Your body is probably really used to running now, so doing something different should give it a bit of a kickstart!

Unfortunately, eat less. The only way to lose weight is to monitor your calorie intake. The calorific value of the exercise you do must be higher than your food calorie intake. I know I've done it.

Any form of exercise that burns calories will help reduce fat. To specifically burn fat (rather than carbohydrates) it is recommended to do somewhat lower intensity exercise. Also helpful advice for people who may not be used to doing exercise regularly. You can only monitor this properly by measuring your heart rate during exercise - heart rate monitors these day can be bought for about £20 and then look on the net for the heart rate levels you should be aiming for for someone of your age.
It may be however that your 5 miles running is not burning too many calories - it surprises most people how hard they have to work to burn the equivalent calories of say a Mars bar.
Some heart rate monitors can also estimate how may calories you have burned during your exercise session.
Eating less is I'm afraid the only other route to losing fat.
Don't beleive any advice that tells you to do specific resistance exercises on the legs etc - may help build muscle there but will not get rid of the fat without some calorie burning exercise.
Good luck.

Running is probably the most difficult, but the best fat burning excercise you can do. I talk from personal experience. If you are running, then that's good for your heart and most things, but to see the results in weight loss you must adjust your diet accordingly. Drink plenty of water, eat fruit and fish and pasta, but most imporantly, stay away from JUNK FOOD and deep fried stuff.I have lost loads this way and was the same shape as you.

Old Soldier
Throughout the development of the human race we were hunter-gatherers for the greater part. People spent hours a day walking and looking for food.

Today we are too sedentary. We evolved to spend a lot of time mobile. As a PERCENTAGE of the time we spend doing exercise, most people UNDERESTIMATE how much work they need to do to lose weight.

Going to the gym for an hour three times a week is NOT enough - that represents just 2% of your time doing exercise (in a week).

And it is not how long you are at the gym - it is how long you spend doing exercise that counts (most machines in gyms tell you how long you have been exercising). How often I see people standing around chatting at the gym. I sometimes add up how much time they have spent exercising... and some of them do less than 30 minutes actual exercise...

You need to increase the amount of exercise. Going to the gym four times a week and going jogging on the other days is about right if you want to get fit and lose weight (coupled with a sensible diet). If you can't jog - walk.

The problem with obesity is simple - people are too lazy and eat too many calories.

Have no pitta bread with your Kebab next time!!!

Hi, I think alot of us carry the most stubborn weight shift around the middle. Running is great for your legs and stamonner, but not your middle. You can go:
Option A. Starve.
Option B Abdominal excercises
A is not very pratical and if you love your food like myself it is also impossible.
One of my friends gave me a challenge to see who could do the most sittups,press ups ect. So each day we had to try to do 500. We would text each other to see who was the furthest at reaching 500 a day. This really was a great incentive. I also lost about 2 inches from my waist. So measure yourself before and then again in about a month.
The only thing I will say is as soon as you stop so does the benifits (words I think I have heard Elle McPhearson say}. Good Luck.
Remember cardio is good but you need to mix it up a bit, make different parts of your body work.
I am now expecting child no 3 so my sittups are behind me for a while, it would be pointless lol.

Kenneth H
You are what you eat curb this with a well balanced diet and a simple exercise programme and you will feel better in all areas of your health, running will only take off what you put in the engine, the better the fuel the better you will be and feel

Bellydancing is an excelent way to tone the Tums, bums and thighs. Its also great fun.
I am slim but I have always thought that my inner thighs and the area above my knees were larger than I wanted. Bellydancing was the only only exercise I found that significantly toned these areas.
I note you say you are not overweight but bellydancing is also ideal for larger ladies. My teacher always used to say that the best size for a belly dancer was 16+ (although she was only a size 8!).
The other option is to enjoy your shape - you are a natural womanly shape. I bet your friends think you look wonderful!

You are not a pear-shape, you are a woman shape.

Embrace it!

lizzy b
You can not spot target fat, it will always be an all over fat loss. Running 5 miles a week is fantastic for your cardio but you need to vary your exercise regime. Running will build thighs, buttocks and calves so my advice would be swim more. That will build your upper body and help balance out your pear shape. Doing weights will increase fat loss as it burns callories for longer periods than cardio work. However there is only so much you can do to improve the shape you were blessed with. The classic pear shape is always larger at the bottom. Be grateful for a healthy body that serves you well and keeps you active and accept we are all different inside and well as out - just remember to value yourself for the person you are and not necessarily what you look like.

Hi,that was the hardest place for me to lose it.I walk my dog 5
upwards times a day.I have lost the lot.Good Luck

june g
Yeah I know what you mean, I go to Body Combat and still have problem areas. I have recently started pilates though with I've found is making a difference.

Carrie B
It is simple maths/physics if you eat less than you burn you will lose weight, Cardio is the fat burning excercise and you can achieve this by brisk walking, swimming,squash cycling (quickly) etc anything that increases your heart rate. I would combine with toning exercise such as pilates, yoga etc If your not overweight it could be natural body shape. Don't be fooled by guidelines, most govt guidelines suggest 2000 cals are needed for women a day however my bodies cal req per day are only 1650, if I ate the extra 350 I would start to gain weight pretty quickly. Bio scales can calculate your cals for you.

Louie's Mom
Target exercises at the gym. Using weights with more repetitions for sculpting. Keep the weights moderate so you don't bulk up.

