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 I haven't eaten anything in 3 days...?
i havent eaten a bite in 3 days, other than those little tubes of frozen water with the artificial sweetener in them, and i've lost weight, but i'm just not hungry anymore. its like even ...

 I am 14 and weigh 175 Ibs and im 5'1 how can i loose 40 Ibs in 2 weeks?
i look thin but not fat i dont look overweight but i am how can this be??...

 Fat or skinny what are you?

 What is the best low carb diet?
I'm looking for something less strict than Atkins....

 I need names of some good songs??
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 Does weight training affect your growth or height?

 How many glasses of water do you think you should drink in a day?

 I weigh 142 i am 5"8 am i fat?

 Does it look like I have lost weight?
Okay I'll post 4 pictures, the first two are of me a few months ago at my peak weight (250lbs - 260lbs) and the other two are from today (207lbs). I am still working on losing weight, but I want ...

 How tall are you??????????????????????...
I am 5'2"...

 Does water make you fat.?
i know water is good for you but can it bloat me and how many regualr sized bottles can i drink a day
Additional Details
um ya susan, ...

 What's the most healthy food to eat?

 Can eating carrots really give you aids?
a recent study stated that if you consume about 3 servings of carrots a day, you can develop a certain stem of the aids virus. This carrot epidemic is currently affecting iceland mostly, I hope i ...

 Just ate and i feel scared?
i just ate a bowl of cereal at 5.55pm!! Im such a pig and i need to know what will burn it off. I calculated it had about 250 caloriesl, so add on 50 to be safe and ive got 300 cals to burn. I'm ...

 Do you feel ill after eating a McDonalds meal?
Do you ever feel sick, ill and bloated for the rest of the day after eating a McDonalds meal?

I only have one about twice a year, but usually regret it soon afterwards!

Why ...

 What do you think of people who are over weight.?
what do you think of people who are very over weight do you think they should diet or be happy as they are. what about health risks....

 Do you think i am overweight ? (honest answers please)?
hey i am recovering from anorexia i was eating an apple everother day for 5months because i think i am fat. but now for the last week i have been eating 1500 calories a day but i am feeling really ...

 Are fruits bad for you when your on a diet?
Are fruits bad for you when your on a ...

 500 calories a day?
apparently you can lose 20 pounds in a month..no excerise!!
is this possible?...

 Should i loose any weight?
i am about 5"3-5"4... im 13... my friends think i am only 100 pounds(i didnt tell them that, they say that).. i am really about 130.. i feel light to most people, and some say i am skinny.....

Are you fat?
92.4% of americans are overweight or obese.

im like 15 lbs overweight. shoooottmeplz.

Nope... actually I was asked if I ever eat by a few people... I hate that >:(

biran s

nah, i weigh 118 and am 14, my teacher thinks i starve my self and my counselor at school! i hate it when they say that! big ppl-bigger hearts!

im not. u can compute for ur bmi to check whether ur still fit or not. BMI= wt in kg/height in m2. If its >25, then ur overweight. .30, that means ur obese

no i wish i was

i don't believe that's a factual statistic. but, i should be fat, the way i'm eating. :) right now it's Cocoa puffs, yum!

Wow, that many! Which proves that it is extremely difficult for many to stay thin and there should be just as much tolerance for fat people as there is for gays, minority races, etc. Don't you agree?

Under weight for my age... and im 6 foot 2.. lol

parchueashante p
not i

Not really, I used to be but it's not from eating McDonalds or anything fast-food involved, it was because I sat on my butt all day playing video games. Switched to playing basketball and got taller and skinnier at the same time.

According to the weight chart, I have 10 lbs to lose, lol. I'm 26 and sit at a computer 8 hours a day, should be more active when I get home. I'm not fat though! BUT REALLY, what AM I DOING on this thing after working all day on one....laptops are different I suppose..

Where exactly did you get that statistic?
The obesity rate currently sits around 19% for the country.. That means anyone that falls over a BMI of 30, which includes a lot of healthy people that weight train. Most people that weight train have a BMI over the obese level even though they may have very low body fat.
I'm one of the people counted as 'obese' based on BMI, but, I have my body fat well within healthy levels and I weight train..

So yeah, first off, not 92%, second of all even the 20% or so that it is includes a lot of healthy, active people that get grouped in based on an arbitrary BMI system..
You can look at the percentages here..

bou b
im not american :]

wow....that's insane...i blame mcdonalds...haha just kidding....im not fat though

i am 150. used to be 130 4 1/2 months ago. about 5'5". i feel fat...but i just turned 20. that may be a factor. metabolism changes?

Tony Montana
I want to get healthier. My whole family is under weight :(

Ryan Douglas
Being overweight is dependent on a lot of things. Trent Reznor weighs about 180 pounds now but it's all muscle and he's definitely not fat. I'm not saying Americans aren't fat, because they are, but a decent part of that statistic is off.

=) yeah, be happy
no i am 5'0 and im 95 lbs.

im too skinny, i wish i could be a little fatter!

WOW! is it really that huge, the diet industry must be booming. I think fast food restuarants shouldn't sell meals over 500kcals and should offer more healthy choices like jacket potatoes instead of fries etc.

It's actually 60% according to BMI.....however BMI is only a comparison of height and weight and takes no account of frame size, muscle mass, age or gender.

And no I'm not overweight or fat, thank you for asking. Are you?

I am thick. Not fat. But I love the way I am. :)

Hell yes I'm fat and happy!!! I am short and stubby. I am 4'11 and 180 pounds!! Make you feel better, good. :) What i find funny is the fact that they don' have chubby avatars ha ha ha.

Im Aussie - and last week, Australia was confirmed as the fattest Nation in the world. BUT, the BMI of alot of sports people are over the average, which puts them in an obese catagory - which is crazy, as they are well fit!

In saying all this, Im not fat, nor do I feel fat, but my BMI is dangerously close to saying Im fat!


Im so F U C K I N G fat, I can't see my D I C K anymore rofl!!!!

Skyler B
i am not fat.
BMI is averge =]

Amanda H
I Am overweight - but not really fat.

I weight 150 and I should weight 135.

more to love

( :
pshh not me
not even close
never ever ever will be

and america is aslo the number 1 most fattest country in the world ( =

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