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Am i too thin?
i am a 14 year old girl about 5"6 i weigh 99 pounds
if i am what can i do to gain a little more weight?

Emily T
your fine.
im the same exact way.

ignore the fat people saying. omg your so skinny.

Yes! Sweetie, with you height you should at least be over 109 pounds. A good way to gain pound and not get fat is eating lots of protein and exercising. Try and also load up on some carbs, consider yourself lucky cause most girls you age want to be pencil thin. Try to see a doctor or nutritionist to gain some healthy pounds. Good luck!

Tonya S

A Girl
yes, honey you are. EAT SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!! jeez, i hate girls who STARVE themselves to look like what they see as "the perfect image." but honey, im not accusing you of that. :) STUFF YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for real.

Eat full balanced meals three times a day. Don't eat unhealthy like all junk food just to gain weight. Whats the purpose of gaining weight just to be unhealthy. Just eat full balanced meals and the weight will come. I was 5'0 ft and weighed 95 pounds. I just ate balanced meals and now I'm 109 pounds. Be patient the weight will come.

MMmm pot pies

Amanda F
I would guess you need a little more weight: probably about 10 pounds. I'm guessing that you're small-boned anyways though. Congratulations for not being like everyone else there, who thinks they're too fat!

Marisa[rip Gordon Parody]
you weight less than me and i'm 12
you should eat more but healthier food because if you eat a lot of junk foods you might have heart problems later

yes, u are a bit thin. to gain more weight, even when u r full, eat a few more bites. Eventually ur stomach will expand. And start working out to get some mucsle. McDonalds also has a ton of fat. Eat a lot of Mcdonald's!!!

But don't overdo it. You're not drastically thin. I bet you have a great body!!

thats good -okay

Indigo F
You sound thin, but if you were always that way, and have no diseases, then you are most likely healthy.Get checked for diabetes though, I warn you... If you just lost weight and want to regain it, take in plenty of extra calories. Enjoy avocados, olives, pecans, fried tofu stir-fries with plenty of veggies.If you like meat and fish, eat fatty tuna and salmon. Limit red meat though, even if you are trying to gain weight, unless you have low cholesterol.Oh, and drink an extra cup of juice a day Try to choose healthier fatty foods if your health is balanced,so that you don't raise your cholesterol and distress you liver and kidneys too much. Don't increase your calorie-intake if your blood levels of cholesterol or triglycerides are high, or if you have high blood pressure.

Eat McDonalds

have a good meal. and then 2 hours later. work out and gain muscle. you'll gain more muscle weight

no your fine , stop worrying and give a smile

Mr. Goodadvice
i think that weights fine. hell i way almost the same as you im the same age almost same height and im still healthy, but im a guy

yes you are
go to gnc they make a product that has 2000 calories in it. its a shake my son takes it to gain weight for football i forgot the name of it but ask the person at the desk
good luck


K 3 N N
wow ur pretty tall. (complement) w/e u can eat or see a doctor and take advice from an expert.

Thomas J
you can never be too rich or too thin. unless you are nicole ritchie.

i guess u need extra 5 pounds

wadup; its courtney :]
im a 14 year old girl, 5'6"also and i weigh 117...
but i think im a little overweight so

Hmm...well you may be a bit underweight... if ur 14 then you could ask a school nurse. srry, best i can do. if u r underweight then have a frappichino...or 60. :-)

yes. im 13 and weigh more than that! but im also 5 6. so i dont know. besides i weigh like 5 more pounds.

David C
The acceptable weight range for a girl of your height and age is 98 to 145 pounds.

Do YOU know?
No, that isn't too thin at all, as long as you are active and know that you don't have any eating disorders.

how do you feel? do you feel healthy? your a little on the thin side, but it's way better to be thin than fat.

When I was 14 I was your same height and weight. I remember this one girl coming up to me and saying, "WOW. You're the skinniest person I know!" It seriously hurt my feelings. Skinny people get picked on too. Not only overweight people! You will want to be very careful about what you do to put on weight. Keep eating healthy foods, just more often. If you add in too many sugar, fats, and carbs you might gain a little more than you want. Keep in mind, your metabolism will eventually slow down some and you will probably even get to the point where you will have to watch what you eat in order to not gain weight. Good luck!

Hanah M
If you can see your bones really well then yeah you are to thin. But dont eat to gain fat eat good things and exercise to gain mucel.

give it to me baby
carbs. bread, pasta, those things. im glad that you're concerned that you might be too thin, and NOT too fat!

Maby a little thin just eat healthy and if you need to gain weight you will.... or talk to your doctor if you are really worried.... dont eat junk food to gain wight that is not healthy!!

Big Jimi
A little more weight will be OK !!

Why would you want to gain weight now. As you get older you will start to develop more and more. Sooner or later you will be telling yourself you need to lose weight. Be proud of who you are,You'll miss being young and thin when you are older.

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