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provide links


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 Am i overweight?
5 1
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am i overweight?...

stacey F
Am l fat??
Hey everyone,
l just wanted to know if l'm fat cuz l always think l'm fat,
l weight 109 or 108, l don't know how much l weight cuz l been on a diet that made me lose weight quick..
height: 5'1.5
l'm 14 yrs old

Am l fat?
l went to my doctor, l told her l wanted to weight 105 pounds but she said, that would be underweight for me.. but l'm still goin for 105 or 103 pounds..
So everyone, am l fat??
Additional Details
l started my diet on June 2007
l weight before 149 pounds
& l was 13 yrs old
Now, ldk my weight but l still think is 109 or 108 pounds & l turned 14
... My family wants me to stop losing weight cuz l already look skinny for them but l don't want to cuz l want to look super skinny.. l been going to my doctor alot of times , before when l was real fat, l never go, but now l been going to my doctor cuz l have been having problems w/ my stomach.when l eat

No... I wish I could be your weight. You're totally normal.

no u should listen to your doc. youn don't want to look like nicole richie before she got pregnant (anorexic)
im 5'5''.5 and i way about 134 and im 15 so you should stay around 110. good luck!!! hope i've helped

Sounds just fine. No need to worry =]

only if you think you are.

Handsome 3K
You are perfect weight IMO.

OMG NO you are NOT fat. Listen to your doctor. You want to be seen don't you? You don't want to disappear when you turn sideways!

No you are definitely not fat. That is how much you should weigh for your height.

If you feel like you are over weight, you should just exercise.

You're sick and you need help.

Your doctor has told you that this is underweight and yet you still want to go there. What does that tell you?

You are not fat and if you think that you are then you're running the risk of developing an eating disorder.

El Jefe
No your not fat you just have a poor self image like most yung girls. Loose that fast and become happy with who you are. If a Dr is telling you something its for a reason. Whats more important being 100lbs and sickly or being 110 and being healthy?


are you out of your mind? no if anything you should gain some weight.

Why are you asking? You know the answer. If your doctor told you 105 is underweight, than you know you aren't fat. Your fine, definitely on the thin side.


no your perfect weight for your height...trust me your doctor would not lie to you...but you don't want to be skinny as hell either ...so don't try to lose anymore weight....

Nope, just keep your hand away from the fork and you'll be fine!

[email protected]
It shouldn't matter what you weigh . You should like who you are . You are the master of your being . Don't let anyone tell you any insult

No. I agree with your doctor. On a small frame such as yours a pound or two makes you look as though you have lost five or ten. You sound perfect...just the way you are.

omg... i cant believe there are actually people in the world like you... you are not fat... and you shouldn't be dieting... if im like this... then i KNOW that you are JUST FINE THE WAY YOU ARE... jeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

♥ Riialicious ♥

u r like a litle skinny
but no fat

Listen to your doctor, they have no reason to lie to you. You aren't fat, but perhaps you have been paying attention to too many celebrities that are underweight?

WOAH! no ur not! my sister is 112lbs and is 14. dont worry, shes not that tall either. so ur acually in good shape. WOOT!

Mr. Mustard
NO, you're perfect.

Not at all.

Fred W
your 14, quit dieting just eat right, and youll be fine and no your not fat!

[M]arz vs J[U]piter

Thats pretty stupid, why would you want to be underweight?

P.I. Joe
No, and going against the advice of a licensed physician is a terrible idea. I'd advise you to quit listening to Hollywood and start listening to your doctor.

zach c.
you already know the answer.


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