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anaaasuah. ;)
Anorexic vs. obesity?
would you feel more pity towards an anoerxic person or obesed girl?

(both are complete strangers towards you)
Additional Details
thank you everyone for all your responses!
keep them coming!

Ummm, probably the obese girl, because, anorexic people, they can get help, they just have to eat, which may be hard for them, but not nearly as hard as losing weight.

i don't feel pity for either
(btw, im on the fatty side of things)

photos like this cause me to feel pity


The Obese -girl. Most cases, really fat people are like that for genetic purposes or they had bad parents, that feed them whenever they cried. But i got no love for someone who forces themselves to starve or throw up!

Debbie J
Anorexic girl for so many reasons.

anorexic for sure

anorexic girl because she actually makes herself that way and thinks she looks good.

[email protected]
I don't feel pity to either. But both would need medical assistance in resolving their problems.

If it was a girl (a young woman) I would feel more pity for the anorexic. A young woman who is obese isn't likely to suffer any immediately fatal health problems, while an anorexic girl is quite likely to. The obese girl may face some heart problems later (when she is a woman of 40) but at least she'll be alive till then at least. The anorexic woman, if untreated, probably wouldn't live that long. And that is why I would feel more pity for her; because she is much more ill than the other girl.

I personally would feel more sorry for an anorexic because anorexia is not only a weight disorder, but also a mental disorder. Anorexics see themselves as always being big when they look in the mirror. When with obesity the person may have a disorder that they can't help...but they generally don't have as many mental problems.

This sad video gives a sad but true view of what anorexia and eating disorders are like...

Jane Doe
both have their own probs

I feel for both

Wow, what a great question!! The first reaction for both is that they're undisciplined and have the power to turn their conditions around. The reality is that they probably aren't in control of their conditions and deserve compassion from onlookers. (Notice I didn't answer...) :-)

.Anorexic and obesity are both a disorder, but I would be more pity toward obesity, because in the real world, a lot of people looks down on them, and not respect it, also, it very hard to loss weight, they have to excerise forever just to loss a little, but only some anorexic ppl only sometimes receive the looks, or glare


both...because both are healthwise in the drain...

♦ anoerxic

anorexic. unless you have a Thyroid problem or some other issue like that, you can change your weight. when you are anorexic you can't see anything but the fat, even when you are so skinny that you can see your skeleton. all you see is a fat girl in the mirror

Miss Julia
anorexic. It's a pychological disorder and a very serious one that can kill you. People don't just accidently loose a dangeours amount of weight it's deliberit.

Chuchi W
Anorexic...........definatly !!!!!!!!

Michelle J
definitelly the fat one lol...

I'd feel more pity towards the anorexic person. I would feel more sympathetic towards the obese person.

Lottie L
why on earth should anyone feel sorry for some fat idiot who cant stop eating their own weight in chocolate

why is everyone saying obese

the options are simple greedy v.s mental disease

most straightfoward answer of my life ANOREXIC

Olivia S
anoerxic you have a real mental problem, its sad that people see them self in such a bad way.

probably the anorexic person....they obviously have a serious problem and need to feel cared for.....an obese person is just obese...i don't know how to explain...I just feel like anorexia is a lot worse than obesity

ether way they arnt healthy!
&& they put it on themselves ether they ate there weight in hot dogs or didnt eat anything.
i will feel bad for both of them in a way but i would also want to smack them.
because honestly thats juss horible:(

Both are terrible things. I really don`t know.

the anorexic girl because this is an illness and obesity in not an illness

anorexic,much more pain

(The Girl You Lost To Cocaine)
anoerxic b/c she has mental problems and needs help and the obese girl can always lose weight

Obese girl for sure.

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