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Are school lunches unhealthy for you??

If they're as healthy as they taste, then yes.


they can be a little fatty, but they are not so bad. they're designed to be mostly healthy and cover the food groups, but most schools don't have alot of money so they can't make anything fancy.

it depends on what you order

it depends what you get. most school serve salads and stuff like that and ther'ye trying to improve their greasy foods

Mrs. William Moseley
Yes! ! ! I started high school 5 months ago. . . .and I have put on 10 pounds since then. . . .so I am all against eating at school!

Aleks Myfitmate
UNfortunately schools enjoy preaching health and wellness in physical ed classes but fall well short of providing anything of the like in the school itself. school lunches are packed full of fat, carbs, sugars and that is generally why kids come home screaming and shouting and then crashing like rocks (sugar/carb highs) best to pack a nice healthy lunch and water. healthy low carb snacks are best and head off with a good brekky so there not stuffing there faces with junk at school.

it depends on the school you go to . my school lunches are really healthy and there are no soda machines in my school only vitamin water, water, and iced tea.

nw i don't go to sachool canntr you teel


Princess Leia
The government has guidelines on what schools can choose to serve for lunch. It really depends on what you choose to eat... Say, if the luchroom is serving hash browns, chicken sandwiches, & string beans, milk, and jello... and you choose to eat only the hash browns and the milk, the lunch will not be very healthy. If you try and balance your diet by eating maybe only the chicken sandwich, jello, milk, and string beans, then that will be pretty healthy.

Katie W
Usually not terribly healthy. Not only do they have to buy as cheap ingredients as they can and cook as cheap as they can -- which generally leads to fatty foods these days -- but they also have to try to get food that persnickety kids will actually eat; if they go too healthy then kids will just start bringing their Twinkies from home for lunch and not eat the school-supplied food. Some schools have tried a salad bar, only to have to shut it down when most kids ignored it for the deep fried stuff.

Often there's some choice though in what you can get, and you can choose healthier or unhealthier foods, just like anywhere else. Some schools have healthier options than others, too.

Definitely!! Most of ours are still cold!!

not really.
a lot of schools pass these crazy health codes..

let me just say with the winter break my son dropped 10 pounds. I think that says enough.

der nasty

Ben F
It really depends on the school and the food that is being served. There really is no general statement to be given.

Generally speaking however, most schools prepare the food in larger quantities, and a lot of it is deepfried food such as fries or potine. At my school there are healthy choices, but I'd say about 95% of the student body who eats from the food sold at the school gets fries or something unhealthy of that nature. Even some of the teachers eat the same things.

All in all, if you're unsure about your school's lunch food, then don't eat it. Pack your own lunch. You'll save money brown bagging it and it will most likely be healthier then what is served. It will also be custom made to your liking. I pack my lunch every day and I can say I prefer that then eating in the lunch food at my school. Even the healthy choices don't taste all that great. It's worth the extra time you take out of your night to pack a lunch for the next day. If you have a thermal lined lunch bag, just put it in the fridge and it will stay fresh enough to eat the next day.

Anyway good luck and happy eating!

Sifat A

Cate H
most of them are depending on what u get but it is healthier and cheaper if u bring ur own and with buying lunch at school ur tempted to buy things u wouldn't normally eat.

If your going to public school in florida and it's anything like it was 4 years ago when I graduated, I wouldn't touch the **** unless I was damn near starving to death.

Moonman E

heck yes it is you kidding me the school is going to make me fat and in the summer i lost weight from all of the bad food i get there!! and its like coming back!!

Kitten Natsumi
If it looks and smells toxic, it probably is when coming from a school! If it moves, bounces, is extremly hard, or is the complete wrong color then it should be, its not safe to eat! Plus its all greasy and cooked wrong, and who knows how long its been sitting out for; I for one don't want to find out!

Bruce S
some like frenchfries arnt helthy and there are alot more

Daddys Doobe
its up to you. [:

Depends on what they serve and what you're eating.

YES! absolutely.

pizza, cheeseburger, ravioli, french fries,beef patty and chicken nuggets...

They sell: cookies, icecream, chips, and soda

You get the picture

Ericka J
it depends on what u r eating

Pink Bubblegum13
When the chicken nuggets bounce....YES!!

Depends, do you live in a 3rd world location where they still feed their kids junk food, yet still somehow expect them to be alert enough in the afternoon to learn? If so, then yes.

If you live somewhere modern where the schools are no longer allowed to sell food which is bad for kids, then no.

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