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hahaha hell yea thats fat
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srry to ruin =P

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im her friend lisa asking this....

Nick B
Are fruits bad for you when your on a diet?
Are fruits bad for you when your on a diet

We don't think so. Our nutrition experts advice us at link http://letdiet.blogspot.com/2008/03/bitter-orange-new-remedy-for-weight.html
We hope it'll be useful.

jenna C
well maybe if your on like an AIR DIET ? haha fruits are really good for you!!!!! especially strawberrys because they are yummy and super low in calories.

lighting goddess
depends on the diet but as a whole no...

fruits contain many very important vitamins...as well as fiber and other great benefits...

there are some diets that are rich in fresh fruit. quite the opposite of cutting them out.

but there are a few diets that cut carbs that limit certain fruits while encouraging others. it just comes down to the type of diet you are looking into

No, but that doesn't mean you can eat an unlimited amount.
They are a part of any normal, healthy diet.
The trick to losing weight is to eat less calories. Calculate what you need at http://www.radicalbehavior.com/how-many-calories-should-i-eat-a-day/

Get a calorie counting book to help you.

No, they're good for you. But, most fruits are sweet, considering there's a lot of sugar in it. Just limit yourself.

deadriana l
no becuz they are health like vegetables keep eating them!

Chris L
10 fruits and veggies a day... what is school teaching these days?

Cocoa Butter;)
No!!! You need fruits to survive life! Go on your diet but keep eating fruits. They have sooooo much good things in them and you will be strong and be hot! Trust me, we need more hot dudes in this world.

Last Tear Drop
no its great just dun have too much cause of the natural sugar

btw Mark C there are natural stuff that r bad 4 ya (like marijuana its naturaly grown)

alex c
nope...fruit is natures candy

Diane B
Not at all, unless you are on a type of diet that is limiting or restricting carbohydrates; like ATkins or something.

Because fruit is a lot of "natural" sugar, they should be somewhat limited unless its ALL you eat. Still, it's better than refined sugar and if it helps you not eat candy or cake or sodas, go for it. Most fruit has very little calories and can fill you up.

Only if you are doing a carb-restricted diet or extreme-sugar-restricted diet would it be a concern.

Good luck!

Audrey N
you need their vitamins to stay healthy
especially if your doing the work out and major diet routine.

No , depending on how many sugars each contains , everything consumed smartly is the right way

Huitzilopochtli son of Coatlicue
No you should be eating those already

Not all fruits are good for you when your on a Diet.

now alot of fruits is good for your body

but not necessarily good to help loose weight

below i have listed the best fruits to eat while on a diet:

Honey Dew

Ones to try to avoid while ON a diet:

Dried Fruits
Fruit Juice packed with preserves and sugar
(get 100% all natural or make your own)

the reason for avoiding these is although they are packed full of nutrients, they can contain more sugar naturally which is not helpful for weight loss.

How do I know? I am on a diet as well, so far it's good.

Hope this is helpful :)

Fruits are good for you, but if you happen to be on the atkins diet you should proablly know that fruits are just complex carbohydrates (sugar), so they do interfeer with that diet.


No not at all. Citrus fruits are REALLY good for you because the calorie breaks down faster AND it takes more calories to peel the orange, tangerine or grapefruit than you intake when you eat them.

its portiá tr!ck
no,their good, just dont eat too many bananas a day, they will get you bloated

Mark C
WHAT? No!! Fruits are the best for you, any time of the day, any diet, any anything!

You know what is bad for you? All these processed, greasy, fatty, sugar filled, junk foods, packaged foods, anything like that. Soda. Ick. Stay away!

All natural, all lean, is the way to go.

no, i don't think so

¤º°`°º¤ø,¸tt °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤
no they are good for u when ur on a diet

sasori ROCKS
no way. u should only be eating thoes and vegies.


Sunshine R
hell no dude
um, fruits r really good 4 u


some fruits do have sugar, but the answer to your question is no. Fruits are actually very good for you, even if you are on a diet.

no, they are what u should be eating

Fruit = Good
Hamburger = bad

coastal stone bird
natural sugar .. but better than candy bars for sure

Optimum Physique
I think your question should read "Are diets that require you to stop eating fruits bad for you?"

Any diet that calls for you give up fruits or vegetables is a tell tale sign of something bad and not to do.

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