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 What are the advantages and the disadvantages of healthy food?
I am doing a Healthy and Unhealthy food poster. I need to know the advantages and the disadvantages of healthy food...
Also i need to know the advantages and the disadvantages of Junk food?

 Do i look fat?
not asking for compliments...
i really want to know.
a lot of people say i am, but that's the people that hate me.
and my friends say i'm not fat - but they're suppose ...

 I need help i am 5ft.2 ins. and weigh 240 pounds any help on how to lose the weight?
i would like to know about exercise and diets and how to control my weight and even some herbal ...

 How much do u weigh and how tall are you??

 Am i fat? please answer this.?
i am 5'8'' and weigh 112.
i am always worried i am too fat.
is this true?
Additional Details
i weigh 112 and ...

 Pepsi or coke?
Pepsi and coke have been at war ever since i was a child(still am kinda) and i wanna know from the public, which do you prefer? pepsi or coke. I myself prefer pepsi =p =O
Additional Details<...

 I'm 13 and I'm ABOUT 5' 3" and 120 pounds?
Is that skinny, average, or fat? I'm not sure that is my exact height. BTw, if you call that average then I will assume you mean fat

and im just wondering what people think ...

 Is my sister fat? She is 13, 4"11, and 53 pounds.?

 Should fat people be force fed to let them see the ?
error of their ways.?...

 Why are people stronger if they weigh more?
i just wanted to know. why are people stronger if they weigh more? even though it may just be fat, they still manage to be stronger than someone who weighs less but is pure muscle. why is this?...

 Are school lunches unhealthy for you??

 Do you like think im fat?
i mean, im only like 14 years old and like 5'2..and i weigh like 150 lbs. i mean all my friends say i am like soooo skinny but i dont always believe them?
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 Is a Size 10 Fat?

 After you quit smoking, when does your body start to feel better?
I quit smoking 24 days ago and I don't physically feel any better. I even started walking 30 min a day and still don't feel better....

 I dont think I'm fat but....?
Alright so yesterday I was at the doctor's because I accidently cut my thumb pretty deep ( it was really icky trust me ) and while I was there they took my weight and height.

Well ...

 I'm 5'5" and 113 pounds?
Is that underweight?...

 Am I anorexic? Am I doing damage to myself?
On my "good" days, I eat 600 - 800 calories a day. I feel guilty if I eat any more than that. But I can only eat this much on days when I don't hang out with my friends, because when I ...

 Am i ....fat?
i'm almost 14yrs old.

and i'm about 5'4.
and i weigh 127lbs.

is that to much?
Additional Details

 Yesterday my bf told me ' were you pigging out while we were apart, b/c you seem to have gained some weight' ?
Girls, ain't that so so rude...I ain't no fat *** I am 5'4 and 123-124... was he just being a jerl or what??...

 I want to be underweight.?
HI! Im 15 and weigh 7stone 12
(approx 50 kgs/116llbs I think) and I'm 5 foot 6 1/2inches, and my waist is approx 23/24 inches.. when I look at myself I cant stop thinking about how I want ...

Based on my picture, am I overweight or underweight?
How much do you think I weigh?

Melony G
Sorry to say this hun, but you got a big head. Plus you're not very pretty. You sort of have a nice body but you are a bit too thin actually lemmi change that to WAY THIN! Eat a freakin dohnut or something. Plus you know everyone is gonna say youre either underweight or you're just right. You oviously know that nobody is gonna say you are overweight. So why ask this question? oh i know why! Just to see how many compliments you can get and also Just to show everyone how skinny you are even though being skinny isnt always a good thing, specially your type of skinny. And soon hunny youre gonna see all these comments and delete the question.

Haha overweight? If you think that you have an eating disorder or putting this on here so people will say how thin you are. Put some weight on! I used to be really thin but when I gained weight guys liked me more. Now I'm a happy size 8.

♪♫ trmbnr 4 christ †
why do you even feel the need to ask this question...you're underweight...obviously

you look really skinny, maybe boarderline underweight...and you have big hair at the top...

very underweight....where are your curves gurl?!! Your very pretty tho...but if you don't eat your gonna start looking sick.

mister tbaggin u
you weigh 97 pounds girl

i think you are underweight

80 pounds?

you look fine if your under like the age of lets say 12. otherwise gain weight

Lily B Talus
underweight, look after yourself sweetheart.

your thin.

-95 lbs

Carmendie! (:
98 lbs? And either underweight or normal.

eat more!
but not too much.
*btw, you are very pretty (=

underweight. you need to take on about 5 lbs or lift some weights to gain some tone.

Zee S
Im going for Underweight gain about 10 more pounds and u'd be surprised

You must be reallyyy stupid to ask this question.
LOOK IN THE DAMN MIRROR! Isn't it that ovious that you're
very skinny and underweight??!

Wow. Very underweight. I would guess 80 lbs but I don't know how tall you are.

ur like well underweight lol. how cud u think ur overweight? u shud go get urself a whopper

i say ... maybe 75 to 80 pounds

Very gaunt and I'm sorry to say.. unattractive. Your head looks too big for your body. Talk to a professional about your body image and low self esteem.

Paige J
Go to McDonalds, order a large fry and a big mac and you'll be good.

♥american girl ♥
yuck eat a doughnut sweetie

Give me a freakin break!!!
I think you're too high on yourself. HONESTLY

oh stop it.... you know noone thinks your overweight!!! u look like u weigh 90 pounds

girl you need to EAT

take me home 2nite

Alex O

don't worry sweetheart, you'll grow into that head...

Bob B
You are creepily thin

Saying that you are overweight is just attention-seeking. You are painfully thin and you know it.

Eat a sandwich, girl.

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