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poly L
Am i tooo fat?????????
I weight 146 now i just lost last week 4pounds
and"5.4 my height
I think i just need to loose more and more

hal lalala POLLY

you could lose about 15-20. but dont think about losing weight, focus on trying to maintain a healthy body. when you have a healthy body weight means nothing.

It's not a question of are you too fat? It's a question of are you happy with your body. I am on a diet as I am not happy with the way I look so I am doing something about it. If you are worried about what people are going to say about you just remember its what's inside that counts.

Jamison Bunge
ur good

i mAde u a cOOkie but i eAted iT
do about 25 crunches a day, and eat healthy, and u will be tip-top shape! ☺
ur a itttyy biittyyyy over
i said itttyy biiittyyy!

your just fine. just eat healthy and exercise.

it would really help if we knew how old you are.

sounds great

Master Chief
It really depends on how old you are

Anonymous X
Completely Normal, nothing to worry about.

no, you sound normal!

Learn to love yourself, at your weight you'll die from self hate before you die from being fat.

well yea you are kind of umm hcubby but hey you can loose it all you know just run ALOT soon as you know it yull be thiner in no time =)

im 5-9 and 150-160 pounds so grade urself off that

You sound fine....Don't obsess about your weight.

I Like Toast
well, i'm about 5' 8" and im around 160, but im not exactly fat, i am a little bit but not much, u sound like a decent sized person, i would recommend push ups and sit ups, i think sit ups would help u alot, u should try to lose fat and gain muscle, i recommend u run too. eat less fried foods like fries, like at school i eat a turkey sandwhich (instead of fries), a hamburger/chicken sandwhich, and a small dessert sometimes and a milk.

if u can get any weights to do bicep curls or bench presses or anything like that, it would be good for u

I'm exactly the same, the key is to accept yourself and love yourself or you'l never be happy. It's proven that people who aren't trying to lose weight or thinking about it constantly lose it. best of luck darling, oh and if you rly want to lose alot diet and excersize is the way to go =]

girl, guy? if your bones showing you probably have an eating disorder if your already thinking of loosing wait.

if you can pick up your stomach with 3 fingers covered then you probably should.


nope id say your perfect!!!

Vanessa :)
You are overweight, but you only need to lose a few pounds.

Jenny R
yes im the same as you just 5'3 150 but dont be wrong im one of the best athletes at school

ask a Doctor. If he/she thinks you are overweight, they will put you on a diet or suggest a nutritionist.

Sound like you may be too fat.


Without knowing your body type, it would be hard to determine. Never lose weight just to hit a certain number. You should only lose weight in conjunction with an exercise program in order to sculpt a healthy body.

not at all

Ya, honestly your probably a little overweight..

No fast food, smaller portions at meals, lots of water, and exercise...

Jean V
Eat healthy foods, eat treats in moderation, and get plenty of excercise ... then your weight will become right where it needs to be. Please don't obsess over it!

kedrin w
no you sound normal

you're not fat. just eat healthy and workout 4-5 times a week. depending on how old you are. don't obsess about your weight. its not worth it.

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