Adam F
I see people on here talking about weights. One guy even says "You'll see a difference in a couple of weeks!" What the hell are you on buddy? Weights are NOT the best way to lose weight. Building muscle mass underneath a layer of fat is a one way ticket to looking bigger still and lowering your moral to a level which will have you reaching for the help of Ben and Jerry in not time! Cardio with a proper diet is the only way to lose fat. Ask yourself why big guys like say...The Hulk look tubby in their old age around the middle. He goes to the gym daily??? Its because as he has got older he is finding it more difficult to keep the fat off his stomach. He still has good ab muscles but they cant be seen behind the fat. Some people on here should be ashamed of themselves for giving such bad advice which in some cases are just plain lies. I hope you read this and it helps I really do.

cycling ex pro
you need to do at least 1 long effort during the week. 2 would be ideal.
Using this technique the weight will stay off. It may take about 2 mounths to see goood effect on weight. The body needs time to change its routine.
i.e an endurance run or cycle, not a lot of effort is required but time is.
This should be enjoyable but needs focus.
I recommend, start at 2 hours build it up to 3hrs.
Also instead of 3 large meals during the day, have 6 smaller meals during the day. Your body will become to now it does not need to store fat. When you eat like this.

Mark B
You don't say how much you eat. The best way to lose weight is not exercise but controlling what you eat.
Exercise is important for overall health but it's only a secondary factor in weight loss. A five mile run could burn as little as 500 calories. That's around half a portion of chips or a single naan bread at an Indian.
I'd keep a food diary - there are lots of them on the internet (I use Weight Loss Resources but there are loads of others). The one I use recommends levels of calorie intake and allows you to factor in your exercise. If you're running five miles five times a week you should find you have a reasonable amount of calories to eat during the day so you shouldn't feel hungry.
Doing weights will help but, for shifting fat, changing what you eat is the best course of action. Weights theoretically enable you to gain muscle mass and burn more at rest. Unless, like me, you come back from the gym starving and stuff your face.
This tends to outweigh the advantages of added muscle.
Once you've lost your fat then you need to make sure you go onto a maintenance level of calories that won't make you put it back on again.

If you're running 5 times a week for 5 miles and still not losing weight you must be doing something seriously wrong. A 1 hour run will burn off around 1000 calories. So, you are either running too slowly or eating too much.
Try increasing your running pace. You should aim for negative splits and introduce some fartleks into your running schedule. Also increase your distance and decrease the frequency. Try a 10 mile / half marathon race. Cut down on your food intake. Eat little and often, Try runners.world.com

less calories more exercise, the only way there aint no miricale cure for being overweight, hard work be carefull with sit ups at first or you could damage yourself, try leg raises they tone the bottom half of your stomach, try lots of swimming, it will take time but you will get there. crunches ( the exercise (not the choclate bar) are also great. Besides this just mght be your natrual shape, which looks great on a woman anyway.

Weight loss is best achieved by combining 3 factors. Nutition, Exercise & Will Power. The latter may seem benign but without it you aint shifting nada. Getting support from others helps a lot. There is always someone you know who wants to shed extra pounds - friends, family or even someone else at the gym - Pair up and help each other, will power is stronger in a group.

A balanced diet of friut and veg..... you probably know the score. For me the best diet was the Atkins but being a nurse i understand fully the health risks associated. Though not the best diet, Atkins has the principles right. Watch and reduce your net carb intake.... I.e. Wholemeal bread not white bread etc. you don't have to take drastic carnivorous steps to make a difference. Also hydration... Plenty of H2O not tea/coffee/fruit juice/cordial/pop just straight water. Although the others contain water they don't deliver like water does.

Now Exercise. Aerobic all the way baby! Don't worry about weights, not unless you wanna be an Arnie look-a-like. Lower weights - greater repetitions. Running is great - try to gradually increase the distance or gradient - Challange yourself each week. Doesn't matter what you do as long as you calorie intake is exceeded by you calorie expenditure. I.e. if you only eat lettuce and run 10K then you gonna get thinner. But on the other hand if you tuck in to a few FKC's followed by a Mc'Y D then you gonna be doing quite a bit more running. Also try not to drink the iso tonic drinks until after your workout (1 straight after; 1 half hour later).... lots of calories. After workout your body uses them to rehydrate, during exercise your body uses them as straight fuel - no fat burning! Also if you're gonna eat, eat after workout - a good chicken salad - something with nutrients & protein (up to a half hour after) it gets used to repair muscles. Above anything else stay stong - will power is the key.

As someone who has always been dieting and trying to shift excess weight i know it's hard and you often loose faith - but perciverence is key. I used to either play or train for rugby 6 days a week. i went from 30st down to 17.5st in 2 years almost half my body weight gone through sheer determination and support from friends and team mates. good luck on your venture - i wish you all the best.

Swimming!!! Nothing else!!! I t gives you a great shape... Breast-Stroke while breathing in, I lost 3 half stone about 2 years ago, it left my arms, tum and legs nice and trim, I done a mile once week!! Go for it, it really does work, measure the top of your thigh and waist before you go, you will see the results!! You can never do too much swimming!

Brisk Walking will help you burn tummy fats and lower body fats. It has helped me.

I am on low carb, low fat, high fibre, high protein and a hour brisk walk 5 times a week, and I have lost 31lbs and gain better health. I am now maintaining my 108lbs for more than a year.

Details such as my experience, meals, recipes, walking as an exercise and to shape the body etc etc, are in my blog

tony a
The only exercises of any value are:-
1) A sideways movement of the head to the left and the right repeatedly when offered a second helping and
2) accompany this with a pushing motion of arms and hands applied to the plate in front of you.
I hope this helps as it certainly works for me.

Weights are a must for any fat burning programme. Increasing your muscle mass increases your metabolism which enables you to burn more calories. Try doing weights just for the major muscle groups (arms, legs, chest, back). Try out doing some russian twists with a medicine ball and some ab crunches to shape and tone that area. When you start this you can even cut down the running to 3 times a week and maybe run a mile further. Its important to have rest days too remember. Good luck...

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